Murdo Girl…Murdo and old

Murdo Girl

Kip and I, along with the pets, are RVing in Galveston with friends for a few days. We’re having a great time relaxing and eating. What could be more fun? It really has me looking forward to our longer vacation in the fall.


Cyndie is having a wonderful time chasing seagulls. Too bad she can’t run free.

Ron and Barbara’s, son, grandkids and friends with kids  are are having fun at the beach. It was a great day!

I’m attaching another Murdo memory rerun. I hope it’s one you like!


I wonder if anyone has ever written a poem or a song about my hometown. I wonder if I could write one. I wonder if I should write one. Okay I’ll try. Keep in mind, the baseline of my life was growing up there in the 50’s and 60’s. I love that town as much as ever.


So we’re…

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Murdo Girl…An auditorium is nothing without a floor

Murdo Girl


We’re heading for Galveston tomorrow where we’re hoping to spend some fun time at Jamaica Beach RV. You might recall, that’s were I celebrated my “Welcome to Medicare,” birthday. The forecast is for rain, but I remain optimistic. I did a volunteer stint at the library this morning and cleaned and packed the RV this afternoon. Therefore, I did not write.

I’ve been having some silly fun with the Ha Ha Sisterhood the last couple of days, so I thought it might be a good night for a Murdo rerun. This is one of my favorite spoofs where Murdo Girl interviews Coach Applefloor… sorry, I mean Applebee. He was our coach all four years the MHS class of 70 reigned. I hope you enjoy the re-read.


This is Murdo Girl, and I’m in Murdo. You have probably all heard there has been a crack up reporter in town throwing…

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Murdo Girl…The Ha Ha Sisterhood gets certified.

This is Yram Sicnarf. I was asked to report on our Funny Farm experience, so I have written a little piece for the paper. It seems some of the loco locals think the Funny Farm isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I would be willing to bet they are just repeating some insane things they have heard others say and haven’t even darkened the unhinged door of the Nut House. I promise to tell it like it is. After all, they don’t call me a crack up reporter for nothing.


Lav rode her horse, named Loopy. Airy and Windy rode in their airplane which is temporarily grounded. They have it on the back of KK’s flatbed truck, which isn’t running with a full deck either. TC, AI, PG, PC and the Ha Ha Sisterhood, rode on the back of the hay wagon kindly provided by the Nut House. (I pulled it with my 1951 Willys Jeep.)

Lav sure loves Loopy


A day at the Funny Farm, By Yram Sicnarf


It was a barmy day as our group made it’s way to the only certifiable Funny Farm in the state. We figured as long as we were there, we might as well get certified.

Anyway, we made good time and arrived at the gates of the farm shortly before lunchtime. We were greeted at the door by a sweet young lady who said she was Daffy. We assumed Daffy would be the one to register us, but she had us sit in a waiting room and wait for the person who would admit us. That part was a little unpleasant. With the evergrowing Ha Ha sisterhood and all, we’re a pretty large group. One of the Ha Ha’s said she wished they could sit on the nice padded walls instead of the hard old benches. I tell you, those girls drive me bonkers sometimes.

Finally, a very nice looking man came in and said he was there to help us, but he wanted to get to know us first. This upset Lav just a little. She told the nice looking man she was worried about getting Loopy. (We had to leave the horse tied up outside,)

Windy, who is an animal lover said she was touched. The nice man told her she was in the right place.

The Ha Ha Sisterhood telling divine secrets at the Funny farm.

Airy asked when we would get to eat lunch. She said she was so hungry she could even eat Patty Cake’s fruitcake. He didn’t hear her right because he said she really shouldn’t say fruitcake in a Nut House.

The Ha Ha Sisterhood asked if they could have their picture taken. He said he needed a break, so we could go to the building with a sign out front that said, Unstable. We assumed that was where they kept the horses, so we headed that way. We were gratified when we walked in, to see it was full of people eating lunch. We sat down and waited for someone to take our order.

A nice lady came over and said she was Kookie and handed us all some crackers. Airy said she was hungry for something more substantial and Kookie said there were nut cases in the hall.

