Murdo Girl…the road trip..keeping the daydream


What a day! Calvin the mechanic was there at 8:00 am with the part SeeYa needed and had her all fixed up in about an hour. I called Calvin, Steve in yesterday’s blog. His name is Calvin and he works for Steve. He is really a nice guy and knows his stuff!

I took the dogs (separately) for long walks this morning while Kip and Calvin worked on SeeYa. It was a gorgeous morning in Mississippi.

(We had a good spot at the KOA in Toomsuba, MS.)

We packed up and boogied around noon and made it to McComb, MS. I was rv park finder challenged again. I called places all afternoon, but it appeared that I wasn’t going to be able to make it happen. It wasn’t that they were full, but they were either too far out, or didn’t have full service spots.

We stopped at a park that sounded pretty nice, but turned out to be no good. It was the second time in a week this happened. I did take this picture of an old train they had sitting at the entrance. I tried to make it look nostalgic. It was a “through the window” drive-by pic.

Another shot w/o the effects. It makes me want to know it’s story.

We went on to McComb and finally found a spot in the Quin State Park. It’s beautiful and we can’t believe it’s only $14.00 a night for a full service space. At that rate, we may stay another night and go to see the Camp Van Dorn World War II Museum. Besides, we didn’t get settled in here until 8:00 pm last night. It’s no fun setting up when it’s dark and we’re weary…

Sammie: Yeah…I’m weary too. Are you weary Pattie?

Pattie: Yeah, Sammie…I’m wearier. What does weary mean, Sammie?

Sammie: I’m not sure, but I think it involves bones, so I’m all for it!

Pattie: Me too, Sammie. I’m more ‘all for it.’

I’m weary too. I never have room for my head.

Friday morning

I’m sitting in my favorite spot… sipping on a cup of coffee. It’s quiet except for the sound of the birds singing.

We are going to leave here tomorrow and head to Natches, MS. We want to drive up the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway which will take us to Vicksburg. It will all take a couple of days, but after that, the next sight we’ll see is going to be home. 

A trip like this might seem extravagant or even foolish to some, but we plan to take one long road trip a year for as long as we’re able. We prepared for this by selling our big house and buying a much smaller one so we could afford to purchase SeeYa who is now sweet sixteen. Like most people, we worked hard for many years. Sometimes retirement age seemed a long way off. Sadly, we often wished we could get older faster. Kip commuted eighty miles one way for the last several years before he could retire. He counted how many more miles he had to drive rather than birthdays.

Like all families, we have our crosses to bear/bare, but time on the road renews our spirit. It strengthens our appreciation of life and the beauty in this world God created for us.

We are grateful that for a couple of months each year, we can live our dream.


Below is what is sure to be an award winning photograph that will eventually make me millions. I took it quite by accident. I think the camera was in selfie mode, and when I took the picture through the window, I got this reflection which I know must be one of a kind…pure art!


Murdo Girl…the road trip..make a u-turn

It could have been so much worse. We could have broken down on the freeway, but we didn’t. Old SeeYa has been a real trooper, and very cognizant of the extended warranty.

Many cities have rv mechanics that will come to you. Kip called around for recommendations and found a guy who came right out to the KOA and diagnosed SeeYa. The problem was a high pressure oil leak. Steve the mechanic ordered the part he needs to fix it and it’s supposed to be here tomorrow morning. With any luck we’ll be on our way tomorrow afternoon or Saturday. 

After Steve left, we had the rest of the day to run some errands. We loaded up the dogs and drove the ten miles to Meridian, MS. 

It was supposed to be ten miles.

We got Miss GPS on the phone after we turned the wrong way coming out of the rv park and had gone a couple of miles before figuring that much out. 

It will be easier to explain the experience this way.

Miss GPS: You are on the fastest route. You should arrive at your destination at 11:22. Continue on this road for 1.5 miles.

Kip: why is it going to take us an hour and 22 minutes to go ten miles. It’s only 10:00 o’clock?

Me: We’re using my phone and I haven’t synced it with my Garmen Connect yet so I’m still on Eastern time.

Kip: Do you mean Miss GPS doesn’t even have her own time?

Me: No, she’s using my time.

Kip: Maybe we should get her a watch for Christmas.

Miss GPS: Turn right on Toomsa Lane in .5 miles…which we did.

Me: I think she is taking us the long way.

Kip: The wrong way?

Me: No the long way

Miss GPS: I don’t understand what that means, the long way, the wrong way!

