Murdo Girl…Daylight always comes

Is there a challenge in your life that blurs your vision? Do you think your power lies in your decision?

Thinking we control it all, is like trying to walk before we crawl.

What happens next we must profess… is never a human being’s guess.

I believe the way for us to live… is to enjoy all the good life has to give.

It helps those who offer a helping hand. Those who reach out understand.

When we’re faced with fear or sorrow, earthly things can’t help face tomorrow,

Will we know we’re human not devine? Will we look up and see His stars align?

And will we bow our heads as we confess we need more faith than we possess?

When daylight comes…and it always will…

We will remember…

He helped us climb our steepest hill?

When we ask we will receive the peace that comes when we believe.