Nuts sounded pretty good so we left the Unstable and started wandering every hall we could find looking for the nut cases. A I said she was feeling a little weird, so we went outside and sat under a tree and ate Patty Cake’s upside down cake. We had a great afternoon. We were all entertained by the divine secrets of the Ha Ha Sisterhood, and a group of ladies came by and serenaded us with their rendition of Crazy Arms by Ray Price. They were so cute with their arms all tied up.


By this time it was getting time to head back to town, so we went to find Daffy to thank her for everything. We told her we thought the Farm and and The Nut House were better than we had heard, and the only suggestion we had was they should put their nut cases in a place where people could see them.

Goodbye Nut House

So off we went with Lav on Loopy, KK driving the flatbed with Windy and Airy on the back in their airplane, and me in the Jeep pulling the hay wagon with all of the Ha Ha Sisterhood, TC, AI, PG and a few squirrels that were hiding in the hay. They must not have been able to find the nuts either.

I will conclude by saying, it’s a great place to clear the cobwebs out of your head and meet people just like you and me. We will be  going back soon. We forgot our certificates.

Update: PG called to see if they would mail our certificates. The FF said we weren’t certifiable. We weren’t committed enough.





Murdo Girl…Are you nuts?

Yram wakes up early Saturday morning and decides to walk uptown to get a cup of coffee before the book club meets. She hasn’t read the book yet, but something tells her it most likely won’t be an issue. She notices the town is pretty quiet. In fact, it’s downright silent…almost eerie. “Where is everybody?” Yram wonders. She has walked almost a block when she wearily sits down on the court house steps. (The book club meets in the court house.) Suddenly, she hears a click, click, click, click (4 clicks). Upon further investigation she decides it’s coming from north of her in the direction of Main Street. Tentatively, Yram gets up and walks toward the clicking sound. Her heart is beating and her pulse is pounding. (Or is it the other way around?)

Before she can see where the clicking is coming from, she hears a loud roar. Well, not really a roar. It sounds more like a truck engine that’s choking on something.

Image result for murdo sd courthouse

As she walks toward the click and the choking, the subjects of the noise come into view. It’s Lav on a horse and behind her is KK driving a flatbed, and on the flatbed are Windy Lindy and Airy sitting in their broken down airplane.

“wouldn’t it be easier to walk than to sit in your broken down airplane that’s riding on a choking truck?”

Yram looks at Lav and says, “Why are you riding a horse, Lav and where are you going? The book Club meets in five or ten.”

“We’re going on a hay ride,” Lav says. “There won’t be anyone at the book club meeting, Yram. Every letter of the alphabet, even all of the Ha Ha’s are going on the hay ride.”


“You’ve heard of the Ya Ya sisterhood?…We’re the Ha Ha Sisterhood.”

“We’re all going to the funny farm,” says the Ha Ha Sisterhood.

“Willingly?” Yram asks.

“Yes,” says PG. “Right now we’re trying to round up some Murdoites. AI is meeting us at the nut house.”

“The nut house?” Yram asks. “You’re kidding, right?”

“We wouldn’t kid you,” yells Windy Lindy. “The nut house is at the funny farm. Now let’s get going. I don’t like flying so close to the ground.”


“Flying on the ground is spooky, I think,” says Airy Heart. “I sure hope we get our airplane running again. I sure would hate it if I had to change my name. I like being Airy. My name used to be Bleeding Heart. I fainted all the time then.”


We live on the funny farm, but we’re moving. It’s just getting too crazy.

“I made a pineapple upside down cake,” says Patty Cake.

“Perfect,” says Yram. “We’ll all go to the nut house at the funny farm and ride around on hay while we eat upside down cake with the Ha Ha Sisterhood. Sounds like a blast!”


Back when I was a kid growing up in Murdo, I used to ride my skateboard down the court house hill. Times sure have changed. I wonder where all of the Murdo people are today? Probably hiding…










Murdo Girl…The PC BC

Have you ever belonged to a book club? I joined one a couple of months before they took a summer break. I really enjoyed it, so I thought maybe some of my friends would like to start a new club. They say if you’re a book club member you are considered sort of elite. Other members will always invite you over for coffee and chitchat, or maybe give you rides places. Sometimes, they even read books. It makes sense. I know garden club members who wouldn’t know a petunia from a dandelion.