Kip and I were cracking up…I had accidently pushed the little microphone that puts us on speaker. (Miss GPS over eavesdrops.)

Kip: Just put in I 20 and see if she can get us back to the highway.

It took us about an hour to get ten miles, but it wasn’t over yet. We both wanted to get a haircut. The streets of Meridian go weird ways. Even with Miss GPS we missed the turn three times. We had almost given up when we accidently found the place.

So we both got bad haircuts at SportClips, picked up a few things at Walmart, ate lunch, got the car washed, and made it home about 5:00. The dogs were exhausted and they didn’t even do anything except eat half of my buttermilk battered chicken fingers.

I snapped a few in Meridian

I hope Miss GPS gets some rest. She got a little crabby when we stopped someplace we hadn’t told her about. She must have directed us to make a u-turn fifty times today.

Yes…it could have been much worse.

We have been in eleven states so far this trip. Seven of them were on purpose.

Murdo Girl…the road trip..A lull in the action

Last night we were in a secluded little rv park somewhere west of Atlanta. If you had witnessed us struggling to figure out where we were going to set up for the night, you would most likely scratch your head in disbelief. Have we not learned anything in the last three years? Shouldn’t we be seasoned rv travelers by now? 

Come on, readers, don’t be so hard on us. Everyone goofs up once in a while.

Kip didn’t think we would make it as far as we did yesterday so we were playing it by ear. We were navigating heavy traffic in downtown Atlanta, Georgia at four o’clock in the afternoon when we decided we should start looking for a spot.

I quickly found a Good Sam’s approved park a few miles west of Atlanta and we headed that way. The minute we pulled in, we knew we weren’t going to stay there. It looked scary. You can’t always tell by the online pictures what a park really looks like, which is why we try to look for KOA’s and Good Sam approved parks. I should write a review on the Good Sam park. It didn’t even look safe.

I found another park that looked better, so I called and reserved a spot. By the time we got there and got set up it was going on seven. It was a little farther out than we like to be when we’re only parked for one night, but at $20.00, the price was right. Darn…too many trees for the satellite.

But they have goats…

Do I like goats? Do goats like me?

Fall is here!

Pattie is smelling the flowers…or a critter.

If I fall asleep, will those goats get me?


Look what I saw yesterday…

A Murdo orange water tower in Carey, Georgia. Looks like I need to clean my windows. It’s starting to show spots on my drive-by pics.


It’s now Wednesday night. Since I didn’t manage to finish my thoughts yesterday, I will continue with the latest.

We covered some ground today and we’re spending the night at a KOA near Meridian, Mississippi. We like our spot and the dish is working great. The park has a nice laundry room and it was empty so I washed everything including the bedspread tonight.

We have a leak. The lady owner of the park we stayed at last night followed us all the way to I 20. She was trying to get our attention. She wanted to tell us we left a trail of oil or something from our camping  spot all the way out to the highway. That was really a nice thing for her to do. 

Kip checked all the fluids and nothing was low so we kept going. It was leaking, (what Kip thinks might be diesel fuel), again tonight. We’ll be taking it somewhere tomorrow to find out what the problem is. My mind just went back to Rapid City and our ten days at the Motel 6. 

Oh well…I’m not going to borrow trouble. Nobody gets all perfect days, but Kipper and I have had a string of them that have come pretty close…while on this epic journey.

We can’t complain about an oil leak. We didn’t hit this graceful little deer and that would have been a real tragedy.

Murdo Girl…the road trip..picture it.

Our time in North Carolina is coming to an end. We have enjoyed ourselves immensely, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I hope as you have traveled along with us through the blog, you have been able to picture it.

I think the reason this trip has been so exceptional is because all of the family and friends we have stopped to see, have made time for us. We were able to have one on one visits that enabled us to get to know each other better, and as far as Kip and I are concerned, it was a time in our lives we will always treasure. We wouldn’t trade it for all the “tea in China”…uhoh…

I’ve been hanging around James too long. He is on a mission to find the origination and meaning of the idioms we all use such as, “the whole ball of wax,” or, “the whole nine yards.”…Now I find myself doing it. What does, “that’s how the cow ate the cabbage,” mean?

 “It’s raining cats and dogs,” and, “I’m feeling under the weather,” don’t make, “a lick if sense.”

It’s time for me to change the subject, so I’ll tell you about today (Monday). Kip and I went grocery shopping this morning, and Janet took me thrift store shopping this afternoon. 

In one of the stores, I was busily looking through some Halloween costumes when I heard Janet yell, “Look at this crown!”

