Murdo Girl…Road 5

Sunday morning we got breakfast to go from our favorite Cafe in Onalaska. Jerry’s is less than a mile from the KOA and serves delicious home cooked breakfasts. Another of their specialties is a huge homestyle hamburger served on a homemade bun. It’s enough for two people even if the two are Kip and MG. For dessert, they offer every kind of pie you can imagine.

The dogs get a little taste of bacon.

After breakfast, we took the pups for a long walk before packing up and heading south to our next destination. Jamaica Beach RV is on the west side of Galveston and across the street from a beautiful beach.

On our way there, we got to enjoy a real treat. It’s one of the many benefits of traveling in a motor home. You can be pretty flexible and meet up with friends or relatives and stay a while without invading their home. You can also stop for a last minute visit while passing through.

When my cousin, Mark, found out we were going to be in the vacinity of a fellow Murdoite, he let us both know and we managed to come up with a plan to meet for lunch on our way to Galveston.

We met Portia Burns Eisenbeil and her husband Joe in Willis, TX. Portia and I had a blast talking about Murdo and the old days while Kip and Joe talked about…other things.

Those two are delightful and fun to be with. Kip and I hope there is a next time soon

We arrived at our destination around 3:00. It’s so beautiful here and we get to stay a whole five days.

It’s now Monday morning. Our plan is to pack up our canvas wagon with towels, chairs and a picnic lunch and walk across the street to the beach. The dogs love walking in the sand and watching the seagulls…pictures to follow.

1) Almost there. I can smell the salt air. 2) Dollie discovers she has gained the COVID lb’s.

Murdo Girl…Road trip…Saturday

Lake Livingston is truly awesome, but the beams from up above have a difficult time finding it in the midst of all the trees. Therefore, I’m not sure this will post tonight. If not, I will try again tomorrow.

Saw this three dimensional view as we were driving back to the RV park after seeing the dam that keeps the Trinity River from flooding the lake. The river is low…

The day in pictures…

Pattie and Lilie Dale looking over the lay of the land at the Onalaska KOA on Lake Livingston.
Kip met up with some friends on our morning walk.
I think this hat is on backwards.
On the walk we saw these little ponies. (The sign said bucking ponies.
A lady at the park told us the Magnolia Cemetary was a must see. Kip and I like to walk through old cemeteries.
Magnolia Cemetery
Our campsite
It was a beautiful night
A beautiful patriotic display overlooking the lake at the KOA
Onalaska City Park has a great walking trail.

We’re leaving here today and will stop to meet a fellow Murdoite for lunch on the way. I’ll let you in on who it is, tomorrow.

My display needs some work. My Angel looks like she has shades on.

The first three days have been perfect!

Murdo Girl…Road Trip, day one

We said goodbye to my little Christmas cottage and our tiny home, loaded up our, a little smaller than our house, but bigger than the cottage, RV, and headed for Livingston State Park.

Before leaving this morning, we stopped to get propane and fill up with diesel. It was while filling the propane tank that Kip remembered he left two jackets and his Yeti cup sitting on our front porch. No biggie…we hadn’t hooked up the toad (my jeep), yet, so I drove back home to get them while he fueled up the RV. We have since discovered that we forgot a few other things, but nothing major. We have enough “other stuff” that we don’t need.

Last night and this morning.
(I walked across the street from our house to take the picture of the sun setting on Cedar Creek Lake.)

We arrived at the Onalaska KOA, which is right on Lake Livingston, around 3:00 o’clock this afternoon. It’s really a beautiful place and we even have our own little patio, furnished with a table, several chairs, a little grill and a fire pit. We’re going to cook-out tomorrow night, so I’ll take some better pictures.

We took the dogs for a long walk before and after dinner and then settled in for the evening. No television tonight, just peace and quiet…it feels so good to enjoy a different part of God’s beautiful country and the weather, so far, couldn’t be better.

Good night from beautiful Lake Livingston.

Murdo Girl…Knows no prose

Recently, my brother said that I was quite prolific.

Proceeding cautiously, I asked if he’d be more specific.

He said, “Prolific means many… and that I can’t deny.

You’re blogging yourself crazy. I’m afraid your brain will fry.”


I told him I appreciated his genuine concern.

I let him make his point, and then I took my turn.

I know I’ve been a writing fool. Please let me tell you why.

The more I get distressed… the more my fingers fly.

I sit by my computer and I know I have to type.

I don’t have a beginning, much less an end in site.

