Murdo Girl…What is more?

What is More?

By Mary Francis McNinch

I asked my dad to help me with my school report.
He said, “Not now, my little one, my time is just too short.
I know you’ll understand that I have promises to keep.
I work late every night, while you are fast asleep.
You know that old car of ours? It runs great, but it’s not fancy.
You asked for some new dresses and I said that I would see.
I only want the best for you. I work harder than before,
to make a better living so I can give you what is more.”


Dad went off to work that day and I went off to school.
I saw a friend’s new shoes and they were, oh so cool!
I wished that I could have some shoes exactly like she had.
I couldn’t wait til I got home so I could ask my dad
if I could have new shoes, though my old ones were still new,
I didn’t love them anymore, so they would never do.

When Dad got home from work, I could see that he was weary.
Though it was late, I couldn’t wait to approach him with my query.
He said, “I only want the best for you. I’ll work harder than before
to make a better living so I can give you what is more.”
It seemed no matter what I had, I wanted better stuff.
No matter what Dad gave me, it was never quite enough.
We didn’t talk about it, in fact we hardly talked at all.
Soon all those things around me, did nothing to enthrall.


Dad worked so hard there was no time for us to be together.
In time, it didn’t seem like we were two birds of a feather.
I sometimes questioned why things were so different from before.
Didn’t it mean Dad loved me, when he gave me what is more?

I couldn’t understand, why I felt such discontent.
The feeling came along with me, everywhere I went.
One day, though I was early, I thought I must be late.
I saw my dad out back, leaning up against the gate.
He didn’t see me coming. His expression was intense.
What was he looking for on the other side of the fence?
I stood quietly beside him and I felt him squeeze my hand.
We both gazed straight ahead and I began to understand.


“I see the Beasterhop,” I said. “Can you see him, Dad?”
“He’s riding the same old bicycle. The one he’s always had.”


Then Dad did something he hadn’t done in quite a while.
He waved hello to the Beasterhop and smiled a great big smile.

8-20160131_185014-1 (1) (2)

“He’s hard at work in his garden, Dad. He has bunny mouths to feed.”
Dad sighed and said, “Not to mention all of the other things they need.”
“I remember now,” Dad said, as he stopped and rubbed his chin.

I knew what he was thinking and I couldn’t help but grin.

Dad thought a little longer, still staring straight ahead.
And then he spoke to me, and this is what he said.

“I miss these times my little one. I know that I’m to blame.
I wanted to give you the world, and I played the world’s sad game.
The Beasterhop knows better. I just had two words wrong.
I know the right way now. It’s too bad it took so long.
I thought I had to give you the best of what is more. And so I worked much harder than I had ever worked before.

Our life will change. It won’t be both. It might be either or.
I’ll give you what is best for you, instead of what is more.

We’ll have more time together. We’ll make memories to store. And we’ll be thankful for enough instead of wanting more.”

The Beasterhop looked our way and I thought I saw him wink.
If you have enough… more gives you less. At least that’s what I think.

It’s a way of life much easier to talk about than do.
Please say a prayer for me and I will say a prayer for you.










Murdo Girl…The event

I’ll fill you in on the tiny home as soon as it stops raining…

Well, I’m on my way over to Pearl the human’s. I know you want to hear all about the pep rally fundraiser we had yesterday, but I just don’t feel like I can put it into words. If you really want to know about it, go to Sanderson’s Store and buy yourself a Murdo Coyote Newspaper. I hear that new reporter they hired didn’t miss a thing. She even dug up the whole story behind the big feud between Pearl and Queenie. It’s in the fine print.

Anyway, read all about it…………



Associated Press…….The Feud behind the Fundraiser…by PG, MCN reporter

It was one of those, “You had to be there,” kinda gatherings. All attendees, including this reporter, couldn’t believe what they saw with their very own peepers.

