Murdo Girl…A lobster lesson

We had a busy day yesterday, and I was so full and so tired after enjoying a wonderful trout dinner at the Muddy Rudder, I chose bed over blog. 

We were really excited to get to spend time with our friends, Pat and Jerry Davis’ daughter, Amy Rorer, her husband, Keith, and almost 13 year old son, Nate.

Kip had thought about it all day and decided he was going to tackle a WHOLE Maine lobster. He almost chickened out, but the server told him they didn’t have four pound lobster tails.

Amy took some priceless pictures. Kip and I were both grateful that Keith was sitting close enough to show him how to dismantle his dinner. He loved every morsel of meat. He even went whole hog and upgraded his potatoes. (On the way back to the RV we stopped at a gas station to air up a jeep tire and I went inside and got him an apple turnover for dessert.)

The process…

(The first challenge was to get the durnned bib on.)

(Keith quickly showed Kip how the cow ate the cabbage…an old Wyoming expression.)

My trout was delicious and we really enjoyed the time we had with this fun family!


Earlier in the day we drove to Cape Elizabeth and Two Lights State Park. The day was sunny and crisp, but there was no wind and it felt good to walk along the trails. Everywhere we go, the puppydogs get lots of attention, especially Cyndie.

Old army bunker on the beach…

The dogs enjoyed the 10,000 sq ft dog park at the KOA

Today, we’re off to Boston! Anybody have any relatives there?

Murdo Girl…Boondoggling and watching the Cowboys

Who knew 95% of the RV campgrounds in the Northeast close on the 15th of October? We’ve actually been challenged with finding good spots this past week. Niagara Falls was no problem, accept even the KOA’s wanted $100.00 per night! Now that’s enough to ruin a good time! I managed to find the Niagara Falls RV Park, which was around seven miles from the falls, and had everything we needed for $55.00 per night.

This afternoon, as we neared Bangor, Maine, we couldn’t find zip. Everything closed yesterday. Finally, I called a park, which is near a lake and a little remote. I got a recording that said, “Your call is very important to us and we’ll call you back,” (instead of) “We are closed for the season.”

While we waited for them to call us right back, we decided… or rather I decided, we should go ahead and drive out there. I got worried when we turned onto a very bumpy road and after driving a couple of miles, pulled into what looked like a nice, but desserted boy scout camp. A guy came walking out of the office to tell us they closed September 30th. He must have seen my panicked look, because he said, “If you want to pull into a spot and you don’t need any services, I’ll show you to a nice one.”

We have our generator, and fresh, grey, and black water storage tanks, so we…I mean I, decided we should go for it. The place is full of motor homes, but there is no one in them. The owners spend the summers here, then winterize their RV’s and let them sit here empty until spring.

The guy, Tim, who let us stay here, said, “Feel free to walk all over with your dogs. There’s no one else here. “Then he said, “Personally, I think it’s kind of creepy… but the sunset is beautiful!”

After we checked it all out, we let the dogs run all over without a leash. Cyndie went up to everybody’s door. She couldn’t figure out where all the people were.

Kip was able to get several TV channels with just the antenna and is happily watching the Cowboy game.

We had another great day on the road. At my friend, Nancy’s suggestion, we stopped and walked through a couple of the old cemeteries that dated back to the Revolutionary War days.

Here are some shots taken from SeeYa’s windows. I think they’re better than yesterdays.

So, here we are at the Pushaw Lake Campground…I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars…Thanks Tim!

Murdo Girl…Into Vermont and New Hampshire

We left the Niagara Falls RV park yesterday morning…

We drove through beautiful country and stopped for the night in Lake George, New York. Today, we drove through Vermont and parts of New Hampshire. I could fill a book with all the pictures of barns, churches and fall colors I have taken these last three weeks. Most have been taken from SeeYa’s window, but Kip doesn’t like me to yell, “STOP,” everytime I see something picturesque.

We drove on good roads and passed through quaint little towns that were like none I have ever seen before. We stopped for lunch in Woodstock, New Hampshire. This slideshow has photos of some of this charming mountain town… (And also, what we had for lunch.) Oh, and Bigfoot is in there too, and a few pumpkins. I almost forgot to include the one of Kip staring down the end of a cannon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are now in Tamworth, NH. The campground is woodsy and beautiful. It was a crisp fall day… and it was perfect.

