Murdo Girl…The old ball and chain

After spending much of the last couple of days going through old pictures, I probably look like our granddaughter Skyler did when her dad held a flower up to her nose…cross-eyed.

Does it smell good, Skyler?

Going way back… I found this picture of Kip with the ball and chain the girls at the bank where he worked made him wear a few days before our wedding.

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll probably remember in the young Murdo Girl stories, my parents insisted I make a trip to New York to visit my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Chuck, and their kids, Abby and Paul. Western Airlines had been on strike for several weeks and I thought their planes would be rusty and I would crash and die before I got to start high school. I had to miss the first week of my freshman year and that seemed like the end of the world to me. This is the postcard I sent home from New York. Marlene was my best friend and Berferd was my dog.

It’s too bad we don’t write letters anymore. Even postcards would be fun to get.

Remember the Aldens package with the Connie like dress I couldn’t wait to get?

I love these pictures of Olivia and Charlie playing in the rain…

I wrote a Christmas play for Kip, Olivia, Mason Jr. and me one year…imagine that! Kip was a reindeer. Looks like one of his antlers is broken. The pictures of Gus playing Santa and Olivia and Seamus staring at each other are Christmas photographs, too.

My son took this picture of my daughter-in-law, Amy. She said she was going out for a run, but I can’t help but notice it looks like she’s about to get into a golf cart. I don’t blame her. It’s a cold Wyoming winter.

Well, I would like to say this has been fun. And it has been for me. I could go on forever and I just might.

Murdo Girl…Lo and behold

This is not going to be a rhyming post. My rhymer is worn out. Besides, I have been going through every one of my printed pictures. Remember those? These photographs are not in the cloud. They’re all over my cottage floor. I’m trying to cull them out a little so when I want one to use in the blog, I’ll know where to find it in hours rather than days. So often, I can see the picture in my mind, but can’t find it in the cloud, on the computer, a memory stick or some other means of storage. I use them all.

I found a few that I hadn’t seen in a while…

This is before I stopped dying my hair gray. The baby is our grandson, Hudson who is seven years old now.

Usually, Kip only wore his dress socks with shorts when he came home from work and changed out of his suit. Even then, the kids would ask him not to wear brown socks with his shorts. Maybe he forgot to pack his white socks when we were on this short vacation. The girl on the right, is Kip’s sister, Karlyce. I’m sure Heidi and Heather refused to be in the picture since Dad had his dress socks on.

These next pictures are rare photographs of Yram’s twin sister, Ecnatsnoc Sicnarf, Nat for short. She is not a crack up reporter. She used to be a pretty sly gumshoe, but sadly, she isn’t able to sneak around undetected anymore. Maybe after the baby is born.

***This was actually a costume I wore for Halloween shortly before we moved from Denver to Dallas. Unbeknownst to me, some tricksters in Denver sent these pictures to Dallas and told them they were recent photographs of their new underwriter. My new Dallas coworkers knew I had been wearing a costume of course, but a couple of them asked me how the baby was doing.

Our office manager in Denver had two babies close together and she wore this dress over and over again. We were all pretty sick of it.

I had someone who babysat for her occasionally get the dress. I came to the office party as Debbie who is blond, and wears glasses. She is much prettier than Nat.

The yellowed newspaper clipping, below, is one Mom sent to me after we moved to Texas. She wanted me to be prepared for roaches. This lady’s mother, who by the way is from Florida, called them palmetto bugs which sounds better than roaches don’t you think?

You won’t believe the things I have run across…well, maybe you will because you know me and what my mom was like. I’m having fun sorting, but I don’t know how many of these treasures I’ll be able to part with.

Murdo Girl…Her card business (or not)

I missed the birthday of a very special friend. (I sent a lame text message when the day was at its end.)

Happy Birthday Card

Sweet Dianna

How can I rectify this terrible fauxpas? I can’t sing happy birthday. The words stick in my craw.