My mind goes other places. It knows I need relief.

So much is happening in this world. It’s way beyond belief.

COVID is a scary word. It fills our hearts with fear.

My brother said, “I get it…I feel the same, my dear.

I said, “I thought you would be the one to understand.

Do you think my blogging has gotten out of hand?”

“Blog away,” he said. “If it helps to calm your mind.

But can’t you write in prose? Must every story rhyme?”

Holy cow! Have I gone crazy? Is my brain fried like he said?

I can’t stop all the rhyming going on inside my head!

I saw my brother’s eyes get big and I knew he understood.

All his thoughts were rhyming, too… but in his case that’s not good.

I can’t hear! You’re laying on my ear!

He called a few weeks later, asking if they’d found a cure.

He couldn’t stop from rhyming, and had all he could endure.

“I don’t believe they have,” I said, as I folded rhyming clothes.

“They need to find a cure for COVID before our woes will be in prose.

Murdo Girl…It’s Pittsville

It was super duper early on a school day. The old town was quiet. Not one muffled sound could be heard. This would have spooked most people, but not Ybobb and Lav. Nothing and I mean nothing scares Ybobb and Lav. They drove into town in their flashy red convertible like they were daring someone, and I mean someone, to cross them.

They pulled into a parking spot in front of the Yellow Rose Café just as the proprietor, whom everyone calls Prop, turned the sign around.

Lav: Oh boy, are we going to eat, Cousin Ybobb? I’m starving. I can’t remember the last time I had a good café cooked meal. Do you think they have cinnamon rolls?

Ybobb: Life is tough, Cousin Lav, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid, (John Wayne.)You are right on the cusp of being stupid. Now why would I pull up to a café if I wasn’t planning for us to eat?

Lav: Well, when we rob cafes we don’t usually eat first, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to change it up a little, I guess.

Ybobb: We aren’t going to rob this place, Lav. We only rob the bad guys. I hear tell that Prop is a stand-up individual. Let’s stroll on in and grab some grub.

Lav: I don’t really like grub. I’m going to ask if they have cinnamon rolls.

And so it goes in the small berg of Pittsville… a town that most people would drive right through, but then Ybobb and Lav aren’t like most people. Little do they know, and I mean they are clueless to the fact that life as they know it is about to take a turn.

Man sitting by the window in the Yellow Rose Cafe: Hey…didn’t I see you two drive up in a red Chevrolet Impala Convertible 348 V-8 Special Super Turbo-Thrust 4-speed?

Ybobb: The red one?

Man: Yeah, the red one. Leastwise that’s the one two guys have been messing with ever since you two sat down with your grub and cinnamon roll. Looks to me like they’re hot wiring it. Whoa! they got it running and off they go down the road. Lookie there. A tow truck following it.

Lav: Oh man…they’re repossessing our red Chevrolet Impala Convertible 348 V-8 Special Super Turbo-Thrust 4-speed again.

Ybobb: Well, at least we’re not in it this time. I hate being towed. Sit down and finish your cinnamon roll, Cousin Lav. Life as we know it is about to take a turn.

A rare photo of Cousin Ybobb
His sidekick, Cousin Lav
The red convertible with the bla, bla, bla

Murdo Girl…Milk and a little tea

I decided to start decorating my little playhouse. I’ve only just begun, but it’s already bringing me joy. Among many other things, I love the festiveness of Christmas and the the music. My favorite songs are The Little Drummer Boy, Joy to the world, and Silent Night.

I took some pictures, played a Lee Greenwood Christmas CD, and made a little video for you. I probably should have waited until I was completely finished decorating, but as Mom used to say, “Patience is not your middle name.” She was right.

So now I am enjoying some hot tea and crumpets, okay, cookies. I really do have some tea with my creamer. I heat the water in a whistling tea kettle and it sends the cat running every time. I always make a mental note to catch the kettle before it whistles so I don’t scare her, but I always forget. That cat can move!

And now…my latest short film…It’s a little choppy because I had to leave some on the cutting room floor.

Just in case you missed the movie…

Well, It’s getting late. I better go try to coax the cat out from her hiding place…

Murdo Girl…Seize the day

The virus is raging, it’s Friday the 13th, and we’re all wondering how to approach Thanksgiving and Christmas. Today I will pray that God’s promise of a rainbow after the devastating storm is something we will soon experience.

One day at a time….we try to do the right things. We practice compassion and try to bring some joy to each day we have been given. Some days it’s easy. Some days life overwhelms us.


