Murdo Girl…That’s the way the ball bounces



My name is Yram Sicnarf. I’m an award-winning photo journalist out of Gun Barrel City, Texas. My reputation as a crack up reporter may have preceeded me. No doubt news has spread like wildfire. I alone was able to get exclusive interviews with Mrs. Peters, and Mr. Thune, (with an auditorium named after him and a son with a sign).

I’m back at the high school today in pursuit of a 3rd exclusive. This time with Coach Applebee. I’ve asked around and I don’t think anything, unless possibly a family member has been named after him. Nevertheless, it appears he is avoiding me. That is a very bad call.

This isn’t me. This woman’s hair is now a National Monument in Draper, SD

I think I see him. “Follow me cameraman. What do you mean you don’t have a camera?  Do you at least have a smart phone? How well can you draw?”

Coach Applebee

Yram: Coach Applebee!

Coach: I was told that after your “interviews” with my colleagues Mrs. Peters and Mr. Thune, (with an auditorium named after him and a son with a sign), you were barred from the premises.

Yram: Ah, you must have forgotten..Mrs. Sanderson is my Aunt, and she’s the boss of this place.

Coach: Well in that case, the ball is in your court Miss Sicnarf

Yram: What is your point Coach?

Coach: You mean two points don’t you? Plus you fouled me.

Yram: What kind of game are you playing Coach?

Coach: Basketball, and I’m ahead by three, now hit me with your best shot.

Yram: Actually, football is my favorite sport Coach.

Coach: Really? When you were a cheerleader, I heard you yell, “Pushem back, Pushem back, waay back.” We were on the one yard line ready to score.

Yram: There’s no point in trying to settle that score, besides, the stunningly talented Murdo Girl was a cheerleader, not me. I’m Yram Sicnarf, a crack up reporter out of Gun Barrel City, Texas. Our motto is, “We Shoot Straight.”

Coach: I thought we were talking football?  We didn’t score any points on that drive. They pushed us back. Waay back.

Yram: It sounds like you hold em a grudge.

Coach: Are you kidding? You said hold em..when we were trying to advance the ball.

Yram: I don’t foul o you.

Coach: Now we’re back to basketball? You are wearing me out! I think you dropped the ball Miss Sicnarf.

Yram: Is this how you treat Miss Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow? No wonder they haven’t named anything after you.

Coach: I thought that was Murdo Girl. Did she tell you I also taught her and her friends how to drive?

Yram: Yes. Your name comes up every time she has an accident. Her father mumbles it when he pays her ever-increasing insurance bill.

Coach: The door is that way Miss Sicnarf…FYI, Mr. Palmer has “band” you. Get it? “band” you.

Yram: We’re outside Coach, there is no door. I’ll make a “note” about Mr. Palmer, but this crack up interviewer doesn’t give up easily. I can sing that old song..I’m an Alto.

Watch it Coach. We are her friends from Murdo past. In fact, we are scheduled to be on a future episode of.. This is Your Life… Her cameraman drew our pictures.

It even rains on the Queen sometimes


5 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…That’s the way the ball bounces

  1. countrygirl57 June 16, 2016 / 5:53 am

    Love it. Where did you get those pictures😊

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. countrygirl57 June 16, 2016 / 1:32 pm

    Well I just looked at this on Facebook. Big surprise. When I read it this morning at 5:30 Kip’s picture wasn’t there and the pictures at the bottom were different??? 😊😊😊

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. countrygirl57 June 18, 2016 / 7:45 pm

    Love the interview. So creative. On the subject of health issues – How is your brother Bill doing after his surgery? Hope that all went well. ❤️❤️ Looking forward to the next interview😊😊

    Sent from my iPhone



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