I have no good ideas. I hope this card suffices. I’ll send it in a day or two from one of my devices.

Amber and Bow look so cute…

I love, love, love your new red-netted throne. You can hold court in it and Bow can eat his bone.

Get Well Card

I have a special friend who had an operation. I fear that her recovery won’t be like a vacation

Hello dearest Pat, You’ll soon be good as new. Your shoulder was repaired with a plate and screw or two.

Once you’ve healed a little, you’ll get some therapy. They say those boring exercises really are the key.

All your friends and family are sorry that you fell. They know that you will persevere and they all wish you well.

Tonight I’ll say a prayer and ask God to comfort you. He’ll give you the strength to do what you must do.

I love you many bunches…

You go Pat!


Last week my niece, Erin, calmly celebrated a birthday that I must admit, left me devastated.

She’s the baby of our family, but I hope she doesn’t mind… sharing with her Aunt MG the age of thirty-nine.

A special birthday greeting was privately shared with Erin the day before her big day… Happy Birthday sweet Erin.

Murdo Girl…The outlaws

The four men called themselves “The Outlaws.”

One of them is missing in the photograph herein.

Al Leckey, Bill Francis, Jerry Miller

He was a card-carrying member of “The Outlaws.”

His name was Robert and he lived in Michigan.

By all accounts he liked it there in Michigan.

Robert Haverberg

The guy on the left went by Al.

He lived in Pennsylvania, SD, and Califor-ni-aye

He married a girl from Murdo. (She was quite a gal.)

When Al joined “The Outlaws,” it caused her no dismay.

Yes by all accounts it caused her no dismay.

Jerry is the name of the man on the right.

He was the youngest of all “The Outlaw” guys.

When Jerry spoke, he was always quite polite

Yes Jerry was “The Outlaw” who was easiest on the eyes.

By all accounts he was easy on the eyes.

Bill is “The Outlaw” in the middle.

Of the four “Outlaws” he was the most notorious.

He could quote Shakespeare or riddle you a riddle

He was good natured and his kids were glorious.

Yes, by all accounts Bill’s kids were glorious.

There is a reason why they called themselves “The Outlaws”

They all married daughters of M.E.

Mr. Sanderson said they were son-in-laws not outlaws.

He said, “It’s all the same to me.”

“I gave them my daughters which should have set me free.”

He didn’t want to be set free if you ask me.

By all accounts he never was set free.

M. E. Sanderson
The Sanderson girls…from left. Helen, Elna, Ella, and Loretta
“So Bill, am I an Outlaw or an in-law? “It doesn’t matter, Gus…you’re glorious.”

Murdo Girl…A storybook life

I’m Empress the dancing pig. I thought I’d found a dancing gig.

But when it never did pan out, my owner kicked my pig can out.

She took me to the GW store…My price tag fell onto the floor.

I fear no one will know my worth? My tutu barely fits my girth.

A real strange  nice person wanted me. She said her heart was filled with glee!

Cause no one knew how much I cost. Another chance for me, was lost.

Couldn’t they just take a guess? Then I could be a great success!!

The stranger said not to worry, for tomorrow she would hurry.

She said, “I’ll come and buy you honey, shine your crown, and give you money.

I’ll fill your empty hole inside. You’ll wear that purple crown with pride!”

She said she’d take me off this shelf and teach me to self-help myself.


Well… that glorious life was not to be. Another person purchased me.

She didn’t give me a chance… to show her how this pig can dance.

She took me to an uptown store. Where I will be forever more.

She gave me a close inspection. She wanted me for her collection.

It seems I’m worth thousands more, than the price she paid at the Goodwill Store.

Though now I’m with the big deal pigs, I rather miss my dancing gigs.

Why am I worth so much dough? The me inside still feels hollow.

I was in this store a week or more, when I found a boy pig I adore.

My name is Emperor and I’m a boar. I don’t belong in this uptown store.

I will learn to dance the jig and we’ll find us a dancing gig.

