Murdo Girl…In a lifetime

The world has changed in the last hundred years.

Let’s think about that for a minute.

If our grandparents could have been foreseers

Would they have picked now to live in it?

Back then parents raised their kids.

Now, some kids raise their parents.

Today, there aren’t as many forbids.

Back then not as much forbearance.

When Grandpa was a youngster

They had to blow out their lights.

Many years later they reached the juncture

When electricity brightened their nights.

Buckets of water were hauled from a well.

Now, it flows from a faucet.

These days we all talk on our cell

Party lines made it easy to gossip.

The homesteaders life was a gamble

Sometimes it was root hog or die.

For most it was all they could handle.

On hope and a prayer they relied.

The competition today is daunting.

The human spirit has suffered a blow.

Back then they were working not wanting

To reach each new status quo.

We didn’t decide to live now or then.

The choice was not ours to face

A good life doesn’t depend on the when

If we draw strength from God’s love and Grace?