What?? I’m turning 64?

Kip and I have been home from our dream vacation for a couple of months now. Kip has had some health issues, and in a family our size, a little rain falls sometimes, but we have also had an amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas. We were a family of four when we got married and we have grown to 22 with 2 more great-grands on the way. They are all such blessings.

After being gone awhile, I think we both realize that after your kids are grown, your friends at home are what make it ” home.” Family is where your heart is no matter where you roam.

Back to me. It is now 3:47 a.m. on 12/30/15. On 12/31, I turn (choke, caugh, sputter,) 64.

I couldn’t sleep and I started thinking. After 64 years, there is a lot of life to contemplate. Here, my dear, is how little ol me has changed the course of history.

If I had not been born:

Mason and Craig are children I gave birth to. Mason Jr. And Ethan were born in Wyoming. Mason moved back there after living with us in Wyoming, California, and Texas. Olivia and Charlie wouldn’t have been born if Kip and I had not married and moved to Texas.

Mike, Nikki, Seamus, and Hudson would not have been born because Heidi and Heather, who became my daughters (lovingly shared with me by their Mother Dianne), would not have lived in Colorado and Texas. All future offspring are who they are because Kip and I got married. All of our children’s Mothers and Fathers-in-laws would not have all of those beautiful grandchildren and great-grandchildren in their lives. Are you hearing me Wife-in-law😉?

Ask yourself this. How many lives would be different if you had not been born? Who would miss you most if you died tomorrow? I think your partner in life, because when it comes right down to it, they are the ones most vested in you. Which brother, sister, friend, enemy, cousin, grandchild, co-worker, in-law, that one person who’s life you have touched and maybe didn’t even know it. Who would think about all of the things you said and did the most? I really contemplated this and I was amazed. There were some amens and some uh-ohs.

For instance, when she was alive, my Mother and I did not have the best of relationships. Now, not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and laugh about something she did or smile at the wisdom of the things she said.

God, I am important and I was meant to be!

Some good stuff happened! If you’re reading this, I’m thinking about you, because you must be a loving family member or a true friend 😉.

Happy Birthday to me!