Murdo Girl…What happens at the cabin, stays at the cabin

Rerun..still having fun in Wyoming!

Murdo Girl

The little Murdo Girl isn’t feeling well today, so she has deferred to “the lady,” who would like to share stories as remembered by some of the cousins. I know you’ll enjoy these tales.  If given the opportunity, many of us would like to spend one more magical moment in a place that warmed our hearts. I have no doubt many, if not all of M.E. and Mary Sanderson’s family would choose the Nemo cabin as their destination. The old walls, papered in pine cones, beds with lumpy mattresses, and heavy warm quilts. The sounds of the creek, laughter, frying fish, and the breeze blowing through the Pine trees. All these things never changed…just like Grandma and her beads, you could count on it.

1-IMG_0689Grandma Sanderson, Ella Sanderson Leckey, Helen Sanderson Haverberg, BL: Bob Haverberg, Al Leckey

A Cabin Memory of Andrea Miller Sheehan…Move over Ella

I recall one summer when…

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