Murdo Girl…the road trip..A lull in the action

Last night we were in a secluded little rv park somewhere west of Atlanta. If you had witnessed us struggling to figure out where we were going to set up for the night, you would most likely scratch your head in disbelief. Have we not learned anything in the last three years? Shouldn’t we be seasoned rv travelers by now? 

Come on, readers, don’t be so hard on us. Everyone goofs up once in a while.

Kip didn’t think we would make it as far as we did yesterday so we were playing it by ear. We were navigating heavy traffic in downtown Atlanta, Georgia at four o’clock in the afternoon when we decided we should start looking for a spot.

I quickly found a Good Sam’s approved park a few miles west of Atlanta and we headed that way. The minute we pulled in, we knew we weren’t going to stay there. It looked scary. You can’t always tell by the online pictures what a park really looks like, which is why we try to look for KOA’s and Good Sam approved parks. I should write a review on the Good Sam park. It didn’t even look safe.

I found another park that looked better, so I called and reserved a spot. By the time we got there and got set up it was going on seven. It was a little farther out than we like to be when we’re only parked for one night, but at $20.00, the price was right. Darn…too many trees for the satellite.

But they have goats…

Do I like goats? Do goats like me?

Fall is here!

Pattie is smelling the flowers…or a critter.

If I fall asleep, will those goats get me?


Look what I saw yesterday…

A Murdo orange water tower in Carey, Georgia. Looks like I need to clean my windows. It’s starting to show spots on my drive-by pics.


It’s now Wednesday night. Since I didn’t manage to finish my thoughts yesterday, I will continue with the latest.

We covered some ground today and we’re spending the night at a KOA near Meridian, Mississippi. We like our spot and the dish is working great. The park has a nice laundry room and it was empty so I washed everything including the bedspread tonight.

We have a leak. The lady owner of the park we stayed at last night followed us all the way to I 20. She was trying to get our attention. She wanted to tell us we left a trail of oil or something from our camping  spot all the way out to the highway. That was really a nice thing for her to do. 

Kip checked all the fluids and nothing was low so we kept going. It was leaking, (what Kip thinks might be diesel fuel), again tonight. We’ll be taking it somewhere tomorrow to find out what the problem is. My mind just went back to Rapid City and our ten days at the Motel 6. 

Oh well…I’m not going to borrow trouble. Nobody gets all perfect days, but Kipper and I have had a string of them that have come pretty close…while on this epic journey.

We can’t complain about an oil leak. We didn’t hit this graceful little deer and that would have been a real tragedy.

5 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…the road trip..A lull in the action

  1. lifelessons September 27, 2017 / 11:54 pm

    We did hit a deer at high speed first trip we took with our camper van. Scary for us and I fear fatal for the deer. It hit on our front passenger side and along my window and up over the top of the van. Horrible. And a bit pricey for repairs. I remember having a driving lesson with my dad…road to White River, of course. I hit a bird and dissolved in tears. He upbraided me, afraid I’d have an accident. It was a good lesson in being responsible when driving and not giving in to emotions. I have usually followed it–exce3(that is Ollie walking o]ete’
    r ]2 over the keys… there he went again.) I have usually followed my dad’s advice except for a few times on the freeway with a really jerk driver passing, cutting in too close, tailgating, etc.

    I didn’t see the goat, by the way. Where do I look? J


    • Mary Francis McNinch September 28, 2017 / 6:27 am

      I love that Ollie calls himself exce3. The goat is in the fenced area in the phto Kip is in. My dad taught me to drive on the road to White River too. He told me to turn onto a dirt road and I drove us into the ditch. He didn’t upbraid me (I haven’t heard that word in a while), but he drove us out. Fifty years ago…sheesh.

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      • lifelessons September 28, 2017 / 9:15 am

        Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone, but my mom told me we should go practice town driving in WR because it wouldn’t be so bad if I hit someone there because we didn’t know them! Surely it was tongue in cheek. Perhaps (a bit) not???

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      • lifelessons September 28, 2017 / 4:38 pm

        Actually, within a year I was dating a guy from there. We went steady for two years! I also went to Jobs Daughters there. My folks were planning on moving to AZ and wanted me to be able to meet “nice girls.” I resisted the move, but had to give in to the Jobs Daughters. Never was my thing, though.


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