Murdo Girl…the road trip..make a u-turn

It could have been so much worse. We could have broken down on the freeway, but we didn’t. Old SeeYa has been a real trooper, and very cognizant of the extended warranty.

Many cities have rv mechanics that will come to you. Kip called around for recommendations and found a guy who came right out to the KOA and diagnosed SeeYa. The problem was a high pressure oil leak. Steve the mechanic ordered the part he needs to fix it and it’s supposed to be here tomorrow morning. With any luck we’ll be on our way tomorrow afternoon or Saturday. 

After Steve left, we had the rest of the day to run some errands. We loaded up the dogs and drove the ten miles to Meridian, MS. 

It was supposed to be ten miles.

We got Miss GPS on the phone after we turned the wrong way coming out of the rv park and had gone a couple of miles before figuring that much out. 

It will be easier to explain the experience this way.

Miss GPS: You are on the fastest route. You should arrive at your destination at 11:22. Continue on this road for 1.5 miles.

Kip: why is it going to take us an hour and 22 minutes to go ten miles. It’s only 10:00 o’clock?

Me: We’re using my phone and I haven’t synced it with my Garmen Connect yet so I’m still on Eastern time.

Kip: Do you mean Miss GPS doesn’t even have her own time?

Me: No, she’s using my time.

Kip: Maybe we should get her a watch for Christmas.

Miss GPS: Turn right on Toomsa Lane in .5 miles…which we did.

Me: I think she is taking us the long way.

Kip: The wrong way?

Me: No the long way

Miss GPS: I don’t understand what that means, the long way, the wrong way!

Kip and I were cracking up…I had accidently pushed the little microphone that puts us on speaker. (Miss GPS over eavesdrops.)

Kip: Just put in I 20 and see if she can get us back to the highway.

It took us about an hour to get ten miles, but it wasn’t over yet. We both wanted to get a haircut. The streets of Meridian go weird ways. Even with Miss GPS we missed the turn three times. We had almost given up when we accidently found the place.

So we both got bad haircuts at SportClips, picked up a few things at Walmart, ate lunch, got the car washed, and made it home about 5:00. The dogs were exhausted and they didn’t even do anything except eat half of my buttermilk battered chicken fingers.

I snapped a few in Meridian

I hope Miss GPS gets some rest. She got a little crabby when we stopped someplace we hadn’t told her about. She must have directed us to make a u-turn fifty times today.

Yes…it could have been much worse.

We have been in eleven states so far this trip. Seven of them were on purpose.

3 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…the road trip..make a u-turn

  1. scoper07 September 29, 2017 / 7:49 am

    Aw shucks! Sorry you are having another problem. I laughed at your blog anyway. Funny stuff MG!


  2. countrygirl57 September 28, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    Laughing 😂. I love Ms GPS ! Hope all goes well tomorrow.

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