See Ya Soon (day 23) Passing it up😦

The Sacramento River
The Sacramento River

  • Kip still driving
    Kip still driving
Kip still driving
Kip still driving
Mommy, Cyndie won't move.
Mommy, Cyndie won’t move.
Kip driving
Kip driving

We woke up in Auburn,CA and went to bed in San Juan Bautista. Yesterday was the 6th night and day where we set up and tore down every day. We put over 1000 miles behind us, but it was frustrating because there were so many places we would have loved to stop. We pushed on knowing we could do anything, but not everything.

We passed by Sacramento and saw the Air Force Base and the Sacramento River. I took pictures out the RV window. I feel cheated!! Other than getting out to walk the dogs and stopping at Camping World, we trucked down the road. By the way, highway 80 is in great need of repairs.

This kind of boring isn’t it? I know that I yawned all the way through it.

We eventually got on 680 then on to the 101 closing in on San Juan Bautista.

We’re excited about the next few days…San Juan Bautista and the whole area is beautiful. They grow garlic and cherries here and the orchards are awesome. Cherries are out of season, but there’s plenty of garlic. The air smells like garlic. The RV park is beautiful and we get to stay until Saturday. That morning, we’re going to take the 101 South where we’ll see more beautiful country like Pismo beach and Santa Barbara. I think we’ll spend the night somewhere around there too.

Tomorrow we get to spend time with my cousin and good friend Valerie, and her husband Ken. We’re going out…you heard me out!! For Mexican food.

The photo below is of the Sacramento River.

The Sacramento River

I see fun, family, and many great photo opportunities in our future 😁

2 thoughts on “See Ya Soon (day 23) Passing it up😦

  1. Mary Dunn October 9, 2015 / 7:19 am

    Pismo Beach is one of my favorites and Santa Barbara too! Beautiful California! Sounds like you are all having some great travels and memories to boot!


  2. Valerie halla October 9, 2015 / 1:55 pm

    Yays! And more yays! Going to get to see you today! I am only working part of the day…messed up on that. Will show you around San Juan Bautista and eat and walk the dogs and eat and maybe drive around and eat out. It is up to you. Aren’t vacations wonderful? Love your style of travel and love you, Kip, the dogs, and well, even the cat!


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