I’ve rounded up a few people and talked them into joining my book club. If any of you wish to join us, just message me or comment and I’ll add you to my member list. We have plenty of letters left in the alphabet. People were supposed to use each letter only once, but I had no idea so many were slysdexic. One member reads in seven different languages. Too bad none of them are English. PC will be reading every other page and baking cakes for us in between. PG and a few others have advanced themselves to the audio books. Funny…we haven’t read one book yet and people are already changing the rules. Q’s favorite thing to read is a menu. KK just wants to look at the pictures.

Anyway, you will be asked questions in the meetings and be expected to give thoughtful answers. No fair reading the comic book version or watching the movie. We have spies. You will be caught.

Now doesn’t this sound like fun? What book shall we read?

Below are a few members of the PC BC. You are allowed to use one letter of the alphabet to name yourself.

PC                             KK                         AA                           PG

TC                            Q                           AI                          WL

Y                                        A                                      L


I see we don’t have many rule followers. Oh, well. Lets have coffee! Patty Cake, I mean PC, cut the cake!



Murdo Girl…Yram reports on local birthday bash

Hello there! I’m Yram Sicnarf, crack up reporter, extraordinaire. I’m back in Mabank on a special assignment. I have snagged an exclusive with Lindy Bergh and Airy Heart. They are the two pilots who keep showing up in the news. They take folks to England and other places with a royal presence. They used to drive everywhere, but they got too many speeding tickets, so they fly now.

Word has gotten around Mabank that I’m wanted in several states. They assume I am famous not notorious. Really…what’s the difference? Let’s let sleeping dogs lie, if you will. No use going around blabbing about restraining orders and plagiarism charges.

I think I see their airplane! Now where is my microphone and recorder? Oh, here they are. I sure wish I had a photographer. I’m not a very good drawer.

Yram…running up to the airplane just as the engines start up and the propellers start to whirl: Hey! wait for me. I’m Yram Sicnarf the crack up reporter! I’m here to interview you and splash your names all over the front page of every newspaper from Kemp to Eustace!

Lindy Bergh: It’s my birthday. We’re on our way to Jeanette’s house to celebrate. Hop in crack-up. We’ll talk on the way…shoot!


Airy Heart: You can ask me a question. I know everything. That’s just the way I am. I can even play the piano and sing my answers. I made a cherry salad for the party. Everybody loves it. What did you bring? Talk fast…it’s a short flight.

Crack-up, I mean Yram: This plane is flying upside down and headed for the lake. Is there a problem, Lindy Bergh?


Windy Lindy: Oh, am I flying the plane? Hold on, I’ll turn us over. We’re almost there. We’ll land behind Pat’s car.

Windy Lindy, Airy and Yram bounce a couple of times and amazingly, land right behind Pat’s car. Yram grabs her microphone and recorder and they go inside to enjoy all of the festivities.


The article in the next day’s paper:

Windy Lindy’s Birthday Bash, by crack-up reporter, Yram Sicnarf

After a harrowing flight across the mammoth Cedar Creek Lake, this reporter was looking forward to letting her hair down at the much talked about birthday bash for Lindy Bergh.

Here’s how it all went down.

After a delightful potluck luncheon, Lindy opened her cards and blew out her candle. (I couldn’t help but notice nobody showered her with a gift.)

The main event was followed by a rather lengthy discussion on two very interesting topics. *People who faint at the sight of blood, and *How to get out of a speeding ticket. (I tried to bring up restraining orders, but the ladies looked at me like I was from another planet.)

I hung around waiting for Lindy and Airy and finally decided to pick up a few dirty plates. I heard someone say not to worry about the dishes, so I dropped them so fast, every glass on the table rattled.

Guess I’ll head out for parts unknown. I like adventure and adventure likes me. See you around…I wonder which way parts unknown is…

Queen E: Shall we pick her up, Presho Girl?….PG: No, let’s not go there.

Happy Birthday, L J…Looking good!!


Murdo Girl…Our flag was still there

One of our neighbors put on the most amazing fireworks display Saturday night. It was an hour long grand finale. He told Kip he has done this for the past thirteen years. What an awesome thing to do for the neighborhood.

Charlie and Craig watching the sky light up

When I saw those fireworks exploding in the sky, I thought about the meaning of the Star Spangled Banner. Our flag made it through the perilous night, the rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in air, and still waves over the land of the free.

