Murdo Girl…Intermission

I’ve decided to give the blog a rest. I can’t give it up, but I need some more time off to accomplish a few things. I’ll begin posting again in a few weeks, unless I feel compelled to share something before then. I have been pouring over the yearbooks Tammy Van Dam sent to me. I want to organize my thoughts and stories about what those good old high school years were like back in the old days…

I’m doing fine. Cyndie has her ups and downs, but we’re both enjoying life. Kip is holding up well. At least I think he is.

We are both very fortunate to have what we feel are pretty meaningful lives…all due to having wonderful friends and family. I’m sometimes blown away by how blessed we are.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mom and I miss Cousin Valerie, so I’m going to rerun a poem I wrote about our mothers, who were sisters and friends.

Gus, Mom, Aunt Ella, and Uncle Jeff

I know the Little Murdo Girl and her brother Billy, really love their Mom. Billy took her to the races for Mother’s Day, but really, what could be better than a heartfelt poem from your daughter?


Hi Mom, I called toMary is that you?

Yes Mom, I want toI called Ella today. I had some “news” to tell. To get a word in edgewise, I really had to yell!

Well, Mom how longOh, we talked an hour, and it was on my dime. If she wants to talk again, she’ll have to call next time.

So, MomI’d tell you what she said, but it was blah, blah, blah. If you really want the truth, I forgot it, ha, ha, ha.

I only have a minute MoI went shopping with my coupons. I thought I’d save a ton. They told me they were all expired. No more two for one. Say, last time I saw you, I was constipated. Did I tell you aloe vera juice is highly overrated? I use Metamucil now, two teaspoons to a cup. You should try it dear, you really sound bound up.

1-IMG_20160506_0002 (1)

I have a question MoI have a tickle in my throat. I’m sure that I’ll start coughin. It’s been fun catching up. You should call more often.

I’ve been trying to reach you Mom, but it’s been really hard….

Oh never mind, this Mother’s Day, I’ll just send you a card.

I heard her hang the phone up. She was in a tizzy.

I knew if I called back again, the line would still be busy.

She’d be calling sister Ella, so they can talk in rhymes.

I know for sure that every day, they talk at least three times.

Aunt Ella and Cousin Valerie Leckey

Murdo Girl…Practicing my smile

I haven’t been ignoring my blog. Well, yes I have. The truth is, I’ve been working on a project and it takes me multiple times of trying to get things right before I come reasonably close or give up. I get really frustrated sometimes. I try to read instructions, but beyond the 3rd step, I’m usually lost, which frustrates me even more.

This knowledge of myself only reinforces how important it is for me to live the simple life. I have made a little headway there. I’ve designed a mudroom for my almost tiny home.

Kip loves it! He has four pairs of shoes plus dress shoes and he’s always wearing one pair, so they all fit in the basket.

I’m a real basket person. Everytime I walk through the door with a new basket, Kip groans. “Where are you going to put that?” He says. ” If you put one more under the bed, it will raise it off the floor!”

“The cat outgrew hers.”

“Besides, I’ll need several for my she shed. (My she shed is currently on hold while Kip finishes making a rock walk in the backyard and fixes some things in the motor home. Plus, I upset him a little and Mary’s Manor went from #2 to #8 on his priority list.

Meanwhile, my plans are getting more elaborate and my treasures remain in his way in the garage. In a couple of weeks, I’ll start pounding nails in the shed and that’s sure to move me up a little on the list.

I’m not really manipulative. I prefer the word, motivator. And I don’t nag. I make suggestions. I never whine, either. I’ll manipulate or nag before I’ll whine.

We’re getting our picture taken today for the church directory. We’ve used the last one for twelve years now. People who don’t know that, will think we’ve really aged. I guess when you get to be our age, aging becomes a good thing.

Thanks God, for helping me make it through the day. I know it can’t be easy.

Murdo Girl…the road trip…they have a story to tell — Murdo Girl

Monday we will be four weeks into our epic journey and each day has been different than we thought it would be, but It’s all been good. Kip and I have been to his hometown of Laramie, Wyoming, and my beloved hometown of Murdo, South Dakota. We have visited four cemetaries, seen most of the […]

via Murdo Girl…the road trip…they have a story to tell — Murdo Girl

I posted this two years ago while on one of our RV trips. It’s kind of bittersweet, but it was such a meaningful day for us, I wanted to share it again.

Murdo Girl…Don’t lose your story

A picture is worth a thousand words. Some tell a longer story.

The image… person, place, or thing, is never ordinary.

(They did my kind of cut and paste in the 1963 MHS annual. Bob Brost is on the left ? On R)

While looking through a lens, someone makes a snap decision,

And forever captures everything within that narrow vision.

(Can you find me in chemistry class? 1970)

Decade after decade can come then disappear.

Everything is different, but the vision remains clear.

Most pictures tell a story that will change with each new teller.

It can bring few words to mind… or be a new best seller.

(Mrs. Kuhrt 1963 annual… Girl’s BB coach, taught business classes and wrote our school song.)

I treasure all the pictures I found from my childhood.

Stored in a little wooden box, their quality’s still good.

These days we snap hundreds but we barely take a look.

We don’t save the special ones in a photo book.

We store them on the web where they remain neglected.

And never look again at those treasures we’ve collected.

(My cousins, Mark and Stephanie and I are directed by cousin Andrea at a family Christmas Eve gathering. Mom cut my head hole in the sheet a little big.)

If you lose those precious visions someday you’ll be sorry.

Because without the vision you might forget the story.

Yes a picture’s worth a thousand words to you and those you know.

They bring back all the memories of good times long ago.

A favorite picture of two of my granddaughters, Olivia and Charlie

Ryan Constance, granddaughter

Grandson, Hudson with my hat on.

Grandsons, Mason and Ethan

Billy and I flew to California after I ran the Boulder Bolder in Denver. Mom snapped this picture of me with Gus when I got off the plane.