Murdo Girl…Don’t write her off

I planned to write some cards tonight and send them to friends who are having health issues. I also planned to send a few thank you notes. There are others whose birthdays are coming up. Wouldn’t it be something if I got their birthday cards out on time? I wrote a list of all of these people and it added up to an even fourteen. I then counted the cards I had available and guess what? I had an even fourteen.

I went down to my cottage and got all set up at my desk. That’s when my good luck ended. I had too many birthday cards and not enough get well cards. I had two sympathy cards which I didn’t need at all. While contemplating my next move, I started to look around the cottage and I realized I had too much of everything, everywhere. I no longer thought it looked inviting so I rearranged it all and by the time I was finished, I had a big pile of things I didn’t want by the door. I kept everything other people have given me. Now all I have to do is vacuum and feather dust.

It was nine o’clock by the time I finished and I still hadn’t written one card, so I began to write. In the first card I wrote, “I hope you’re recovery is going well.” I couldn’t believe I used the wrong your and ruined a card. Things went on like that for a while until I gave up. I’ll call them tomorrow.

To you from me…

If you’re feeling under the weather, or a test brought you bad news, we’ll send up prayers together and bring you casseroles and stews.

Is this a special birthday? We’ll help you celebrate. We’ll strive to make it your day and your birth year we’ll backdate.

We owe you a huge thank you. Our visit was the best. We were sad to say adieu. You know how to treat a guest.

You’ve achieved a milestone be it graduation, anniversary or retirement. The time it took to get here was definitely well spent.

So I’ve written all my cards. Now I just need your address. I’ll have to call you, anyway, unless I try to guess.

Murdo Girl…Funny feet

My poems of late are serious and not the least bit humorous.

Laughter is a lot more fun than tears.

I’ll try to strike another tone that might tickle your funny bone.

Let’s see if I’m able to switch gears.

I saw a man walk down the street. I swear he had two right feet.

He tried to sell me two left shoes.

“I have two right feet,” he explained. “One right is wrong,” he complained.

“I’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse.”

I looked at him in disbelief. I didn’t want to cause him grief

But what would I do with two left shoes?

My feet never cause me strife. One is left and one is right.

Yet I never pass up a good deal.

I paid him pennies on the dollar. Then I found one left was smaller.

It made my little piggy squeal.

I saw a man walk down the street and asked if he had two left feet.

He said, “No!” And I chose not to persist.

My left food hurt like heck on earth but I sure got my money’s worth.

And so did my podiatrist.

Murdo Girl…Yram snags a big one

After arriving back in Gun Barrel City, Yram Sicnarf realizes she needs to plan her next move. What to do? What to do? It isn’t long before she gets wind of the All School Reunion that’s likely to be held next July (2022) in MG’s hometown. Yram is now a roving crack-up reporter which means she must rove. Thankfully, she is also nearsighted and picks up on what’s going on more quickly than farsighted roving crack-up reporters. This project involves interviewing people from faraway places like California and Arizona. She has to wait three more weeks for all of the restraining orders to expire before she returns to Murdo, so it should all work out perfectly.

First stop is San Juan Something in California… where Lav lives.

Knock Knock…

Lav: We’re not home right now. Here’s a pencil and some paper. Please leave a message at the sound of the door slamming and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Yram: Lav! don’t you recognize me? I’m Yram… I’m the best friend you never had. I just want to come in and interview you for a very important publication. I even brought my camera.

Lav: Really? Will I get paid?

Yram: Sure…you get everything after certain expenses are taken out of my cut. Do you have any apple pie? I haven’t eaten in days. MG says your apple pie is the best! I can stay overnight if I need to.

Lav: What is this the subject of this interview? The only thing I’ve done for a year is walk my dog.

Yram: I’m here to ask you some hypothetical questions about your plans to attend the Murdo, SD All School Reunion tentatively scheduled for July of 2022.

Lav: Ask away, Rover…sorry all my friends are dogs.

From our porch…by Amy Masteller

Yram: really? Go fetch! Say…do you think you can hold it together until July of 2022? It’s more than a year away.

Lav: Do you know that MG and I wore gowns and crowns and rode on the back of a red convertible in the parade? I was Queen E. and MG was an eight year old. I have a little arthritis, but my teeth are still good. 

Yram: A lot can happen in a year. Is there anyone in Murdo who will remember you? What year did you graduate?

Lav: I didn’t graduate from Murdo High School. I just go to all of the reunions.

Yram: Gotta go! I just remembered something. I have a bigger interview to snag.

Yram: So Queen E… something tells me you’re still dreaming of becoming a cheerleader. Love the pompoms and the band hat.

“Is this the burning of the MG?”

