Those 70ish girls…Barstool races

“She was the Queen of the Silver Dollar. She ruled the smoky kingdom. Her scepter was her wine glass and a barstool was her thrown.” That song, Queen of the Silver Dollar, by Dave and Sugar was a song I used to play over and over, even before I became a self-appointed, I mean self- anointed, Queen.

I may have sat on a barstool once or twice in my lifetime and I’m sure Cousin, Lav probably has too, years and years ago, but I would be willing to bet that she has not been to motorized barstool races. I got the pleasure of that experience just yesterday.

BEN WHEELER, Texas — You may be asking yourself, “So what is this crazy motorized barstool thing anyway?”

Well, it started in 1978 at The Quiet Man Bar on Knox Street in Dallas. The original circle of six barstool creators consisted of Bill Jenkins, Thomas Spangler, Johnny Gable, John Pullman, Mike Carr and Keith Blackwell. 

Each man created his own version of a motorized barstool and then they began to race them outside the bar. Soon it grew into something much bigger.

The Dallas Farmer’s Market quickly took up the event in full sponsorship along with Ben E. Keith and Budweiser to blast the race city wide. 

Last seen in 1991, the barstools have resurfaced around every St. Patrick’s Day in Ben Wheeler since 2015. This year, the annual festivities were held on Saturday.

Downtown Ben Wheeler roadway (FM 279) was closed due to the barstools racing on the streets.

It was a hoot!

2 thoughts on “Those 70ish girls…Barstool races

  1. Valerie Halla March 19, 2023 / 9:42 pm

    Wowee and zowee that looks like crazy fun! You’re right. I have never been on a motorized barstool and never to their races! Kip looks like he’s having a quiet time observing it all.


  2. jeanrmtx1 March 19, 2023 / 7:26 pm

    Big doin’s in Ben Wheeler!!! Who knew?  Our favorite reporter scored big on this one.  What a hoot.  Is this a yearly event??  Good job!!! Jean    


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