The bejeweled crown is mine now. Thanks for spotting it, Janet. It sure made my day.

I don’t have a winter crown. This will work don’t you think? Can you picture it with my denim jacket?

We wanted to reciprocate James and Janet’s warm hospitality, so we invited them for a picnic at our house tonight. It was fun to spend our last night here eating and watching television outside. Yes, I said outside. I’ve always felt cheated because I couldn’t watch tv outside. (You can’t see it in the pictures so you will have to picture it, but there is a television in a compartment that pulls out from the rv. FYI…our satellite doesn’t work unless the front of the rv has southern exposure. No trees can be in the way in the back or the front, so we can only watch sattelite tv if we don’t have any shade…picture it.

We couldn’t get the Cowboy game so Kip kept track of the score through a play by play he found on his cellphone. He couldn’t get the video so he had to close his eyes and picture it. Unfortunately he fell asleep and missed the last quarter.


It’s now Tuesday morning and we’re getting ready to take our house down the road. It’s a beautiful day here in Hendersonville, so we’ll enjoy our long walk with the dogs just before we pull out.


We’re ready to hit the road and high-tail it out of here. Hope you have a great day, and if you do or see anything you want to remember, take a picture. It makes it easier to picture it later.


Murdo Girl…the road trip..Sunday is a fun day in Hendersonville

Kip and I were beginning to feel like heathens. It had been a while since we had been to church, so we looked forward to going with James and Janet to their church this morning.

It turned out to be a joyful service. I found myself feeling better and more inspired when I left then when I got there, which is always good.

The music was great, and the sermon was really thought provoking. In fact, I have been thinking about it all day. 

The preacher talked about not being able to keep plants alive, which is something I can relate to. She said every day there would always be dead leaves on the floor that had to be scooped up and thrown away. In order to live, a leaf has to stay attached to the vine. In order to keep faith alive, you have to stay close to the one that gives it life.

When I thought about this, it made sense. In order to keep a dream, goal, love, or anything that’s important to me alive and growing, I have to stay close to whatever gives it life.

A friend recently told me about a book she read called, “Don’t give up your Daydream.” She referred to it several times in our conversations and it sounds like it has a theme similar to that of the sermon. Don’t neglect to nurture what you love.

The things I enjoy and feel most productive doing, I’ve only identified in the past few years.

You may not have wanted a sermon from me today, but you should know by now, good or bad, I always write my thoughts.

This whole day was better than great. We went out for breakfast after church and I gave everybody the day off from taking pictures of their food. 

We went to an apple orchard where I bought fried apple pies, apple donuts, sweet potatoes and a delicious apple slush.

Kip looks just like he’s really driving the truck and Janet and I are his punkin passengers.

There’s James. I just stayed there until they were all done taking pictures…too hard to get up!

“Look James, there’s a witch!”

It was a gorgeous day. There was a maze for the kids to try and navigate in the cornfield to the right.

That there is some big cabbage

We had a blast with these two.

Next, we went to a street festival.

James caught me trying to take a picture of his foodūüėú

This post sure went downhill fast!

Men are so competitive!! Laura Avant wants to know which one of these ladies is the witch.

A pretty fall tree on a beautiful fall day…Now there is only one thing left to do…eat pizza!!

Murdo Girl…Hafty Birthday Cuz!!

I’m posting something extra today because a very special person is having a birthday tomorrow and I thought we should start the celebration early!

Cousin Val means more to me than my sister, if I had one. She means more to me than my best friend who lives next door, if I had one. She is the kind of person I would want by my side if I ever got to ride down Murdo, South Dakota’s Main Street in a red convertible. And I did. AND SHE WAS THERE!! I owe you so much cuz; for your unwavering support and encouagement. You’re the absolute best!


How many of you have this photograph forever stamped on your brain? If you read Murdo Girl on a regular basis, it probably shows up in your dreams, or your worst nightmares.

For us, it was a day to be remembered. It was our Camelot. It was our shining moment, and our fifteen minutes of fame. We were both Queens. Val, aka Lav, represented the ninety year old Queen of England, and I harkened back to the little eight year old girl in the red Kitty Reynolds formal and the tinfoil crown.

Yes folks, lesser Queens would¬†¬†have worn that memory out, but Lav and MG have more class than that. Of course… there was that one time after Dean Lindquist’s big birthday bash, when we fell into a melancholy¬†mood.

