Murdo Girl…Murdo is the friendliest town

I plan to put more and better pictures on future Murdo blogs…no rest for the weary or the wicked right now. Have I complained enough? Okay I will quit and be grateful…

Presho? That was supposed to Murdo’s plaque…oh well? I’ll make it be in honor of at least 3 Presho readers I can think of…and I know Presho must be very friendly…do they sell men’s underwear anywhere???

Produced on Friday the 13th…

Murdo Girl…Putting Murdo back together

When I close my eyes what do I see? The little town that made me, me…


I found out they tore down the old Jones County State Bank, today. Do you know what that means? Murdo has temporarily lost another iconic building. Before we know it, the fifties and sixties will be nothing but history. I have personally been waging a war against changing Murdo.

In my stories about the Brick House gang, I have already reprised the old Murdo High School and the elementary school buildings. Fern’s Café and Mack’s Café have both reopened. We still have those two great places where we can enjoy fresh cinnamon rolls, chocolate cake, and hot beef sandwiches. Joy Payne’s dress shop, the Murdo Show house, and Gambles are purring along. Beckwith’s Jewelry Store is next to Joy Payne’s. Mr. Beckwith is good at fixing watches and his kids are good at music.

The Post Office is back where it should be, and Thune Hardware is next to the drug store. The dry cleaners, on the other side of Mowell’s Drug Store, is still a much needed business in Murdo. There’s a locker for people to take their meat if they don’t have a freezer at home, and the Buffalo Bar is across the street from the locker. The Gem Hotel, the Murdo Hotel and the Laundromat are all uptown, too.

Super Value still has the Frosty Freeze attached to it, and we have five or six full service gas stations. In addition to Mack’s and Fern’s, you can eat at Highway 16 Café with all the tourists and the Teepee. It’s pretty new.

Most importantly, Sanderson’s Store is just as it always was…Aunt Tet lives upstairs and the Leckeys are living in the apartment across the hall. Doc Bork is our dentist and Doc Murphy makes house calls. Uncle Jerry Miller, Delmer Miller and a guy named Reginator, build all the new houses and Dad has a plumbing and heating business. When someone asked him how many guys were working for him, he said about half of them…

Graham Motor Lodge is under construction and they’re going to have a swimming pool. Mom runs our little motel called the Chalet which is across the highway from Grahams. The Gonzales, Boysens, and Wheelers have motels and the Iversons own the Red Top. I heard a family by the name of Edwards just bought it. Laura Hayden has motel rooms all over town. (I might have spelled some of those names incorrectly.)

There are a couple of beauty shops in Murdo and Kitty Reynolds sews for more than a few families. People buy their cars from the Ford Garage and the Pioneer Auto Museum is as well known as Wall Drug.

The ladies in town play a lot of bridge, and drink a lot of coffee. They probably gossip more than they should. Nobody likes to miss coffee because they can only talk about the ones who aren’t there. After coffee, Mom and Aunt Elna go home and call each other to gossip about the gossip. It’s a lot to keep up with. Grandma Sanderson goes when one of her girls will take her. She always has her hair done and wears her beads. She never repeats gossip because she’s very hard of hearing and she fears she’ll tell it wrong.

The school boys have football, basketball and track and the girls have basketball. There are no home economics classes offered, but the moms who can cook, teach their girls. Makes sense to me. I already know how to make chocolate chip cookies. What else do I need to know?

I love the new Swanson’s fried chicken TV dinners and Mom makes baked potatoes with chicken pot pies. We mush them all together on our plate. It’s very filling and good! She makes roasts and all kinds of other good stuff.

When kids go steady, the girls sit in the middle of the front seat of the boy’s car, even if the car has bucket seats. They drive around town for hours. They go around Brunskill’s hill and up and down Main Street. We don’t have street signs. I don’t even know the name of the street I live on. I also don’t know how kids can do all that driving around. Gas is 35 cents a gallon. The girls who go steady wear the boy’s class rings and make them fit by sticking wadded up tape under the wide part.