Murdo Girl…Still learning

Today I heard a friend is leaving

Another called to say hello

I prayed for one I know is grieving

Must I accept life’s ebb and flow

Light shines in the midst of darkness

It comes from more than just the sun

Music acts as a catharsis

Sparkling eyes follow the fun.

Joy is something we can choose

A good friend often tells me so

There’s much to gain or much to lose

Should I accept the status quo

I’ve learned new lessons recently

Though I am not of tender age

The truth can be found easily

Written on a single page

No matter how another treats you

Treat them as you wish to be

Relationships will begin anew

When this is done consistently.

Life will still ebb and flow

All decisions won’t be fair

Those who see us change and grow

Will soon believe we truly care

Murdo Girl…A Jellystone stop

When life gets overwhelming, you should take time to reflect, and decide what you must do and what you can neglect.

If a friend needs your support then you really must assist. Do everything you can for them. They should top your list.

If the house needs cleaning and the laundry is piled high, make them two and three in case someone should stop by.

We have many kids and grandkids and some other family members. I forgot a birthday once and everyone remembers.

I love taking part in the activities I’ve selected. I will admit there are a few I have seriously neglected.

We fire up the motor home and load up all the pets. We travel everywhere we can, so we’ll have no regrets.

I’m getting so confused. What number am I on? I’m pretty sure that I have almost all the numbers wrong.

I’ll switch number one and two and leave out number four. I’ve already forgotten what I’m doing all this for.

I have more tasks to add but some I’ll have to skip. I have three number ones so I’ll just shoot from the hip.

How many friends have I lost touch with? Do I owe some thank you notes? A get well card or five with sympathetic quotes?

I had such good intentions when I began this blog. I thought I had the answers but instead I’m in a fog.

We’ll be home today. It’s the end of our vacation. I wonder if I should 86 this jumbled up creation.

We’re staying at Jellystone RV Park. They have a petting zoo, Yogi the Bear riding on a fire truck, a place called Kountry Kreamery with homemade ice cream, and all kinds of other things. We happen on to some pretty fun places.

The petting zoo
The walking trail
Yogi Bear
Yogi on the fire truck
Waiting for Heidi to meet us for lunch

Murdo Girl…Was it something I said?

Yram: If you expect every day to be a good one, you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment. MG and Kip got off to a bad start yesterday and it went downhill from there. I laid low. Sort of. I’m not alldumb. (Mom’s word.)

I will enumerate what happened…

1) MG raised her voice while trying to convince Kip that it wasn’t a good idea to hook the Jeep up to the RV in the drive where Lagoon RV people might be trying to get out of their driveways. He said he had already asked the people it would affect. I didn’t…I mean MG didn’t know that.

We were lulled into thinking the day had turned the corner. I, (Yram), began to relax and file my nails.) Below are a few pics taken early in the day.

2) They went to 3 places to fuel up. The first 2 were out of diesel. At the 3rd place, when we were about to leave, a large pelican, who appeared to be injured, landed in front of the RV and we couldn’t move without running over him. Some lady called the game warden and while we waited, MG had to guard the poor bird so people pulling into the station wouldn’t hit him from the other side. That’s why she didn’t get pictures. Before the warden got there, the big pelican suddenly just flew away and landed in this field.

Next to that field, was a field on fire.

3) shortly after leaving the gas station, we heard something flapping. Apparently the wind from the night before had messed up the gear that turns the awning over the slide-out and it was loose. Kip pulled off of a very busy highway to take a look which didn’t make MG too happy, but this time she kept her mouth shut.

4) Shortly after finally making it back onto the highway, a rock hit the windshield and put a little crack in it. This didn’t make Kip too happy.

5) Then, MG discovered the refrigerator hadn’t switched over from electricity to propane when they disconnected that morning. This didn’t make Kip or MG too happy. Thankfully, things stayed pretty cold until they got it hooked back up to electriciry last night.

At the end of the day, we had only covered 160 brutal miles. Since I haven’t had very many riveting interviews on my roving reporter assignment, I tried to ask a couple of open-ended questions last night, which apparently was the wrong thing to do…geez. I sure wish the dogs and cat could tell their stories. I bet that would sell a lot of newspapers.

Make her go away. She doesn’t make me happy.

That’s all for now. Your roving reporter, Yram Sicnarf.

Molly…your neighbor wanted you to see this. She bought it at a store in Fredericksburg called, Remember Me.

Murdo Girl…Goodbye Rock Fort

As you know, Yram Sicnarf has been on a trip with MG and Kip. They have been visiting friends who are wintering in Rockport. She has absolutely worn everyone out. The residents of the Lagoon RV Park no longer try to hide their dismay when they see her yellow hair coming. Today is the last day in Rockport, but Kip, MG and Yram will be on the road until Monday.

Yram: I sure had fun at the dance last night, MG. That guy from Sioux Falls, South Dakota really knows how to cut a rug. I’m surprised he didn’t know us since you’re from Murdo and I spend a lot of time 500 feet from there. Restraining orders are the pits. I can’t believe I offended a whole town.