The day after the parade:

Dean:¬†Well girls, that was one heck of a birthday party you threw for me the other night. Everybody was so nice and they had such a good time visiting with each other. It really meant a lot to have all those guys who worked for me at my party. Say…who were those two gals that were walking around here like they were the guests of honor? Never mind. I’m just glad they finally left. Did they leave me any birthday cake?


Tammy: They didn’t leave.

Dean: What?

Kim:¬†They’re outside sitting in the back seat of that red convertible Dave Geisler let us use… so they could ride in the reunion parade. They won’t get out of it.

Karen:¬†I was just out there. You remember Mary Francis…she used to babysit us. She calls herself Murdo Girl now and the other one is her cousin, Lav. Her dad used to work at Sanderson’s store. They’re both Queens now.

Dean:¬†Well aren’t they a little long in the tooth to be parade queens?

Tammy:¬†It’s okay…they said they would leave as soon as they finished watching the burning of the M. We told them they could lead the snake dance.

Alas…that day is but a memory… but the birthday celebration is today! Let us all join together and wish this one of a kind, beautiful, caring, sweet, funny, and fun gal the best birthday ever!!!

Valerie with her family… Caitlin, husband Ken, Matthew and Morgan (Halla)


Valerie and the Murdo High School class of 67 graduated from different schools together.



1) Valerie (in the cowboy boots and hat), with some of the cousins ¬†2) Valerie’s mom, Ella Sanderson and my mom, Loretta Sanderson, in 1938 ¬†3) Valerie with Billy Francis

HAFTY BIRTHDAY CUZ (no I didn’t spell it wrong) LOVE YOU!

Murdo Girl…the road trip..will they ever return?

Do you remember the song by the Kingston Trio about a man named Charlie who went for a ride on the MTA? The fare to take the subway and transfer to the train was fifteen cents, but Charlie only had a dime, and the conductor wouldn’t let him get off. Charlie’s wife went down to the station every day to throw Charlie a sandwich through the open window as the train went rumbling through.

And so the song continues…

He never returned no he never returned and his fate is still unlearned. He may ride forever ‘neath the streets of Boston. He’s the man who never returned.

All Charlie needed was one more nickel.

My brother, Billy, gave me the album with that song on it for Christmas one year. I loved the song, but I couldn’t understand why Charlie’s wife didn’t just toss a nickel through the window instead of a sandwich, so poor Charlie could get off the train and go home.


I snapped this picture when we were walking the three ruffkateers this morning. We had a good time in Brevard, NC, and we enjoyed this quiet little RV Park.

Some song lyrics don’t make sense, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the music.

Maybe Charlie didn’t want to get off the train. Maybe his wife was okay with that… and in fact, was an enabler. She threw him a sandwich every day so he didn’t have to get off the train and go home. Maybe it was a win-win situation.

From Brevard, we drove down the road to Hendersonville to see friends James and Janet Adams. Here we are having a snack at an Irish Pub in Hendersonville’s fun downtown. I will get more pictures tomorrow.

You might be asking yourself, what does the song about Charlie have to do with our road trip?

Let me try to explain. We want to go home, but we don’t want to get off the road. With every stopover, we ask each other, “could you live here?” It would be quite an adventure to continuously see new places and visit old friends.

We looked all over for Kip. 


He was standing in line at the bakery. He has the ability to sniff out a bear claw from miles away.

After spending a fun afternoon, we returned to the RV park to walk the dogs and get ready for dinner. James and Janet live in the residential area of the park which makes it really convenient for us. They had invited Anne and Bear to join us, and we were excited to be able to spend a little more time with them.

homemade chicken pot pie and peach cobbler made with  fresh peaches. I didn’t get a picture of the salad, but it had all my favorites in it…spinnach, feta cheese, nuts, and a light and flavorful dressing.

The food was great and so are the people we got to shared it with…

We can have fun daydreaming about being vagabonds drifting from coast to coast. You know the type of people I’m talking about. They gather no moss. Eventually, they run out of old friends. The friends they had at home, get used to not having them around and no longer even ask about them. They’re merely wanderers. Wanderers never see their kids or grandkids. They can’t even go to the post office to get their mail. What do wanderers do when they have to go to the doctor or the three ruffkateers and the cat have to go to the vet?

I just remembered something…my brother gave me two albums that Christmas. The other one was Ray Charles. There is only one song on that album that I can remember. It went something like this:

My bills are all due and the baby needs shoes and I’m busted. Cotton is down to a quarter a pound and I’m busted. I got a cow that went dry and a hen that won’t lay…A big stack of bills that gets bigger each day. The county’s going to haul my belongings away cause I’m busted.

