Murdo Girl…Flo Nightinfail

I drove to Dallas yesterday to get Kip who was in the hospital overnight following his back surgery, which by the way went very well. He’ll need time to heal the wounds and some physical therapy, but the surgery which included the repair of a herniated disc, should take care of the extreme pain he was experiencing.

My first concern was driving him home. When I was leaving his room Monday evening, he said, “DON’T WRECK MY JEEP!” He drives a Jeep Cherokee and he wants it to stay in one piece. The crew at the nurse’s station heard him and burst out laughing.

Seriously, I was so afraid to drive him home, the thought went through my mind that if he knew how afraid I was to drive in the Dallas traffic, he wouldn’t ride with me. I was afraid to ride with me. But I did it, we made it, and he didn’t even complain. Of course he was feeling no pain, if you know what I mean.

So, we are now on day 3 and everything is going fine. The first day everything was please and thank you, of course I don’t mind, and do you need anything else? The first day was, I’m so sorry you have to do all of this. You are having to work so hard, and don’t be silly, you don’t have to thank me. I’m happy to be your Florence Nightingale.

Today things were still good. Never once did I say, What do you want now? It only irritated me a little when it rained all morning and the dogs couldn’t spend time outside. They can’t play with Kip which confuses them and it makes it difficult. I took each of them on a long walk and it helped me to get outside. I fixed a pork loin roast with all of the trimmings for dinner and helped him to the bathroom seventeen times, but who is counting. I was cleaning the kitchen, feeding the dogs and cleaning Nellie’s feet when he asked If I would mind looking at the rain gauge to see how much rain we got, could I get him an ice cream cup, and he would need help to the bathroom before the ice cream? In times like this I realize how much he does for us.

If dogs could cry? Ours would be weeping.

I have to remind myself that he was a wonderful Frank Nightingale when I had my surgeries and boy oh boy did I require patience. I know I did.

Here are some pics of my nice peaceful walk…

I will do better!

Murdo Girl…Kitty Reynolds changed my life

I was telling everyone at lunch, yesterday about the time I gave Mom’s Kitty Reynolds original to a little friend’s mother. One day, Mom saw the lady walking down the street with all of her kids in tow. She was wearing Mom’s skirt. Since it was a Kitty original, there was no passing it off as anything but what is was. A “Robin Hood” gesture.

The story below features another Kitty original. My treasured red tulle and taffeta formal.

Independence Day

I went outside to get some air. My day had done me in.

No matter how much or hard I tried, I just couldn’t win.

I had a cold, my car broke down, and I was truly busted.

I was too sick to go to work. My thoughts could not be trusted.

The air conditioner didn’t cool and it was hot as Hades.

My husband left me high and dry and went off chasing ladies.

As I sat there on the stoop, something shiny caught my eye.

There was a festive kid’s parade about to pass me by.

My cousin, Mark on my horse, Governor

I saw a small red wagon.. pulled by a horse no less

And in a chair there sat a Queen. She wore a long red dress.

She waved with one hand, and held on tightly with the other.

The little chair slid back and forth, first one way then another.

The other kids were close enough to help the regal Queen.

As they marched along each child’s smile was as bright as I have seen.

A tiny marching majorette proudly led the way

And we were all reminded it was Independence Day.

I watched the little Queen travel up the gravel road.

She turned her head to look at me and understanding flowed.

It was then I realized the shine that caught my eye

Was from a homemade tinfoil crown atop a head held high.

I never have forgotten though it happened long ago.

She looked at me as if to say, ” You’re stronger than you know.”

Taken at my 65th birthday in Galveston…

Murdo Girl…Anticipation, Part 1

I’m not going to talk about my huge surprise until my brother, Billy gets back from his fishing trip next week, and after my colonoscopy on Monday, and after the two tea parties I have planned in the cottage. On top of that, this involves another person, and we have to coordinated the big announcement. I would say we’re looking at 3 to 4 weeks.

That doesn’t stop me from having some fun with it, though. I have prepared a short video for you. I’m trying out some new software. I’m trying to find some cool software that my feeble mind can get wrapped around. I’ve tried about 75 so far and nothing is MG user friendly. I would love suggestions from any of you out there…

This is kind of fun….hope you enjoy it!.

I’ve been with her since she was a kid. Way before she started making spaghetti with squash…This video has hints in it…

Murdo Girl…Waiting for the train

There was once a beautiful smile on my little boy’s face.

A forlorn expression has taken it’s place.

