Murdo Girl…Some of Saturday

Yram Sicnarf has taken to her bed. MG will give you the lowdown instead.

Each day has been a whole lot of fun. Molly and Cary have kept us on the run.

Yram tried hard and she’s pretty tough, but instead of eating nonstop she should have said, “enough!”

Saturday, we drove to the Aransas Pass ferry. It took all the cars and trucks it could carry,

And floated across to Port Aransas. The scenes that we saw should be painted on canvas.

It was a beautiful day and we walked out on the jetty and watched people getting their fishing poles ready.

Using shrimp for bait they caught lots of fish. We hoped to see dolphins and we got our wish.

We had lunch outside and watched ships floating by.  Yram topped it all off with key lime pie.

We expected to see feathers at the bird preserve, but the alligator really thew Yram a curve.

I’m going to post this accounting though it isn’t complete yet. We’re leaving soon and I haven’t soaked my feet, yet.

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