It was wild from the get go. Queenie and Pearl each made a grandiose entrance. Queenie had Mr. Bradley Crandall on one side of her, and the illustrious owner of the Auto Museum on the other, which put Pearl, (who was accompanied by Pearl the Coyote-dog mascot and her longtime friend, Grace who was obviously still in pain from a broken tailbone), at an awkward disadvantage. You see Pearl is raffling off a red convertible from the auto museum, unbeknownst to the owner, who lo and behold was, as reported earlier, riding in Queenie’s car.

The whole event was planned  by Pearl and unbeknownst to her, it was a brilliant plan. Get this! There was an invitational basketball tournament in progress at the auditorium, so there was a huge crowd who soon got wind of the raffle and were more interested in who got the car than the jump ball.

Pearl marched in there with her, made specially for pep rally, purses and set up for business in the lobby.

Queenie set up a pep rally hat stand right beside her.

Then things got crazy. The hats, purses, and band uniform contest got all discombobulated.

wp-1522112982663.jpgWho could decide between Pearl’s purse and Queenie’s pom-pom hat?


The band uniform competition was close. In the end, it was decided the old uniforms weren’t so bad.


Not having to buy new uniforms was a good thing since the merchants were only able to sell $178.00 in tickets, which not only disturbed Pearl, but the owner of the car who didn’t know it was being raffled off.

Mr. G said, “What were you thinking, Pearl?”

Pearl said, “I was just trying to help Queenie, the PTA president, raise money for the not so much needed band uniforms.”

Queenie said, “Since when did you want to help me. I remember when you thought PTA meant, Pass the Appetizers. You brought cheese fondue to our meeting instead of cookies!”

Mr. G, “YOU’RE the one who brought that delicious fondue? Well, Pearl…your heart was in the right place, and a deal is a deal. Go ahead with the drawing.

And the winner is! Who? Someone from Ft. Pierre?

The girls scratched the pep rally. In fact, they both went into the ladie’s room and didn’t come out for the duration. I know one of them is going to be devastated by the loss and the girl from Pierre might have a new best friend.

Signing off for now, your traveling within 8.5 square miles reporter, PG for MCN.

“Can I go for another ride in the red convertible?”

Murdo Girl…A different kind of pep rally

We’ll, I’m not on my way to Pearl the human’s because I haven’t left there, yet. Pearl is over at the Busy Nest planning a Pep Rally fundraiser to help the PTA raise money for new band uniforms. Faith-Hope said Pearl is only doing this because she did something to irritate the President of the PTA, who everybody refers to as Queenie. Queenie is dating Faith-Hope’s Grandpa, so basically, Pearl is trying to get out of hot water with Mr. Crandall and Queenie. The way I look at it, if the school gets new band uniforms out of this crazy idea, it’s a wind, wind situation.

Faith-Hope has on her outfit for the pep rally. I don’t get mine until we get over to the nest. I’m supposed to bring Pearl the dog with me.

I haven’t figured out yet what Pearl did to offend Queenie, but it must have been pretty degredating.

Back to the action…….


“Essie-Ellie, you grab Pearl, and I’ll go check on Aunt Grace. And then we better get on over to the busier than usual Nest before things get too out of hand.”

We went on over there and Pearl let us in, but not before she looked up and down Main Street to make sure nobody was spying on us. She took us to the meditation slash Elixerfixer room and handed me two costumes. One was for me, and the other one was for Pearl the dog. Pearl was dressed in her second orange and black outfit of the day. I wondered if Queenie had any idea what was about to hit her.

Pearl began giving us our band marching orders….get it? (The band is getting new uniforms.)

” Girls…before we head on over to the auditorium, I need to let you know how this is all going to go down. Our mission is to get Murdo excited about the new uniforms. The object is to raise money, and Pearl here knows how to bring in the cash. I’ve already dropped off rolls of tickets at all of the businesses in town. All of the merchants are going to sell raffle tickets. We’re raffling off the red convertible that’s housed in the Auto Museum.

“Wow, Grams,” Faith-Hope exclaimed! “I can’t believe Mr. G is going to donate the red convertible! How did you talk him into that one?”