His daddy had to part with us. Or should I say we with him.

He feared our country would be destroyed on an evil man’s whim.

What began as a worry turned to fear and then disbelief.

Peace of mind was taken from us by a murderous thief.

Forever has changed

There is no looking back. There is nothing there to see.

The good life we had was in a place we’re forced to flee.

Before today, there had never been anything that could compare

to this gut-wrenching vision of despair.

Forever has changed

You might think you can feel our pain, but you can not. You might feel it for a moment, but then your mind goes to a less menacing thought.

I understand. We were the same way, once. We didn’t stand in line for a loaf of bread as we listened for bombs overhead.

We left Johnny’s new puppy. He couldn’t go on the train. It was heartbreaking to watch the violent tears that came.

Forever has changed

“Here it comes, Johnny. The whistle is so loud. We must hurry and get on the train. There will be a large crowd.”

“Where are we going, Momma?”

Where indeed.

How do you tell a little boy you don’t know where he will sleep or who will provide the things he’ll need?

Can we take solice in the knowledge that the world is not controlled by evil? That good men can take things from the hands of the devil?

They argue. Is it a big war or a small war? What is it all for? Our future has changed, but our faith will last forever.

Those still living will fight for our freedom. Will we give up?



Pray for our families and the little boys and girls who have lost their lives.

It only takes a few good men to stand by and do nothing for evil to win.

Murdo Girl…Reinventing herself

Is seventy too old for me to reinvent myself?

I must pay out of pocket. I don’t have any wealth.

I want a new hairstyle. I think I like this one.

With scissors and some bleach I’m sure it can be done.

(It’s called a “gender envy” haircut)

I’ll need a different outfit. That one isn’t me.

I think I’ll take a break and check out Cyndie Spivey

This isn’t Cyndie, but I like denim and black
Love this $19 dress. I must have sleeves.
This started the whole reinvent myself kick.

Today’s music…he’s not Jesus, of course, but he is certainly an inspiration to all who have been witnessing his steadfast bravery and leadership. A great example of someone who has reinvented himself.

I have a big announcement coming soon, so be sure and catch all the blog posts.



Murdo Girl…Repeat of Pearl, Grace, and Ellie…The corn heist

This story is one of my favorite Pearl and Grace stories. It’s loosely based on a true story about my mother, brother, who was a small child at the time, and Aunt. It was a well-known secret that when they determined it was time to harvest a local farmer’s corn, they were the first to try it out. Before the corn hit the local store, that is…

Those 70ish Girls

Pearl owns The Busy Nest, where she sells her popular Elixerfixer. Grace writes an advice column with the help of twelve-year-old Ellie.  Pearl calls her Essie. We refer to her as Ellie/Essie, whose other responsibility is to care for Pearl the dog, who belongs to Pearl the human. Pearl named her dog after herself. She figured as long as she could remember her own name, she could remember that of her dog, and if the day comes when she forgets either, it’s time for them to part ways.

Ellie/Essie is walking to Sanderson’s store. Pearl, Pearl the dog, and Grace live in the apartments above the store.


It’s Sunday and we’re taking the day off. I’m on my way over to see Pearl and Grace, but I really want to see Pearl the dog. I felt real sorry for her yesterday when we were trespassing in that cornfield. Even…

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Murdo Girl…I asked you why.

I asked you why because I didn’t know how far I would have to go. What would it take? What would you need from me? Would I discover what you see in me.

I tried so hard to believe in you. I really thought I wanted to, but what I needed was honesty. Not from you… but from me.

I couldn’t face my biggest fears. I couldn’t see myself through all the tears. I couldn’t tell you secrets I was keeping. Did they hold the answers I was seeking?

I decided it was time to leave. There is no hope if you can’t believe. The trust I never had might never come. This sad moment made my heart feel numb.

It was then it all came flooding in. I had to tell you. Where would I begin? I know I still have so much to face, but I’ll be fine if I accept your grace.

Now, I can feel you in my soul and heart. I know you’ve been there from the very start. You waited patiently for me to know. There is no better place to go.

I promise I will come to you. Where you take me, I will follow. You fill the space meant for only you that once was hollow.

Help me help others to come to believe, and I promise to you I’ll always cleeve. I asked you why because I didn’t know how much farther I would have to go.

What would it take? What would you need from me? Would I discover what you see in me? I tried so hard to believe in you. I really thought I wanted to,

But what I needed was honesty. Not from you… but from me.