I’m really not the marrying kind, but I fear they’ll make me fried pig rind.

The Emperor and Empress…, soon became a great success.

They danced the jig in every town and raised three piglets who built houses.

Murdo Girl…You don’t know what you don’t know.

She walked into the school room. She looked out of place.

“Don’t sit by me,” I whispered. “Find some other space.”

She was totally disheveled from her head down to her feet.

There was not one thing about her that resembled clean or neat.

She looked my way and I knew at once that she could see me staring.

I guess it might have looked to her like I was rudely glaring.

She had no pride or money one who saw her would assume.

Thankfully, she chose a desk on the far side of the room.

She said, “Excuse me teacher. “I know I look a mess.

I had no time to bathe or put on a nice clean dress.

Late into the night, we heard someone knocking at our door.

A little neighbor asked us to watch, Joe, her Labrador.

A fire was burning in her house and the fire truck was coming.

When the siren started blaring, she knew Joe would take off running.

Mamma held onto Joe and I followed the little waif.

She went to watch the fire and I had to keep her safe.

The house burned to the ground as if it was made of paper-mache.

The family and Joe went to their Grandma’s house to stay.

We just moved to town and it’s my first day at this school.

Though I was late today, I almost never break a rule.

Thank you for your gift of time. I wanted to explain.

Though to worry about my dirty dress will make me appear vain.”

When she sat down at her desk, she looked calmer than before.

I turned my eyes away and began staring at the floor.

I could almost hear the stern voice of my otherwise sweet mother.

“Whatever you surmise, you must never judge another.”

That girl and I are friends, now. The awkward day… we never mention.

I learned my lesson well without further intervention.

Murdo Girl…I was on his mind.

It sounds like the name of a Willie Nelson love song doesn’t it?

It is a love song…but not like Willie’s. His is called, “You were always on my mind.”

We attended the Good Friday service at our church last night and my eyes kept going to the words on the screen that gave the theme of the story our preacher told so beautifully.

I took this inside a church in Rushford, MN

For when he was on the cross, I was on his mind.”

Church the Beasterhops go to

Those very simple words say so much. I asked some friends if there was a song using those words and they didn’t know, so when I got home, I checked YouTube and found this song. It is so beautiful, I thought you might enjoy listening to it this Easter weekend.

Have a blessed Easter…

Meridian, Mississippi

Georgetown, Kentucky

Murdo Girl…Taco Tuesday

I laughed at myself today. I went with my friends, Pat and Jerry to a doctor’s appointment and on the way back we stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch. I knew Jerry would insist on buying, and I didn’t want to run up the bill, but I love the Mocha Frappuccino they have at Dairy Queen and it’s over $3.00. As we were walking in, I noticed a big sign advertising taco Tuesday. On Tuesdays, tacos only cost $1.00. I ordered a Frappuccino and a taco.

I was enjoying my lunch when Jerry made the comment that these days, lunches were pretty expensive even at fast food places. I grabbed the bill to add up how much each of our lunches cost. I knew mine would be the least expensive… I gasped when I saw they had charged $1.99 for my taco. “It should have only been $1.00,” I said.

Jerry said, “Why? It’s not Tuesday.”

“I wish I had known that before I ordered,” I said. “I think having that sign sitting right where it practically hits you in the face makes you think it’s Tuesday and the tacos are $1.00. I didn’t even want a taco. I wouldn’t have ordered it if I had known it wasn’t taco Tuesday and the taco would be $2.00…therefore it didn’t offset my expensive Frappuccino.”

I looked at Pat and Jerry who were enjoying the steak finger basket (Jerry) and the banana split blizzard and French fries, (Pat).

I looked at the receipt again. After adding it up according to what each individual ordered, mine was still the least expensive. The $2.00 taco wasn’t too bad, but Pat and Jerry both had French fries and they sure looked good.

We all laughed… Maybe you had to be there.

Give me a break. I only had four hours sleep last night.