Catching up on Lessons😂

The lady who runs GPS isn’t always right. Good navigator/trip planner that I am, I made a reservation for last night at the Goldon RV Park in Auburn, CA. I put the park name in my GPS and we were on our way. As we approached our destination, we noticed that the road seemed pretty narrow. Too late we realized we were at Goldon retirement mobile HOME park and had no idea how we were going to get out of there. It took an older gentlemen and his elderly mother to figure out a way. You can’t back up when you’re driving a 38′ RV and towing a Jeep. We eventually made it through the maze, but it was a harrowing experience.

Two of our previous lessons came into play here…trust the GPS lady, but verify..and..You can have your moment, which we both did, then get over it, which we did.

I’m beat right now so I’m going to blog whatever day this is in the morning.

Thanks for your interest and comments. We even have a few followers. We’re really having fun traveling and blogging.


One thought on “Catching up on Lessons😂

  1. Valerie halla October 9, 2015 / 4:12 am

    You are so right about spending time with friends and family. Those moments are so precious.
    I fluctuate between oohing and awing over your great pictures along the way and laughing my head off over your humorous situations! The one about the dogs teaching you how to “sit” and “heel” cracked me up…but the cat is really in charge. What a super experience you are having.


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