Murdo Girl…the road trip..will they ever return?

Do you remember the song by the Kingston Trio about a man named Charlie who went for a ride on the MTA? The fare to take the subway and transfer to the train was fifteen cents, but Charlie only had a dime, and the conductor wouldn’t let him get off. Charlie’s wife went down to the station every day to throw Charlie a sandwich through the open window as the train went rumbling through.

And so the song continues…

He never returned no he never returned and his fate is still unlearned. He may ride forever ‘neath the streets of Boston. He’s the man who never returned.

All Charlie needed was one more nickel.

My brother, Billy, gave me the album with that song on it for Christmas one year. I loved the song, but I couldn’t understand why Charlie’s wife didn’t just toss a nickel through the window instead of a sandwich, so poor Charlie could get off the train and go home.


I snapped this picture when we were walking the three ruffkateers this morning. We had a good time in Brevard, NC, and we enjoyed this quiet little RV Park.

Some song lyrics don’t make sense, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the music.

Maybe Charlie didn’t want to get off the train. Maybe his wife was okay with that… and in fact, was an enabler. She threw him a sandwich every day so he didn’t have to get off the train and go home. Maybe it was a win-win situation.

From Brevard, we drove down the road to Hendersonville to see friends James and Janet Adams. Here we are having a snack at an Irish Pub in Hendersonville’s fun downtown. I will get more pictures tomorrow.

You might be asking yourself, what does the song about Charlie have to do with our road trip?

Let me try to explain. We want to go home, but we don’t want to get off the road. With every stopover, we ask each other, “could you live here?” It would be quite an adventure to continuously see new places and visit old friends.

We looked all over for Kip. 


He was standing in line at the bakery. He has the ability to sniff out a bear claw from miles away.

After spending a fun afternoon, we returned to the RV park to walk the dogs and get ready for dinner. James and Janet live in the residential area of the park which makes it really convenient for us. They had invited Anne and Bear to join us, and we were excited to be able to spend a little more time with them.

homemade chicken pot pie and peach cobbler made with  fresh peaches. I didn’t get a picture of the salad, but it had all my favorites in it…spinnach, feta cheese, nuts, and a light and flavorful dressing.

The food was great and so are the people we got to shared it with…

We can have fun daydreaming about being vagabonds drifting from coast to coast. You know the type of people I’m talking about. They gather no moss. Eventually, they run out of old friends. The friends they had at home, get used to not having them around and no longer even ask about them. They’re merely wanderers. Wanderers never see their kids or grandkids. They can’t even go to the post office to get their mail. What do wanderers do when they have to go to the doctor or the three ruffkateers and the cat have to go to the vet?

I just remembered something…my brother gave me two albums that Christmas. The other one was Ray Charles. There is only one song on that album that I can remember. It went something like this:

My bills are all due and the baby needs shoes and I’m busted. Cotton is down to a quarter a pound and I’m busted. I got a cow that went dry and a hen that won’t lay…A big stack of bills that gets bigger each day. The county’s going to haul my belongings away cause I’m busted.

I went to my brother to ask for a loan cause I was busted. I hate to beg like a dog without a bone, but I’m busted.

It costs a lot of money to be a wandering vagabond. We better go home…in about a week.







7 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…the road trip..will they ever return?

  1. lifelessons September 24, 2017 / 12:17 pm

    I had to laugh at the photo of the “snack” you had at the pub. Looks more like a feast to me.

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  2. sanjuan831 September 24, 2017 / 10:20 am

    See ya’ will be heading home toward TX soon, which is fitting because you told friends back home “see y’all” and that means you will see them again. Plus you probably can’t find space for anymore tourists’ t-shirts.
    That’s a SNACK at the Irish pkace!?!


  3. countrygirl57 September 24, 2017 / 6:55 am

    I’m chuckling. Great story. Don’t know the Charlie song but I liked it. Raises a few questions at that!! Love and always miss you. ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😥😥😥

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    • Mary Francis McNinch September 24, 2017 / 7:36 am

      I’ve missed you from the beginning of this epic trip countrygirl. I have some pent up girl talk to share😂


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