Murdo Girl…She’s no Nancy Drew…Yet

I love this story.

Life can be fraught with disappointments, and I happen to know the little Murdo Girl has experienced a few. She once said to me, “Lady, you are going to have a day. You just as well make it a good one.” I have a feeling the events she describes here, will not be soon forgotten.


Have you ever wanted something so badly you almost couldn’t stand it? Well, it’s only happened to me a few times, and it’s usually around Christmas. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to get into trouble. The lady told me I could write a little about Christmas because sometimes, it just has to be part of my story.)

Anyway, last summer, when I got back from California, I only had about two weeks before school started. The first thing I did after I got Berferd squared away, was call Cynthia to find out what everyone was doing. She told me there was a new family in town. Their last name is Fedderson, and they live in a house behind the Millers. She said they had moved to town, so all their kids could get out of country school. I think a couple of the older kids were already going to Murdo High School.

It sounded like I had missed out on some serious fun.

Before I go any further, I probably should explain how a lot of the kids South of 16 are related. Andrea, Stephanie, and Greg Miller are my cousins, because our Mom’s are sisters. Allen and Darlene Miller are cousins to my Miller cousins, because their Dad’s are brothers. Then we have the Sanderons and the Borks. Mark and Jeff H. Sanderson are my cousins, because their Dad, Jeff is my Mom’s brother. Brad, Suzanne, Cynthia, Herman and Robert Bork, are Mark and Jeff H.’s cousins, because their Dad, Gordon, is my Aunt Irma’s brother. My cousin Terry Sanderson’s Dad Wayne, is Uncle Jeff’s brother, and my Aunt Elna, and my Mom’s brother too.

1-6Sanderson Color
Helen, Ella, Elna, Mom, Jeff, Wayne and Grandma Mary Sanderson with her beads

My cousin Valerie lived here a couple of years. (She lived North of 16 like me.) Valerie’s Mom, Ella, is Aunt Elna Miller’s and my Mom’s sister, and of course Uncle Wayne, and Uncle Jeff are their brothers. They all have a sister in Michigan who’s name is Helen. She and Uncle Bob have four kids, but I don’t want to get any deeper into the woods right now. I’ll have to write more about them later.

1-1-Loretta Gustafson's Life in Photos 015
Andrea Miller, Valerie Leckey, Mark Sanderson, Mary Francis (still having eye trouble)

Cynthia told me that all of the kids who can make it, meet in the vacant lot between the Miller’s and Mrs Theissen’s house everyday. Everyone usually gets there around 9:00 am. They choose a game like Red Rover, divide up into teams, and play all morning. In the afternoon, they ride their bikes all over.

“Uh, Oh,” I thought. “I don’t have a bicycle.”

Mom and Dad just couldn’t get me a bike right then. I had to spend the rest of the summer borrowing bikes from other kids, who maybe couldn’t play that day. I had to ride some real clunkers. There were some days, I couldn’t even borrow one.

I knew I had no hope of getting a bicycle before Christmas. Actually, I think my parents were pretty sure that I would change my mind by then. There’s not much bike riding around Murdo in the winter time.

This is the bike I wanted

One day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Mom and I were in Pierre shopping. We were in Lunden’s. (I’m not sure of the spelling.) I saw a coat that I just loved, and I kind of needed a new coat, but Mom didn’t buy it for me. She said she wanted to wait until after Christmas when everything goes on sale.

Christmas finally got here! I wasn’t too excited, because I knew I wasn’t getting a bike. I knew this, because like always, I had done a little investigating. There aren’t too many places you can hide a bicycle, and hopelessness was setting in. On Christmas Eve, a box appeared under the tree. I knew it was for me, and I knew what it was. I didn’t want to even look at it, let alone shake it. I just ignored it.

We don’t take presents from our parents (or Santa), to Christmas Eve with the relatives, so the box stayed under the ugly aluminum tree with the color wheel.

The next morning, when I woke up, Dad was sitting in his chair in the living room. Mom was in there too having her coffee. This was strange, because I usually wake up at around 4:00 on Christmas morning, and it’s just me and my gift for a few hours. Dad said, “Aren’t you going to open your present?”

I decided I probably shouldn’t be a brat, so I walked over to the tree and sat down to open the box that had the coat from Lunden’s in it. I opened the box, and I could not believe my eyes! Inside that box, I found the handlebars to a NEW BICYCLE!!

The bike had been stored at someone else’s house until Dad sneaked it into one of the motel rooms. They hadn’t wrapped the handle bars until Christmas Eve, which is why I hadn’t found anything with my sleuthing.


I have ridden my new bike in the snow a bunch of times. I can’t wait until summer gets here. No more clunkers for me.


Guess what else? My birthday present was still wrapped in Christmas paper, but I didn’t care. It was the coat I loved… from Lunden’s. This was the best Christmas ever!


Billy came home for Christmas, and he’s been slightly nice to me. Dad and I are taking him to the Airport in Rapid City tomorrow. He’ll be going back to California.

My Hero




3 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…She’s no Nancy Drew…Yet

  1. Teresa Palmer April 27, 2016 / 9:05 pm

    What a happy ending for you! Sometimes our parents were smarter than we thought! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Valerie Halla April 28, 2016 / 8:54 am

    I know what you mean. Sometimes when you’re a kid, you cannot appreciate all your parents do for you and it hits you later. How lucky we were to have had all we did growing up. I never did get a new bike, Mary, but my folks bought me a used one for $15!


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