And then I thought about how beautifully Renee Miller, a Murdo girl, sings our National Anthem.

Happy Independence Day!

Murdo Girl…Sadie Ruth

In our minimalizing process, I ran across tons of pictures of our pets. Our little Westie was one of my very favorites.


My name is Sadie. When I was just a pup, a really nice lady picked me out of a litter and took me home. I loved her from the start and she loved me. We lived in Loveland, Colorado.



This is a picture of my nice human lady and her human son.

Did her human daughters love me? Not so much…They called me the dog from hell. You see, my human’s husband got pretty sick and she didn’t have much time to teach me things like, don’t run and jump on everybody. I ruined some of the human daughter’s clothes and my running and jumping made them not like me. I was just a puppy.


This is the human daughter that said I was like a dog from hell.

When I got a little older, I quit running and jumping so much because I got fat. My human lady fed me lots of food and treats. She was just showing me how much she loved me. Oh, I forgot to tell you I barked  alot too…at everything.

My barking got so annoying that my really nice human lady bought a blue box that made the awfullest noise. It took a while, but I finally figured out she told that box to make that sound only when I barked. I was so scared of that thing, I ran and hid when I saw it. I was too worried to bark.

One day, when I was about four years old, and it was just the two of us, my nice human lady came home from church and I could tell she wasn’t feeling very well. I stayed right by her and wished there was something I could do. She went to sleep and a little while later, some people took her to the hospital. She never came back home. All of the family came to our house. I heard them say, “I wonder what Sadie did. Poor Sadie must have been beside herself. Whatever shall we do with Sadie?”

My human lady’s son and his wife came all the way from Texas. I wasn’t so sure I liked the human wife at first. She tried to get me to walk around the block. I knew that wasn’t going to happen. When I’d had enough, I just sat down and didn’t budge. She had to pick my little fat self up and carry me home. The next time, we just walked a little ways. That wasn’t so bad.

Well, the human son and his wife put me in my sleeping crate, loaded me up on a big bird and flew me to Texas. I was glad someone took me because I missed my human lady and I realized I needed more humans. I was in for a big surprise.

When we got to their house, another dog greeted us at the door. Talk about wild. She bugged the heck out of me. She was weird too. She ate her food from a bowl that was on sort of a ladder thing. She had to stand on her back feet to reach her bowl. I found out she was born without the muscle to shove her food down her throat so she had to eat this blended up stuff from a bowl up on a ladder or it wouldn’t go down. Guess what? I had to do that, too and I was just a short fat thing. McKenzie (that was her name), was a wiry fox terrier.

Guess what we got for our treat? Yogurt!! I learned to love it.

wp-image-745834748983566318jpg.jpg This is McKenzie and me one Christmas. I’m sitting on the human wife’s lap and McKenzie is sitting on the human son’s lap.

I hadn’t been in Texas very long when the mailman came and brought a big box to the door. The human son opened it up and guess what was in there? First they pulled out all of my toys and that was good. Then they pulled out that scary blue box that makes a bad sound when I bark, and that was bad. I ran and hid.

I heard the human wife say, “What is that thing. Sadie is scared to death of it.”

The human son said, “It’s that thing Mom was using to train Sadie not to bark. It looks like we won’t even have to push the button. The sight of it will be enough to make her quiet down.”

Some of my favorite spots. My super favorite spot was lying up on the back of the couch, but my human wife can’t find any pictures of me there.

I didn’t always act the best, but I was better. I remember one day that didn’t go too well. My new humans had some people over and while they sat around the table and talked, I noticed a bag on the floor beside the stranger lady. I wondered if there was gum in the bag. I loved gum. Well, I had to take everything out before I finally found the gum. I kind of made a game out of it. I hid that stranger lady’s stuff all over the house.

When the stranger lady and stranger man got ready to leave, the lady picked up her bag and there was nothing in it. I didn’t know what to do because I couldn’t remember where I hid all that stuff. I decided not to wait for the blue box. I ran and hid. All the humans scurried around and finally found everything and after the stranger humans left, and my humans settled down a little, I came out. I couldn’t believe they were laughing. I was so happy. I got my gum and didn’t have to face the blue box.