“Well, I haven’t exactly talked to him about it yet, but by the time he gets wind of it, I’ll have thought of a way. Now…get on over to the auditorium. Queenie the weenie will probably already be there and I don’t want her to get a leg-up on the competition. Here, grab some of my handbags that are specially designed for pep rallies, and let’s go!”


“Wait, Gram. What do you mean by competition? This whole thing is starting to make my eye twitch and there’s nothing more ridiculous looking than a twenty-three year old cheerleader with a twitching eye.”


‘You fuss too much, Faith. It’ll be fine. Queenie and I are each submitting a design for the new band uniforms. It’s winner take all.”

“Winner take all of what Grams?…Sheesh!”


Pearl and Queenie’s Pep Rally warm-up

wp-1522101496842.png“Good afternoon Coyote fans. I’m PG, which stands for Presho Girl. I was recently hired by the MCN (Murdo Coyote News) to report everybody’s business…clear back to 50 years ago, business. I’ll just be reporting the Murdo folk’s gossip and mudslinging. I got hired because I don’t have a relationship to unsavory things that have been swept under the rug within 8.5 square miles of Murdo. It would be 9 miles, but there was that unfortunate incident near Draper last year and I was found to be a little lopsided with my drawings of the scandal. I’m banned from drawing photographs, but I have a photographic memory and I just got a brownie camera at a garage sale. I don’t even have to take notes if I don’t want to, though I usually wear a pencil in my ear, well not in my ear, above my ear. I think it helps me look more professional…blah, blah, blah…”

“PG…pay attention! Here comes Queenie!”


And here comes Pearl… and Look! Pearl has Pearl the coyote-dog!! Yay… Pearl the Coyote-dog!!! (everybody loves Pearl the Coyote-dog.)


Tomorrow…..The competition for the best uniform design


Oh yeah…I almost forgot the pep rally…and the drawing for the red convertible!

And…A tiny house update

Murdo Girl…Pearl’s pep rally

I’m on my way to Pearl the human’s. I probably won’t have to walk Pearl the dog ’cause Faith-Hope has been walking her ever since she got here last week. I’m sort of contorted about how I feel about her. She’s a real California girl. She has long, straight-ish hair, and she’s really pretty. Pearl and Grace fawn all over her and brag about her to everyone who will listen to them. I don’t mind so much except I miss Pearl the dog. We haven’t spent much time together since Grace broke her tailbone and Pearl the dog has been kinda my best friend for a long time now.


Thank the Lord, Grace is doing better. She still walks funny, but she went back to her flats with the rubber bands holding them on. She’s worn them for so many years, I guess her feet are trained to walk straight in them. Pearl said that a orthodontist could fit her in better shoes, which seems kinda weird to me, but Grace doesn’t want to listen to Pearl.

Well, I’m not there yet, but I almost am.


“I’m not sure who to tell this too, but I’m here! Is anybody home?”

I heard Pearl yell from her front room. When I got in there, I noticed she was by herself, and she was doing something I hadn’t seen her do for a while. She was smoking air cigarettes.


“Are you still upset over the Methodist Church basement cooks and their sunrise service tea, Pearl?”

“Heavens no, Essie. I handled that days ago. They settled right down when they found out the tea didn’t have anything sinful in it. When I told them it was made from brewed tea and Tang with a couple of cinnamon sticks thrown in, they decided to serve it at all of their functions. I’ll still make a profit because they don’t know how long to brew the tea and the exact amount of Tang it takes to make it taste as delightful as I’ve convinced them only I can make it. Plus, I have given them the power of exclusivity. Sounds rather heavenly, doesn’t it?  I already talked to the Lutherans, anyway, but they weren’t interested in playing second fiddle to the Methodists.”

“Then why are you taking all the long draws on the air cigarette, Pearl?”

“Well, I’m nervous about Faith. She went south of sixteen to see her grandfather, Mr. Crandall. He bought the house Faith’s mother, Constance grew up in. I don’t think you know this, but Mr. Crandall has been seeing a woman I don’t get along with and I’m sure he’s going to convince Faith that I’ve been, well, meddling in his affairs, and I know she won’t approve.”