I went to my brother to ask for a loan cause I was busted. I hate to beg like a dog without a bone, but I’m busted.

It costs a lot of money to be a wandering vagabond. We better go home…in about a week.







Murdo Girl…the road trip..friendship, the whole ball of wax

The older I get, the more I appreciate friendship. 

I have made some very special friends through the blog, our church, and my part-time job, but until the last few years, I didn’t know much about having and being a friend. I couldn’t imagine trusting another person enough to let them help me through difficult times, and I wasn’t self confidant or brave enough to try to help someone else through theirs.

I wasn’t really selfish or uncaring…I lacked courage. I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to get to know someone else that well, and I was unwilling to let myself be vulnerable. I didn’t know how to give or receive in a friendship and I wasn’t sure I could learn.

Then Kip and I gradually became involved with a group of very special people…and so began the process of learning about friendship. I was around people who demonstrated it through good times and bad. They’re the kind of people who can be depended on to help others because that’s what friends do. It takes courage, patience, trust, compassion and understanding. Friendship is a big commitment. 

No one can fix everything, but a caring friend can look beyond the smile and see the pain in their friend’s eyes. They can also enthusiastically share in their joy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. 

Friends like these can also be a whole lot of fun.


Since Kip and I started taking longer RV trips, we have made it a priority to spend time with friends we don’t get to see very often. This year’s trip has been especially rewarding. 

I’m sure all of our friends back home who know these smiling faces in the picture below, will join us in being thankful for the many blessings of friendship.

I want to thank Anne and Bear Jones for their warm hospitality. This morning Kip and I went hiking with Anne and we got to see some awesome waterfalls. Then we all had a fun lunch at Rocky’s. After lunch we went to see the totally impressive Sierra Nevada Brewery and more beautiful waterfalls. Later James and Janet Adams joined us for dinner…followed by ice cream. 

Janet and James are going to feed us all tomorrow.

The hike, lunch and the brewery

I also promised to show you a picture of Anne and Bear’s beautiful log home in Brevard, North Carolina.

Murdo Girl…the road trip..oh what a “prettifull” world.

Back to our trip.

We decided to stay two nights at the beautiful East Ashville KOA in Ashville, NC. We had to catch up on some RV maintenance, housekeeping and laundry. After we’ve moved two or three days in a row, we like to stay put an extra day.

Below, are some pictures of the park…the weather was gorgeous, the lake and creek serene, and the laundry room was clean. What more could you ask for? Ah yes…good food! We had a plan for that too.

Last night (Tuesday) we decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants in the quaint downtown of Black Mountain. We wanted to find a place with outside seating so we could enjoy the beautiful evening. 

Here are some shots of downtown.

Our food…

Kip had a Philadelphia sandwich and I had grilled chicken with pesto and fetta cheese. I don’t know why I didn’t have the server take a picture of us. I’m sure you’ve seen people licking their plates before.

This morning  (Thursday) we drove to Brevard, NC where our friends. Anne and Bear live. We took the long way because our GPS lady is for some reason, unhappy with us. 

Kip drove the RV and I followed him in the Jeep. What should have been an hour and a half trip, turned into three hours. We were even in South Carolina for a while and got to travel another winding road through the mountains.

At last…we arrived at our new home, (Not this church. I took this along the way.) After checking in with Anne and Bear, we set our house up, grabbed a sandwich and took the three ruffkateers for a walk. A little while later, we met Bear and followed him up a winding mountain road to their beautiful log home. I’ll get pictures of it tomorrow.

Anne and Bear

The clueless couple.

Anne and Bear gave us a tour of their unbelievable log home. I have never seen anything like it. The only other house I have seen that fits the theme of the location as well, is their home at the lake where they spend the winter months.

We took a drive around their community and saw the sights of Brevard. Kip and I love it! I felt right at home when they surprised me with a visit to the thrift shop where Anne volunteers. (I made a small purchase.)

Bear said if you runnover a bicycler around here you go to prison, but if you run over a white squirrel, you get the death penalty. Apparently, seeing a white squirrel is becoming a rare thing. 

Leave it to the luck of an amateur, I spotted one!

Pictures of the golf course and lake 

Tomorrow morning Anne is going to take Kip, me and the ruffkateers on a two hour hike. We’re having lunch at a fun ice cream and sandwich shop, then we’ll visit a magnificent brewery, and go out to dinner at a seafood restaurant. 