In Texas, you have to have two names. The human son gave me the middle name Ruth which was my lady human’s middle name. They called me Sadie Rue.

As I got older, I had a few health issues. I had to have my ACL repaired twice and I lost most of my teeth. Along about the time I was fourteen I thought I might be headed toward doggie heaven, but it wasn’t my time yet.


When I turned fifteen, my humans had a big birthday party for me. Yes, that’s really me in the picture. The human wife had what she called a photo session with me. I got all kinds of soft bones and no yogurt.

After we blew out the candles on my cake, they put my life jacket on and we went out on the boat. I never let them know I wasn’t crazy about swimming, even with a life jacket on, because I loved being with all my humans.


Sadie Rue left us about six months after the big birthday party. She died the day we went to California for our daughter’s wedding. Kip and I decided to keep it to ourselves until after the wedding, because we knew how much everyone loved Sadie and she wouldn’t have wanted any of the family to be sad that day.

I wish I could have seen the reunion at rainbow bridge, when Sadie met that wonderful human lady in the land where there is no pain, and there are no blue boxes.


Murdo Girl…Don’t tank your story

What makes a story reach the level of greatness? What transforms the story from ordinary to memorable and makes it go viral? Is it the talent of the teller or the uniqueness of the story?

I’ve heard that story before

I have no idea. I’ll give you my thoughts on the subject, anyway.

I have made some observations as I have listened to others tell their stories. These subtleties elude many tellers of stories and often keep them both from reaching their full potential. I know a good story when I hear one.

I have outlined a few things that can tank an otherwise good story.

I’m a well known storyteller

My family is full of storytellers. Let’s start with Grandpa Sanderson. He had thousands of stories that he liked to tell thousands of times. I can’t remember any of them, but most were about fishing or hunting…I think. What mattered in his case was his love of telling them. I don’t remember him ever saying, “Stop me if I’ve already told you this.”

I don’t like two people who both know the story to be present at the time of the telling. One will get to the interesting part and then stop the whole flow by saying something like this: “What was the name of that street? Was it Elm? No not Elm, but I think it started with an E. Or was it an S?” Then the other knower of the story will say, “It wasn’t a street, it was a culdesac.”

About that time I want to scream, “IT DOESN’T MATTER!” It usually has no value to the one who is listening, and you can be sure a few more sentences into it, the tellers will struggle with trying to remember another unimportant detail. It ruins the timing and therefore, the story. Remember that.


Go on. I’m listening

Mom’s stories were good no matter how many times she told them for two reasons. She never told it the same way twice and she always acted it out. She could mimic the way someone walked and the expression on their faces to a T, and her stories were always entertaining. It didn’t really matter if they weren’t entirely factual, you always wanted to believe they were true, because they were so good.

Wait until you hear this story!!

Humorous stories should be humorous to both the teller and the hearer. Don’t anticipate what’s ahead and start cracking up before you get to the funny part, storyteller. The funny part might not live up to the expectations you have unwittingly built up. It could fall flat, and you’ll be hard pressed to find an audience for your next tale.

Beware of the spoiler. The spoiler is the person who is reminded of a story they want to tell and can’t wait for you to finish so they talk over you. I once had someone tell me to be quiet please, because they were tired of talking over me. Can you imagine? The best thing you can do is stop telling. Do not waste a good story. It takes a tremendous amount of self-control (so I’m told), but if you don’t have the full attention of your audience, you won’t get the full effect. Or is that affect? On the other hand, if it’s the second or third time you have told the story, you can make the call. If the other storyteller is telling a better story, laugh (a little) and move on. If your story is better, it might be worth it to wait, laugh politely when he or she is finished, and tell your tale.

This goes without saying and I don’t want to talk down to you, but please…don’t tell a story if you don’t remember the punchline. And speaking of appropriateness, which we weren’t, consider what you are telling to whom. If you can’t adjust your stories to your audience then, sadly, you are not a storyteller, so take up some other hobby that doesn’t involve talking like painting or collecting water towers.

I think that’s enough for today. I don’t want to overwhelm us.

(Our granddaughter, Charlie, was here over the weekend and she is quite the storyteller. They never end. She tells them in three parts. Here she is telling Cyndie a story.)

