Murdo Girl…school days

1-1-Murdo High School

I almost didn’t get Murdo Girl to write today. She is very unhappy about something her “dangerously” mean brother did. I can’t say as I blame her. I told her to go ahead and get it off her chest, but then she must move on.


Guess what? Billy got ahold of my paper yesterday and told me I made a bunch of mistakes.

He said,”Can’t hardly is a double negative and you wrote it twice.” Then he said, ” Fern Penticoff was the Grandmother.”

I said,” Huh uh.

” He said, “Yes sir, Fern is Mick’s Grandmother.”

I said, “My story says Pete, and she’s Pete’s Mother.” He never did say I was right.

I can’t wait until I get my teacup monkey. Billy will be so mad.

I ordered the monkey I saw on the back of a comic book. It said I could get a little teacup monkey for free if I bought two gold framed pictures for $14.00. I don’t even have to send any money until they get here, because they send them COD. It will take 6 to 8 weeks for them to arrive which is good. It will take me that long to raise the money from my towel job. I wash Mom’s motel towels.  I sure hope they feed my monkey along the way. Six to eight weeks is a long time.

Well summer is over and I only saved $56.00 from my towel job. I went with Bonna Lindquist and her kids to Pierre and did some school shopping. I blew ALL of the money at the Red Owl Store. It doesn’t matter anyway, because when the $14.00 picture frames came, Mom didn’t pay the cash on delivery, so they went back. She told me, as she was glaring at me, that the monkey didn’t come. She said that I couldn’t have a dirty little monkey anyway, because they have fleas. I didn’t really think it through. Berferd would not have liked it, and he SURE wouldn’t want to get fleas.

I was in 3rd grade last year. I will kind of miss Mrs. Parks. She read all of the Little House on the Prairie books to us. I wish I was Laura Ingles Wilder. She got to make syrup. She made candy out of tree sap and snow. I tried to make it once and ended up with a sticky maple syrup mess.

It’s only the first day of fourth grade and I can’t wait for it to be over. My teacher is Mrs. Nix and her sister is Lynn Brost. Lynn is dating my brother. I tried to make them not like each other. I saw the Reynolds sisters at Mack’s Cafe, and I told them I saw Billy kissing Susan Wedien in our front yard. I was hoping it would get back to Lynn. They didn’t believe me. Anyway, it wasn’t true.

I have chosen a desk way at the back of the class. I don’t need any trouble. It’s bad enough that I have to learn history and geography this year.

Murdo has a whistle on top of the water tower that blows at twelve noon. That’s what tells us it’s time to go home for dinner. Usually, when we are just starting to eat, Grandpa Sanderson comes. He always goes uptown to get the mail, then stops by our house, and the Miller’s house on his way home. Grandpa and Mom usually get into a big fight and she tells him to go home, because Grandma is waiting on him for dinner. When Grandpa leaves, Dad always says, “Well, he won’t be back.”

He always comes back the next day. Grandpa will say something like, “That Grandma can get ready to go to the cabin in half an hour.” Then, Mom yells, “That’s because it’s all the time you give her!”

Well, I have to go to bed. I have to get up early so Billy hears me practice my saxophone. The band teacher, Mr. Palmer, says he knows I practice early in the morning because Billy complains about it.

When we were younger



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    My early morning giggles! Thanks❤️❤️

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