There are lots of little stock dams where guys like Grandpa Sanderson like to fish. You can boat but you can’t swim at the North Dam. It’s where our drinking water comes from. We swim at the East Dam, sometimes called Seymour’s Dam, and fish at the South Dam. One time when Billy was going to be late for school, Mom didn’t make him go. We all hate to be late for anything. Anyway, he went fishing at the South Dam and someone caught him and called him a truant.

Yup…I’m taking it upon myself to keep Murdo just like it was, so whoever wants to help me is more than welcome. Those guys who tore down the bank can just put it back together again. Oh, and leave our Post Office alone. A real nice lady runs it.

Guess I’ll put an ad in the Murdo Coyote.

Murdo Girl…Hard Labor

It was a day to remember. We have been dealing with a couple of digging dogs and it became our mission to STOP the destruction of our back yard. We purchased several rolls of wire fencing, called daughter, Heidi to enlist her help, and spent the day filling holes. We rolled out and pinned down wire hoping to foil the diggers. Kip was the Boss Man as he has not fully recovered from his back surgery and is unable to lift, bend, or twist his core. Heidi and I did all of that…many, many, times.

Heidi had a date and had to leave early, so we knocked off around 3:00, but I will continue tomorrow. I want this done so badly and I really think it is a brilliant idea. The grass will grow right through the wire and we can even mow over the top of it.

During the day, I was reminded of this song. It was on one of the 260 albums we collected over the years…I think you can Iisten to it while watching the short video.

I didn’t do any of this in my 60’s…

Murdo Girl…Easter is a joyful time

Some only believe what they can see which isn’t always right.

Below is another excerpt from the book, We Shall See what We Shall See. It’s a message to children about the importance of faith in our lives.

Faith is knowing all is well in darkness and in light.

Walk in faith dear child and let your goodness show.

You know you can believe, and I know your faith will grow…

    For we shall see, what we shall see.

Close your eyes and it will be.

We never have to be without, the love of God within.

My love for you fills up my heart much more than ten times ten.

We can’t physically see what is in someone’s heart, but we can know that every one of us has a cross to bear. I remember my mother saying those words when I expressed my uninformed opinion about someone else’s seemingly charmed life.

I am far from a shining example of a person who lives the kind of life my creator wants for me. Some days I do better than others. The happiest people I know have a strong faith that if they are in the throes of a bleak “Good Friday,” they can have faith that a beautiful “Easter Sunday” is coming. We need a crucified and risen Lord so that we can believe His message to us.

I hope you have a blessed Easter and if you are carrying a heavy cross, may you feel the load lightened as you experience the joy and the spirit of Easter we celebrate today.

Photo borrowed from a friend.

Murdo Girl…Driving Miss 70’s

Yesterday, Kip gave me the day off from nursing, or rather insisted our friend Bear get me out of his hair for a few hours, and I got to go on my first ever motorcycle ride. Bear’s wife, Anne sent some of her delicious peanut butter cookies for Kip. They magically disappeared while I was gone.

Nellie: Hey Rylie…that 70’s girl has a sock tattoo on her arm, It says, BORN FREE…Really?

I took all of the photos in the video while we rode the backroads of East Texas. It could not have been a more beautiful day.

Here is a good website to go to for identifying Texas wildflowers. We saw a lot of Texas Lantana, Indian Paintbrush, and Primrose. We also saw almost every kind of tree you can imagine.

Murdo Girl…A sneak peek

Some days the Murdo Coyote can howl and some days she has a scratchy throat! Excuse me…I have 36 cupcakes to decorate for two different occasions.

This is a short Vlog. It’s time to get ready to go on a motorcycle ride to look at the beautiful Texas wildflowers. Another 70’s first. When I was 12, my dad told me he’d better not ever catch me on the back of a motorcycle. So sorry Dad.

Its okay…I don’t need to lick the bowl