Tonight, Anne fixed a delicious dinner. We had pork roast, baked potatoes, salad and fresh fruit. For dessert, we had the best apple cake I’ve ever put in my mouth, served with gelato. You can tell when the food is exceptional…I forget to be rude and take pictures.

Because I love

I know I waddle when I walk

Have a mouthful when I talk!

I love food…

I go to thrift stores one by one

Buy lots of clothes and save a ton

I love good deals…

I can talk until I drop

Or until someone says STOP!

I love my friends…

I see the world through a camera lens

I hope this trip just never ends

I love RVing…

*To be contonued*

Murdo Girl…the road trip..camping 101

Remember Molly and Cary? They’re the friends we went to see in Indiana. Molly is the newly annointed (by Sherri) Miss Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow.

When we saw Molly and Cary in Indiana a couple of weeks ago, I asked Molly if I could share this email we got from her after she read the blog about Kip and me having to spend ten days at the Motel 6 while the RV air conditioning was being fixed. The email is hilarious.

Hi Kip and Mary,
After reading this email, you may think that your problems aren’t problems at all.  Well, here we go.

We decided to buy this used camper which was about 1/2 the cost and 5 feet longer than the new one we had wanted. We purchased it up by Chicago and while bringing it back home, we encountered a detour which took us through the country and there was probably about 18″ of water on the road.  Mr. Driver went through it pretty fast and when we got home and opened the sliders, we had major water all over the carpet behind the wheels. 

The next day Cary ripped out all of the wet carpet and pad and we put in a vinyl planking floor.  

Last weekend, we took the girls along with my sister and her husband, who are RVers, with us to the east side of Indiana to a state park.  It was to be a learning experience for us, and boy was it!  

Cary was very nervous driving the big hunker thing.  I was dying as I saw that we were getting 4-8 miles per gallon of gas.  But we made it okay and finally got the thing parked and kind of leveled.  All was well for a few minutes. 

Then, I asked my sister how to get the water on, so they showed us how to fill the fresh water tank.  Luckily we had a spigot on our campsite so we could fill it there, because we drove right by the one at the entrance that we were supposed to use.  We didn’t know. .we are dumb newbies. Sis said to turn on the pump and the water heater which I did.  We still couldn’t get any water out of the faucets so I turned everything off and we went to bed.  

The next day, Sis and I had to drive about 60 miles to go to a funeral so we left early that morning.  Brother-in-law came down to our campsite and he and Cary tried again to turn on the pump and the water heater.  Luckily we women weren’t there to watch or listen to the cussing when they encountered another major problem. There was water all over the floor. It was coming out from under the sink.  Since the camper was only kind of level, the water was quickly going east into the new carpet on the slider. They grabbed all the towels and soaked it up.  At the same time, this black wafer like stuff started coming out of the kitchen faucet.

Whatever it was, I don’t think it should have been coming out of the “FRESH” water tank!  Of course when we got back from the funeral, all the wet towels were in a pile on the kitchen floor and the sink had this black stuff all over it. We spent the rest of the weekend washing dishes in a bucket of cold water. On the bright side, the stove works just fine. 

Yesterday as we were trying to get ready to leave, we decide to drain the “fresh water tank” right there on the campsite so we wouldn’t have to pull the weight of the water and get even less miles per gallon. When Cary unscrewed the little place where the water was supposed to drain out………Nothing came out.  So we go get Don, the brother-in-law. He thinks that the black wafery stuff must be clogging up the drain so no water can come out.  We left it open on the way home hoping it would pee itself out along the road. I don’t know if that happened or not.

We finally got home last night and parked on our street. This morning Cary took the camper to our local service place with a list of things they need to look at and fix.  As he was parking the camper in the waiting line, he didn’t know it but he hit a 5th wheel and broke out the big window above our kitchen table.  I don’t think it hurt the 5th wheel. Cary didn’t even know he did it, but someone came up and told him he just busted out a window in our camper.  NO big deal since he did it.  now if I had been driving it would have been a major catastophy…or however you spell it. 

I hope this learning process doesn’t take much longer.  I’m wishing I had never brought up this idea of RVing, but you made it sound like so much fun!!  You scoundrel!!!!

Here’s hoping you get back on the road soon.  I don’t think we will be camping with you when you get to Indiana as I guess it takes awhile to get the new window in.  

Happy &^$*()  Trails?   Molly 

Molly and Cary in Ireland.

Kilronan Castle. They stayed here two nights. I doubt that black wafer like material came out of the faucet.