Murdo Girl…The Brick House.. Surprise party

It’s Monday morning at the Brick House and Next Pres Murdo Girl is at her desk in the Oblong Office. She is busy as usual.. filing her fingernails. Pico (Person in Charge of Brick House Functions), walks in.

MG: Quickly shoves her nail paraphernalia in her already “stuffed with junk” desk drawer..Hi Pico, thanks for getting here so quickly. I have a Brick House function I want you to be in charge of.

Pico: I’m just a hop, skip, and a jump away Next Pres. I spend most of my time down in the employee lounge.

MG: I noticed you’ve been hopping, skipping, and jumping a lot lately..too many mochas? Anyway, I just found out that yesterday was Sherri the Photographic Drawer’s birthday. I want you to organize a surprise belated birthday party for her in the gym. It has to be tonight. Can you do that?


This is Sherri and her daughter Niki. She is planning to follow in her Mother’s footsteps and become a Photographic Drawer…or a veterinarian. 

Pico: Consider it done HRH Next Pres MG. Pico doodles a minute on a sheet of paper then hands it to MG. Here’s your invitation. Gotta go! See ya tonight and don’t forget to bring the cake and ice cream.

Invitation to a Brick House birthday party

Come one come all. You’ll have a ball.

Sherri’s birthday is belated. We haven’t even celebrated.

The Brick House team will unite, and give Sherri a special night.

Her age is still a secret? Has Sherri reached her peak yet?

Every constituent is invited. Not one person will be slighted.

Dress real stylish and come at fiveish.

The Brick House team, except for Sherri, will meet in the gym at 4:00 o’clock for rap practice?) This is a SURPRISE!!

At fiveish, the whole team and a smattering of constituents are in the gym waiting to surprise Sherri…tick tock, tick tock, tick tock..

wp-1486582773062.jpgsmattering of constituents 

Smattering of Constituents: TC! Will you please stop saying tick tock?? We feel like we’re on that TV show, “The Price is Right.”

TC: manages not to cry..Okay Smattering of Constituents..I just felt like I should town cry something, ya know? I hate silence ya know? I have to fill voids with something ya know?

Lav: looks at Treason and says: Is miss not so sharp cheddar cheesehead over there for real?

Treason: I kinda feel sorry for her…having to wear a wedge of cheese on her head all the time. I heard she’s having a problem with mice. Can’t we afford to get her a real Town Crier hat?

Jerry the Bean Counter: Who is eavesdropping..No. I had to dip into the bean bag for a new cheesehead when I accidentally squished her old one. A real town crier hat is cost prohibited.

Treason: You mean prohibitive?

Jerry: No..I mean prohibited. I bought the wrong thing first. Do you like Head Cheese?

A I: I have a stupid question. Did anybody tell Sherri she was supposed to be here?

Carol: A I, use your head for something other than a straw hat rack and a place to hang your shades. It’s a secret so Shh! Now let’s practice this rap one more time. Lav’s going to rap it, and we’re gonna tap it.

A I: I have another stupid question. We’re gonna tap dance to rap music?

All gather their props and lineup.


MG: Comes walking in with a cake. Sorry I’m late. I had to wait til the cake was done. It’s not like you can just walk into Super Value and get an already baked cake.

DM: It looks like a pancake. Did you bring syrup?

Sherri..Sherri baby.. Sherri..Sherri baby..Sherri..

Sherri is in the employee lounge drawing a photograph of herselfie, when she hears her name. She proceeds to follow the sound to the gym.


Happy Birthday Sherri…from the Brick House Gang

“Sherri Sherri ..Where B the Cake Rap”…by Lav


Thank you Lav

Queens who wear toilet seats on their heads get stinky head cheese

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  1. sanjuan831 February 8, 2017 / 9:12 pm

    I will bring the cake. Who can bring the appetizers and beverages (from BevMo)?

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      • sanjuan831 February 8, 2017 / 9:20 pm

        I was afraid of that. You do not have Bev Mo in TX? It’s a chain with beverages and more. All kinds of party foods and drinks. We have one in Gilroy. I need an excuse to go there.

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      • Mary Francis McNinch February 8, 2017 / 9:22 pm

        That worked out’re bringing the cake and the beverages.


  2. Mari Jackson February 8, 2017 / 8:23 pm

    Now I wish all of us could have a party at our Brick House in Murdo as you have us in party mode!!! Darling and fun, MG!!

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  3. scoper07 February 8, 2017 / 6:03 pm

    Another very funny episode Murdo Girl. Thank you for the laughs. It helps make my day.

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  4. sanjuan831 February 8, 2017 / 5:46 pm

    Laughed my crown off! Happy belated bday, Sherri!

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      • sanjuan831 February 8, 2017 / 9:10 pm

        You cracked me up about Sherri’s only fault. Laughed out loud. Good thing about being clueless like Lav is she doesn’t think she has ANY faults.

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