Murdo Girl…Repeat of Pearl, Grace, and Ellie…The corn heist

This story is one of my favorite Pearl and Grace stories. It’s loosely based on a true story about my mother, brother, who was a small child at the time, and Aunt. It was a well-known secret that when they determined it was time to harvest a local farmer’s corn, they were the first to try it out. Before the corn hit the local store, that is…

Those 70ish Girls

Pearl owns The Busy Nest, where she sells her popular Elixerfixer. Grace writes an advice column with the help of twelve-year-old Ellie.  Pearl calls her Essie. We refer to her as Ellie/Essie, whose other responsibility is to care for Pearl the dog, who belongs to Pearl the human. Pearl named her dog after herself. She figured as long as she could remember her own name, she could remember that of her dog, and if the day comes when she forgets either, it’s time for them to part ways.

Ellie/Essie is walking to Sanderson’s store. Pearl, Pearl the dog, and Grace live in the apartments above the store.


It’s Sunday and we’re taking the day off. I’m on my way over to see Pearl and Grace, but I really want to see Pearl the dog. I felt real sorry for her yesterday when we were trespassing in that cornfield. Even…

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