Murdo Girl…Doing something nice

This is not about me doing something nice. It’s about others being nice to me. There is no doubt about it. I have some pretty special friends in my life.

For instance…last summer Kip and I took our RV to Rockport, TX and spent a couple of weeks parked next to some friends who spend the winters there. (They’re from Indiana. It’s cold in Indiana.)

One day, I mentioned to Molly that all of the placemats I could find were too big for my RV table. We were shopping at the time and she had picked out a piece of fabric thinking it was pretty and she would make something with it someday.

The very next morning, she came over with four placemats that were the perfect size. And then, she handed me the leftover fabric, saying, “Maybe you can cover the chairs with this.)… She knows me…she was joking.

Below, are the before pictures. I remember the day I picked these beauties out. Just kidding. They came with the RV.

This is my friend, Pat

My friend, Pat came to have coffee with me in the Cottage a couple of weeks ago and saw the fabric. Pat is very creative, and came up with an idea to cover the chairs. I picked them up today, and I’m delighted and excited.

Thank you Pat and Molly. You are both so caring and giving…

Yesterday, a package came in the mail, and inside was this beautiful doily. It was made by the 90 something friend of Dianna Diehm. I’m riding to Walmart with Kip and I don’ have her name with me. I tried it on the tabl. I will take it off while we eat.

I also tried it wth this watercolor painting of my grandmother

One day a while back, a friend who is a very talented painter, posted a beautiful watercolor of her grandmother. I told her how amazing I thought it was that she could paint her own grandmother. She asked me for a photograph of one of my grandmothers, which I gave to her. I was gifted with this beautiful watercolor of my Grandma Francis. What a stunning likeness it is!

All of these friends will get a “Rhymes for all Times book from me…

Countless people have been kind to me in so many ways. I’m sure you have been the recipient of acts of kindness, too. I could write a book.

Speaking of books…details to follow later today.

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  1. Dianna Diehm October 19, 2021 / 9:26 am

    Oh oh Dory made the doily and she is only 75! Wow it goes with everything! Glad you like it Cimosaub!!!

    Sent from Mail for Windows


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