Yesterday, I learned how to make and bake focaccia bread using a convection oven. I’ve been baking in one for the last two years. It’s all I have in the, not so tiny, tiny home.

I guess I forgot to take a picture of the Kalamata olives and Thyme leaves I put on top. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product or one of me scarfing up several big pieces dipped in extra, extra, virgin olive oil.

Since my only real success thus far has been peanut butter cookies, unbeknownst to me, Kip purchased a “how to use a convection oven,” cookbook. The focaccia bread was made from a recipe in the book and we deemed it a success. Absent of more photos, you’ll just have to trust me. (Food Network…here I don’t come.)

You already know that I’ve been spending time making decorations out of my books, and I agreed to be the person in charge of keeping track of membership, collecting dues and entering information on excel spreadsheets, for the local Literary Club. When I was asked to do this, I actually thought about it for a while and still said, yes. I’m not a good detail person. I’m more “big picture” wired.

I got myself involved in a secret sister’s gift exchange, which is actually kind of fun, and try to keep up with family and friends as much as possible.

As you can see, I stay busy. I only sleep four hours a night, and most days I need more waking time. I’m also not the best at prioritizing or organization. It’s important to know our own strengths and weaknesses, right?

Well, it’s time for Kip and I to walk the dogs, though I don’t think a fifteen minute stroll will walk off all that focaccia bread.

I don’t have time to proof read this, so I will close my eyes and push send.

Go out there and seize the day!

Murdo Girl… The women who served

Just One Pretty Flower

by Mary Francis McNinch

“Put a flower on my grave.” That’s all she asked of me.

“Just one pretty flower that I’ll be sure to see.”

“She never had a chance,” they said. “She won’t make it through the night.

She might have won some battles, but she’ll lose this final fight.”

I tried to say I love you as I stood beside her bed.

She smiled her biggest smile, and this is what she said.

“You know I’ll never leave you, right? It’s really not that far.

Look through all the darkness. Give my name to one bright star.”

“It never did make sense,” they’ll say. “She had little ones to rear.”

“Nothing much that she could do. I know that’s what you’ll hear.”

 I said, “What you did mattered,” and she held my trembling hand.

She saw her Country struggle and she had to take a stand.

There are those who disagree. It’s their right to think that way.

They might not survive tomorrow, but they’ll live free today.

“Tell the kids I love them. Show them my picture now and then.

Tell them where I’m going, but don’t tell them where I’ve been.

I hope the evil can be stopped and we keep our flag unfurled

I gave you all my love,” she said. “My life, I gave the world.”

The last time she closed her eyes, I knew what she would see

Whatever love looks like those who fought to keep us free.

1-images (36)-001

“Put a flower on my grave,” that’s all she asked of me.

“Just one pretty flower, that I’ll be sure to see.”

I have posted this poem a couple of times and it might be more for Memorial Day, but I originally wrote it to honor the women who have served our country…

Murdo Girl…Crafty

My “creations” once created laughter.

I’m now a talented crafter.

(In a moment I’ll give you a little preview.)

I decided to pursue other interests.

I learn how to do things on Pintrest.

(They have videos that walk me through what to do.)

I have a little confession.

I took an online singing lesson.

(I failed Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do.)

In the world I live in,

talent is God given.

(I think there is something God wants me to know.)

Writing is my passion.

I’m still waiting to cash in.

(I discovered a way as you will soon see.)

If my books are humdrum,

there is no income.

(I craftily turn them into things Christmassy.)

My name is Crafty.

This house is so drafty.

(I’m made from a glove instead of a book.)

When MG made me,

She performed rhinoplasty.

(She forgot that a carrot is part of my look.)

Good thing I have a lot of EXTRA books.

Murdo Girl…Can we go now?

I really want to go somewhere for a month or more.

I want to drive through little towns I’ve never seen before.

Let’s roll out the motor home and really make it shine.

Pack up all the things we need and leave the rest behind.

We’ll take the dogs and cat. They love to come along.

We’ll walk around those little towns pretending we belong.

When we’ve seen all there is to see we’ll hit the road again.

We won’t know where we’re going. We’ll love where we have been.

Those little burgs are waiting, for us to visit them.

Each town is different from the last. We find them on a whim.

I know that we can’t leave right now. I’ll stay here if I must.

I’ll try to count my blessings and suppress the wanderlust.

We have amazing friends here and for that I’m really thankful.

But let’s clean the RV anyway and gas? Let’s get a tankfull.