Murdo Girl…We shall see what we shall see.. (for my female friends)

When I see a woman wearing layers of makeup, I always wonder what she looks like when she washes her face. I have never worn much more than a light foundation, some mascara, and…Mom always insisted women should put some color on their lips… so I always do. 

My skin care products all too often include only soap and water and whatever moisturizer is on sale at Walmart. I have come to regret not taking better care of my skin.

When we were visiting my son’s family in Wyoming a couple of weeks ago, I noticed how great my daughter-in-law, Amy’s skin looked. She started telling me about a new skin care line she began using and she loves it so much, she became a consultant. It’s not make up, it’s skin care. She has also had great success with the eyelash treatment. 

I’m going to start using these Rodan + Fields  products. I’m in my sixties (okay, 67 on 12/31) and I’m looking for a skin care regimen that doesn’t take a lot of time and gives me measurable results. I want my skin to be resilient and look it’s best. 

I’m willing to try something different. 

I’m including some before pictures. Keep in mind, I write a blog that often speaks of the humorous side of life. I will offer my honest opinion and unretouched photographs.  There is no vanity showing up in these shots…

If you get curious and want more information on Rodan + Fields, you can email me at: 

I am a new consultant, but right now, I am concentrating on my personal experience with the above regimen.

Here we go!

Oh dear…I’m going to have to take my neck and chin out of the shadows I see…

Thinning eyebrows and no eyelashes whatsoever…seen enough?

 We shall see what we shall see 🙂

Murdo Girl…A great day in Ohio

Last night we stayed at this beautiful KOA in Thompson, Ohio. 

We knew our our friend, Ron Spahlinger’ s parents, Fran and Merrill, lived somewhere in Ohio, so Kip sent Ron a text just to see if we were anywhere close to them. Ron and Barbara are travelling, too, but Ron got back to Kip this morning and it turned out we were only about an hour away. These gracious people said they would love for us to drop by. In fact, Ron’s brother, Rick, suggested we park SeeYa in the American Legion parking lot and he was there waiting for us when we pulled in. He drove us the short distance to Fran and Merrill’s lovely place on Lake Milton.. Rick and his wife, Rita, have a beautiful home right next door. We really had a great time! It was a glorious day to sit out on the back deck and look at the amazing view of the lake while we all talked a mile a minute.

I wish we could have stayed longer. We had the pleasure of meeting Rick and Rita when they were visiting Ron and Barb in Texas, but we had never met Fran and Merrill. They’re the kind of people who make you feel like you’ve known them forever. They told us they are both turning ninety-five next year and will be celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary. They are both so young at heart and I know the musical talent in the Spahlinger family is amazing.

Fran said Ron and Barb’s granddaughter, Kaylee, loves to play this when she visits.


It was an afternoon we didn’t want to end, but we knew we had to hit the road if we were going to make it to Niagara Falls. We got here right before dark.

I’m loving this trip!

More Ohio photos…

Murdo Girl…Are we there yet?

It’s my job to find camping spots each night and it was totally by accident that I picked Jellystone RV Park in Frankenmuth, Michigan. (We went over the Mackinac Bridge and I promised to show video, but I’m kind of over that now.) We were so impressed with this little German town that I really want to show you some of the pictures we took this morning before we left.

I could have stayed there two or three days, but we must keep going to make sure we have enough time spend in the New England states. 

We left at 11:00 this morning, and still made it beyond Cleveland, Ohio. We’re spending the night at a beautiful KOA near Lake Erie. I took countless pictures of the countryside along the way, but they will wait until tomorrow.

(Tap with your fingers or highlight the photos for a larger view of the smaller groupings.)

Frankenmuth, Michigan


If all goes well, I will be writing a blog from Niagara Falls tomorrow night. We have traveled several days in a row and we’re ready to spend a couple of days in one place. I sure hope our beautiful weather holds…

Now that we live in a tiny home or an RV, I just take pictures of things I think are cute instead of buying them. We mostly buy edible stuff now!



Murdo Girl…SeeYa keeps on rollin’

After we took the dogs for a long walk around the beautiful O’Neill Creek RV Park in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, we headed across Highway 29 to Shawano. Then we took Highway 22 over to Oconto, WI, where we hit 41 which took us into Michigan. We drove along Lake Michigan on 41 until it turned into 35.

