Murdo Girl…To the highway from the moon

The little Murdo Girl tries to keep it interesting, even in the middle of the boring 5th grade. I would really like to meet Mrs. Poppe. She’s my kind of teacher, and I’m sure a good friend. If you want my opinion, here’s what I know. You can take the girl out of Murdo, but you can’t take Murdo out of the girl.


I can’t believe what my Mom did today. I might have made a big mistake, when I told her that 5th grade is boring. I didn’t mean anything bad about Mrs. Poppe. I was just talking.

Today…when we came in from recess, there she was. My Mom was visiting school. I really didn’t mind that she came. It was her hat that bothered me. She has this white pillbox hat, but it’s not the Jackie Kennedy kind of hat. Mom’s hat has a gigantic black plume stuck on the back. It also has a black net that covers her eyes. She can see through the net, but the black polka-dots on the net look ridiculous.

Mom got the hat last year. It was her Easter hat. I think one of her friends talked her into buying it. I can only imagine what Mrs. Poppe was thinking. Remember, Mrs. Poppe was with Mom the time she rubbed blue eye shadow instead of salve all over her nose. I’ll say one thing for Mrs. Poppe. She did manage to keep a straight face.

Mom just sat in a chair in the back of the room and watched us through her black net veil. It was time for us to answer our Science questions. I hate Science, but I had done my homework. I’m sure Mrs. Poppe thought she had to put me on the spot. Anyway, speaking of the Kennedys, the next question was: ” What goal does our current President believe America can achieve before the end of the 60’s?” I confidently raised my hand…and Mrs. Poppe called on me. “To land a man on the moon, and return him safely back to Earth,” I answered.

We both turned to the back of the room. Mom must have gotten nervous, because she was gone. She had sneaked out before I answered my question. I didn’t care, because Mrs. Poppe just smiled at me, and winked.


I just want to say one more thing about my Mom. This is something most people don’t know. When Mom was 18 yrs. old, she was Miss Highway 16, and she got to go to the only Corn Palace in the World. It’s in Mitchell, SD. She was very beautiful in her picture. We have a nicer one, but Mom has it packed away somewhere, so all I have is this newspaper clipping. Oh wait, Mom said she found the pictures.


Do you know what my cousin Blake said to her, when she was telling us about it? He said, “Well, Aunt Loretta, I guess it’s kind of like the highway, you might need a few repairs.” Mom has a sense of humor, and she just laughed.

Even back then, Mom couldn’t pick out a good hat, but she was still beautiful.


1-Loretta Gustafson's Life in Photos 004
Miss Loretta Sanderson, Miss Highway 16



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