Happy storytelling…

Murdo Girl…Winning isn’t everything

Updated rerun

Several people asked me how I did in the Boulder Bolder 10k that I talked about in yesterday’s blog so I looked back and found this story from July of 2016. I wrote it shortly after the Murdo All School Reunion. The first part is about the night of the reunion dance, and eventually progresses to my running career.

There was no dirt from the dance. Everyone I saw was pretty well-behaved and believe me, I looked hard for a newsworthy scandal. It was a totally different atmosphere from the Vivian dances of my youth. The ages of people having fun, ranged from 9 to 97. I didn’t have the stamina of those on either end. It was around 1:00 a.m. when I danced one dance with Dean Lindquist, who had just celebrated his 80th birthday. By the time the dance was over, I was so out of breath, he had to help me back to the table before he found someone else to dance with. I sat next to Dean’s daughter Karen whom I used to babysit. She asked a guy across the table if he was a Nix. He said yes and Karen told him she went to school with his Dad. The generations were getting too deep for me, so I decided to leave. It hasn’t been that long ago that I was in good shape…or was it longer ago than I remember?

Murdo Girl doesn’t know she’s not the object of everyone’s attention. (That’s Dean Lindquist and Tommy Kerlin goofing around.)

I got into the habit of telling people I’m a runner. I was for about five minutes. Actually, I ran 25 to 30 miles a week for about 15 years. I started when I was 40. I never was nor ever claimed to be a Suzanne Brost, who is also from Murdo. I ran the Boulder Bolder in Colorado with her once. Let me correct that statement. I ran the same race and came in about an hour behind her. I blamed it on the high altitude and then there were TV cameras, so I changed course a little to wave at the cameraman. Billy was there for the big event. I’m sure he thought  I had been taken somewhere by ambulance. At least I wasn’t the last one to come in. My niece and her friend had a goal to be last. I think they got 2nd to last. They said it was harder than you would think. I have a feeling Billy put money on the outcome, which could have been good or bad. I was afraid to ask him what my odds were.


I had the official Certificate from the Boulder Bolder, signed by R.U. Sane, but it must be packed in a box somewhere. It adjusts my time for hazards beyond my control. It started at 56.23 minutes, but we got it down to 48.99 minutes.

Kip’s sister, Kristin, and I ran the Turkey Trot in Dallas together fifteen times. We finally had to quit because it was taking us so long, we were afraid we were going to miss Thanksgiving dinner.

I ran several 10ks in and around the Dallas area and actually won a few times in my “age group.” The next day, they would put the winners and the times of the different “age groups” in the Dallas Morning News. I always hoped my friends missed that portion of the paper. The times weren’t good enough to even want bragging rights.

Kip took his sister Kristin and I to participate in a Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure at North Park in Dallas. The race starts out at a snail’s pace and it’s quite a while before you can actually get up to jogging speed. Kris and I were in pretty good shape then, and decided to take off on our own through the beautiful neighborhoods. We had a fabulous run, and caught up with the tail end of the Komen race. We were laboring a little, and sweating almost as much as I did in the hot Harold Thune Auditorium during the reunion.

1-Mrs. Peters

It wasn’t until we noticed we were nearing the finish-line and running behind  people in their 80’s, mommies pushing baby carts, and the walkers, that we realized what was happening. We heard shouts of “You can make it,” and, “Just a little bit further.” They were cheering us on. Kip looked worried. He finally spotted us and worry turned to disbelief and embarrassment. Our explanation fell on deaf ears. We kept getting the “You poor things,” look.

Let’s see you try to run it Queenie and Son

I sound like I’m denigrating myself, but I’m really not. Every bit of it was fun and I did my best. I won’t go into my golfing career. Someone once described a nanosecond as the time it takes me to perform my back swing. I was actually pretty good, then I took lessons and it ruined my game.

Did she say fore or four? Never mind she shanked it!

My Cousin Valerie does Zumba and she is in great shape, however I noticed she didn’t dance at the reunion. Anyway, I bought a Zumba tape and I really like it. I’ve gone through it five times. On Monday, I’m going to try to do it. What do they say? Getting older isn’t for sissies? I try to ignore it. I will always be younger than somebody.

You just have to stay active and aggressive