We are staying at an older and smaller, but still beautiful RV Park just steps away from the lake. It is actually warmer here than it was in Wyoming and South Dakota. There is no wind and it was in the mid 50’s when we took the dogs for their walk before dinner.

Here are some of the sights we saw along the way…

You can barely see the horse and buggy ahead of us in the first shot. I never was able to get a clear view…

I sure would like to know the significance of the footprints and arrow on the sidewalk of the first picture below…

I love the barns and the countryside the best…

Watch out for thin ice….and,

One of the more challenging things about travelling north in an RV this time of year, is finding full hookups (50 amp electric, water and sewer). Many of the more resort type parks are closed for the season. We can’t get our satellite TV to come in here and we can’t have all the lights and heaters going at the same time. I’ll still have hot water for my shower in the morning and we have the use of everything we really need. SeeYa is pretty self- contained, and if we need more power, our generator works great now, so we’re good. I find that I’m enjoying the quiet…

Tomorrow we will leave Escanaba and travel along Rte 2. Then we’ll head south on 75 between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. 

Kip said we are going across a very long bridge that is over very deep water. I’m trying not to be anxious. I really hate high bridges over deep water.

Have a great evening. Give your worries to God. He’s up all night anyway making beautiful things for us to see…

Murdo Girl…Look what I saw

Today was a total travel day. We needed to get a few miles behind us so we can have extra time at our target destinations. We started out in Jamestown, North Dakota and drove for eight hours through Minnesota and into Wisconsin. We are spending the night in a beautiful RV park in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. After getting set up, we walked the dogs, had some dinner, and did the laundry. Kip is sacked out in his recliner and I’m pretty tired, too, but I had to share some pictures I took of the countryside we travelled through. If the New England States are more beautiful than what we saw looking through See Ya’s windows today, then we are about to be truly blown away.

This is where we’re staying tonight.

This is only a small sampling of the pictures I took of God’s world today. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Murdo Girl…SD, ND, and BP

This morning we left our beautiful spot on the Missouri River and headed toward North Dakota. We drove on two lane highways and passed by corn fields ready to be harvested for stock feed and sunflower fields that were dried up and ready to harvest for the seeds. We experienced a little rain and our first skiff of snow, but those things are tolerable in the absence of wind. We stopped in the little town of Napoleon and had gourmet cheeseburgers on homemade buns with sweet potato fries. We didn’t see many cars or people anywhere we went today. We decided we just might be the only ones taking this route to Maine.

SD this morning…ND this afternoon

We are rethinking the Rte 2, route. It’s pretty far north and though there are some things we still want to see up there, we’re going to be a little more selective. One deciding factor is we are finding it difficult to locate full service RV parks that aren’t closed for the season. We will skip going up to Devil’s Lake. My brother was there on a fishing trip a couple of weeks ago, so I’ll look at his pictures.

We are in Jamestown, ND tonight. This place has an albino buffalo. I’ll get a picture in the morning. Louis L’Amour’s writing shack is here and there is a wild animal museum that sounds interesting. The weather wasn’t very conducive to running around, but we managed to get fuel, get groceries, and walk the dogs before settling in for the night in our cozy RV, SeeYa.

We will head east tomorrow and go through Fargo and on into Minnesota. We’ll still, eventually, take Rte 2 and go up around the Great Lakes and Niagara falls. We don’t know when we’ll get to Maine, but I’m sure the trees and the leaves will still be beautiful.

Every day is a new day and we have a new experience. We love this life on the road, and as long as family and friends keep us in the loop, we can relax and be grateful for this time to see new places and do different things.

Our animals are the best! I never would have imagined the three dogs and even the cat would be such great travelers. All four of them have been with us on all of our trips.

Cyndie likes to ride where my feet should be.

That brings you up to date, but I want to mention one other thing. Have you tried Patti La Belle’s bread pudding? They sell it at Walmart. I was never a real bread pudding fan, until my friend, Barbara, and I tried french toast made with bread pudding at a restaurant in Galveston. It was so yummy, I decided to try Patti’s. It’s sinful, but I highly recommend it. Her peach cobbler is delish, too!