Murdo Girl…M.E. and Mary, the golden years

Murdo Girl

God gives us memories, so that we may have roses in December

Well, the Iowa relatives are coming. That means there will be some Sanderson get-togethers with fried fish of the day. Uncle Sandy is Grandpa Sanderson’s brother. Sandy’s wife’s name is Pearl, and Melitha is a sister. Great Aunt Tet is a sister too, but she lives here, above the store.

Aunt Melitha came and took care of Mom and me when we got home from the hospital after I was born. I think she stayed for about a month. Mom says she carries her pocketbook around like Queen Elizabeth. I heard the Queen doesn’t even have a dollar in her purse. In fact, she wouldn’t even need a purse except it gives her something to do with her hands, and it completes her outfit.

Uncle Sandy (Arlo) makes the most delicious homemade caramels. They are the best things…

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One thought on “Murdo Girl…M.E. and Mary, the golden years

  1. countrygirl57 July 24, 2019 / 10:07 pm

    I love your memories and I love all the pictures!

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