MG: You don’t give yourself enough credit Yram. You’ve done a pretty good job of irritating Cary and Molly’s friends, too. You have given new meaning to the words, social distancing.

Yram: I’m supposed to ask people open ended questions so they can’t answer yes or no. I need details. The Gun Barrel paper only hires top notch roving reporters and that’s what I’m shooting for. I’m going to interview Molly right now.

Knock knock…

Who’s there?

Yram…I’m here to interview you. I have some thought provoking questions to ask.

I heard that MG said she needed placemats that are smaller than normal size and you whipped some up for her. Aren’t you concerned that because she thinks she’s a queen that she will, you know, take advantage?

Molly: No

Yram: You can’t say no. An open ended question requires you to respond with a lot of words.

Molly: You can’t make me say a lot of words. Nobody can. And that was not an open ended question.

Yram: Please…I can’t go back to Gun Barrel without an exclusive. I’ll be a roving reporter with nowhere to rove. I’ll be the only crack up reporter who can’t get interviewees to say a lot of words. My career will be over.

Molly: Have you tried following up your open ended questions with a little closed end silence? Now if you’ll excuse me, we’re taking Kip and MG to a really nice place for dinner. It’s called Paradise Keys.

MG’s delicious dinner

Molly: Speaking of the St. Patrick’s Dance, which we weren’t, where did you learn to dance like that?

Yram: You must have noticed how I was easily able to catch on to Mr. South Dakota’s ancient dance moves.

Molly: That’s not what I meant. We thought it was kind of strange that you decided to dance with him while he was dancing with Mrs. South Dakota.

Yram: Do you think I’ll get a restraining order?

Molly: No…he forgot all about it when he won the door prize.

Yram: So Molly…will you bring me back some food? I’m going to catch the crown series on Netflix. I like crowns, too. Just like MG and her cousin, Lav.

Molly: No I won’t bring you food…put your crown on and come to dinner with us. Is that enough words?

Yram: Will there be dancing?

Molly: No!

Murdo Girl…Daylight always comes

Is there a challenge in your life that blurs your vision? Do you think your power lies in your decision?

Thinking we control it all, is like trying to walk before we crawl.

What happens next we must profess… is never a human being’s guess.

I believe the way for us to live… is to enjoy all the good life has to give.

It helps those who offer a helping hand. Those who reach out understand.

When we’re faced with fear or sorrow, earthly things can’t help face tomorrow,

Will we know we’re human not devine? Will we look up and see His stars align?

And will we bow our heads as we confess we need more faith than we possess?

When daylight comes…and it always will…

We will remember…

He helped us climb our steepest hill?

When we ask we will receive the peace that comes when we believe.

Murdo Girl…Some of Saturday

Yram Sicnarf has taken to her bed. MG will give you the lowdown instead.

Each day has been a whole lot of fun. Molly and Cary have kept us on the run.

Yram tried hard and she’s pretty tough, but instead of eating nonstop she should have said, “enough!”

Saturday, we drove to the Aransas Pass ferry. It took all the cars and trucks it could carry,

And floated across to Port Aransas. The scenes that we saw should be painted on canvas.

It was a beautiful day and we walked out on the jetty and watched people getting their fishing poles ready.

Using shrimp for bait they caught lots of fish. We hoped to see dolphins and we got our wish.

We had lunch outside and watched ships floating by.  Yram topped it all off with key lime pie.

We expected to see feathers at the bird preserve, but the alligator really thew Yram a curve.

I’m going to post this accounting though it isn’t complete yet. We’re leaving soon and I haven’t soaked my feet, yet.

Murdo Girl…Another beautiful day in paradise.


I had French toast, bacon, 2 eggs, and crispy hash browns for breakfast, followed by chicken salad on a croissant and a huge lemon bar for dessert. We snacked for dinner.

Fun breakfast cafe

This is Yram Sicnarf, your rolling roving, reporter. I had a great time following the gang around yesterday. After breakfast we went to a Lagoon RV and Resort beach party at Rock Fort Beach. It was a hoot. We played a game of throw a roll of toilet paper through the toilet seat. Others played corn hole, or participated in a variation of the wet T shirt contest and some walked the beach. The water was surprisingly warm.

Kip and Cary took part in the beer drinking contest. The guys had to drink one beer through a straw. College buddies that they are, their serious beer guzzling days are 50 years in the past. They didn’t place in the contest, but they were good sports. Kip, however, took a 2 hour nap after all the festivities.

I know I’m leaving out some highlights, but so be it. I’m a busy rolling, riveting, roving reporter.

Saturday…The Ferry

The dogs love Rock Fort
I don’t really like Wyram…or is it eeram? She eats my chicken.