Murdo Girl…Billy plays sports

Happy Days! The little Murdo Girl is proud of her big brother today,and wants to write about Billy playing sports. She tried not to make it…all about her…I mean really, she tried.



This isn’t a picture of Billy at the State B Tournament. Mom couldn’t find one.

Billy always plays football, and basketball. He also goes out for track. I think he likes basketball the best, except when they lose a game. Then he’s mad for a week. I don’t even ask him to play checkers or chess when he’s grumpy like that. (He usually likes to play chess, since Dad’s men got him a really huge chess set for Christmas.)

I started saxophone lessons this year, so maybe next year I can play in the band. Oh here’s for Murdo Coyotes. They’re bound to win, (fight, fight, fight). That’s the school song and the colors are orange and black

When I was 5, I got to be a majorette. Kitty Reynolds made me a corduroy outfit. It was black, but on the other side it was orange, so when I twirled, you could see orange and black.



This year the Murdo Coyotes got to go to the State B Basketball Tournament. Mom and Dad took some players to Sioux Falls. I had to stay here, but I got to watch it on TV. Remember Bonna Lindquist? She lives on our street, but on the South side of 16. Bonna and Dean have three of the cutest little girls. Their names are Karen Kay, Kim Renee, and Tammy Lynn. I get to help watch them sometimes, and I usually stay at their house when Mom and Dad are gone.


This is me with Dean, Karen, and Kim                                                                                                              Tammy wasn’t born yet.

This might not be exactly right, but it’s the way I heard it. Murdo was playing Pine Ridge and Murdo was way behind. They couldn’t do anything. Most of the fans left the building because the game was too boring. Then they put Billy in, and he was on fire. He made four fast baskets and the rest of the team started to play better too. Well, there just wasn’t enough time left, and they lost. Grandpa Sanderson told everyone the coach didn’t put Billy in soon enough. One good thing. Even though they lost, Billy didn’t come home mad. I think he had fun too.

The seniors on the team were, Obie Brunskill, Willard Bordeaux, Walt Anderson, Chris Anderson, and Billy. I think one of the juniors on the team was Bobby Brost. I heard that some of the team including Billy, stayed out past curfew. The coaches were in the hotel lobby waiting for them, when Mom and Dad came in. The coaches told them that the boys were in trouble. Dad said, “I’m sorry. I’ve been trying to knock the Sanderson  out of him.”

When Billy goes out for football, he practices at home with me. He kneels down on the floor and makes me run by him as fast as I can. He tackles me no matter how fast I run.

He also races me to school every day after noon dinner. He runs as far as my school, then goes on to the high school. Do you know how many times I’ve won? I haven’t ever won. Sometimes I think I’m going to, but he passes me right at the end.

Mom took Billy out of school once for the horse races in Ft. Pierre. Is that a sport? I know some of the guys he plays sports with, because he let me play poker with them once. We used toothpicks for money.

Well, I guess that covers all of Billy’s sports. I hope he’s nice to me for a  few days. He hasn’t said anything bad since he told me Grandpa likes to be a Pallbearer, not a Pall burrier.


This is my Dad’s team when he was in high school. The only ones I know are Mr. Harold Thune,#24 and Dad, #28.























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