Murdo Girl…Home sweet home

The little Murdo Girl has traveled to California, and survived her first airplane trip. I found her paper rather interesting. I have come to the conclusion that she now knows the meaning of the phrase, “No matter where you  roam, there’s no place like home.”


Well, Dad and I are bachelors. We flew home from California, but Mom is going to stay awhile longer. I DID NOT want to get on that airplane. I have never been on one before, but I already knew flying wasn’t for me. At first I was positive we were going to crash, but my ears started hurting so bad, I forgot all about crashing. They had just stopped hurting, when we started the descent, and I was in pain again. I had a lot to keep track of too. Then I realized if I needed oxygen or the float cushion, it was all over for me anyway.


Dad would rather cook than go to a cafe. He’s a pretty good cook, but he makes alot of things with macaroni. He really likes fried steak with toast, and so do I. Lately, he’s been on a diet. He drinks Metrical, but usually a little while later, he goes ahead and eats the steak too. I don’t think he’ll be buying smaller clothes anytime soon.


He doesn’t know what he’s missing by not eating out sometimes.  Mom and I like to go to Fern’s Cafe, and Mack’s Cafe. The McCurdy’s have a restaurant right on highway 16. They get loads of tourists during the summer months. All the high school girls try to get jobs there, because they make big money in tips. I wish I could make that kind of money, but I’ll probably have my towel job for the rest of my life.

I also eat at the Frosty Freeze. It’s part of the Super Value Store, and they have good BBQ sandwiches and malts. Mom calls the Super Value Store, Stupid Value. She thinks Sanderson’s store should get all the business, because My Uncle Jeff Sanderson owns it.


My Grandpa Sanderson bought the store back around 1930. It was hard to sell stuff then, because it was during the depression, and people couldn’t afford to eat as much. No, it wasn’t a bed of roses when Grandpa first bought it. As my cousin Jeff H. says, Grandpa is a positive person, and always sees the glass half full. He built up a good business selling food and dry goods. He even sold tractors.

Grandpa has all his deer heads mounted and hanging on the walls in the store

My Uncle, Chuck Francis told me a funny story about my Grandma Francis and Grandpa Sanderson.

A long time ago, all the Murdo Stores were fighting about when they should be opened and closed. Grandma Francis owned Francis Hardware then, and she was not happy with Grandpa Sanderson. (This was before my Mom and Dad decided to get married.)  She said, “Yes, M.E. closes on Sundays, but he sits on a bench in front of the store with a key in his hand in case anybody wants to buy something.”

My Grandma Francis became a widow when my Dad and his  brothers were only 11, 7, and 2. My Grandpa Francis left her with 3 hardware stores, but when he died, Grandma, just kept the Murdo store. Later, she sold the store to Nick Thune, and now it’s Thune hardware.

Then, Grandma got married to William Bowers. He was the Murdo agent for the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific railroad. Dad Bowers, as they called him, was a widower and had 3 older kids still at home. That whole big family lived above the Depot.


I never knew Grandma Francis, but Dad told me she was spunky and smart. She even had “obey” taken out of her wedding vows, when she got married to my Grandpa.

Yes, both sides of my family have pretty deep roots in Murdo, and I don’t see us going anywhere soon. Well, except for Billy…we don’t know where he’ll end up.

This is just a family I know. Everybody has big ears except the Mom

I have to do some make-up work now, because I missed a few days of 5th grade. I guess Mom and Mrs. Poppe aren’t that good of friends after all.


4 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Home sweet home

  1. countrygirl57 April 17, 2016 / 7:20 pm

    Well I have been sitting here waiting for this! I loved it and giggled all the way through!😀😀

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    • Mary Francis McNinch April 18, 2016 / 8:51 am

      It’s all about the penny candy and Gene Thomas’s sweet corn for me 🙂

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      Murdo Girl wrote:

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