“Shh…here she comes. Faith…is that you, dear? Essie and I are in the front room!”

Hope came through the door, threw her purse on the floor and plopped down in a chair.

“Well, that was interesting, Grams,” she said. “Hi Ellie…get ready, you’re about to witness a showdown. “Grams over there has stirred it up again. You are too much, Grams. You are just too much!”

“Well, now, Faith…I’m ever so sorry, but I must run to Pearl’s Busy Nest. I have a busy meeting there in just a few minutes. In the meantime, I have a surprise for you! I know how much you enjoyed being a Murdo High School cheerleader. Well, being the community supporter that I am, I have planned a phenomenal event to help the PTA raise funds for new band uniforms. Anyway, change to the outfit in your room and come to the Nest as soon as you can so we can continue with this phenomenal plan of mine. Essie…there will be an outfit for you at the Nest…chop, chop, girls…I’m off!”

Hope went into her room and changed. She was laughing when she came back out.

“I can see right through those fake glasses of Gram’s and tell what she’s up to. Grandpa Crandall’s new girlfriend is the head of the PTA. They refer to her as Queenie. Grams is in a pickle, Ellie, and she is burning rubber trying to smooth it over. I just love watching her in action. I’m so glad I got back here in time for this!”


“How do I look as a twenty-three year old cheerleader, Ellie?”



To be continued…..Pearl gives new meaning to the cheer, “Orange and Black, Fight, Fight!!”


Murdo Girl…It’s all coming together

I had a difficult time getting going tonight. Usually, once I decide what I’m in the mood to write about, the blog writes itself. I will show you pictures of the house. It’s on the lot now, but it’s not leveled and attached, and nothing is hooked up. I’ll put some on here, anyway, because It has to do with the other thing I’m going to write about.

Kip and I went out to, “the property,” today to investigate and do what we could inside. We lowered all the blinds and removed all of the tie-downs used to keep everything in place while it was being transported. It made it just fine. See that little machine that is moving the house into place? It is tiny, but powerful and operates by remote. That’s how they can get these houses into tight spots.

Yesterday, our friends, Scott and Fran, who live just a few blocks away, stopped by to watch. Another friend, Bear, road his motorcycle over to see our new home reach it’s destination. In the first picture, below, Fran is getting ready to give Bear a leg-up. (We’re saving up for steps and a sidewalk.)

Back to today. Have you ever felt sort of…off? You might call it something different, but I’d be willing to bet, you have. We’ve been extremely preoccupied with getting the house moved. It was exciting to see it come home, but now we have to wait for the electricity, sewer and water to be connected, before we can get the skirting/siding completed and we can move in. We are at the mercy of others, so we must practice patience and be grateful that so much has gone right. It’s supposed to rain next week, but I’m sure nothing too terrible will happen.

All of that is part of my feeling off, but not the whole of it. The Easter season is upon us. I have been feeling disappointed that I didn’t finish my Beastertown book in time for all of the little kiddos to get one for Easter. I realize, now, that it wasn’t the right time for part two, or least I wasn’t ready to write it.

Today, some other friends, Barbara and Ron, came by to see the house and Barbara brought me two new Easter bunnies. They are the cutest things. I decided I would take some pictures of them, tonight, and write a little story. I’m a little challenged to find suitable photo backgrounds in the RV, so I dug out an old chest that I keep some important mementos in. When I was growing up, it was our family picture box. Gus gave it to me a couple of years ago and it has become one of my most treasured possessions.

I dug inside the little chest and found a glass box that my sister-in-law, Karlyce, gave me a few years ago. Inside the glass box there was a little glass heart, and inside the heart, a beautiful Angel. She’s rather tiny.


It occurred to me that I was really getting into the Beasterhops and Beastertown, but I was forgetting to write about Jesus and the Angels. Don’t get me wrong, the Beasterhops are a big part of the vision I had when I wrote We Shall See what We Shall See. It is all about believing and imagining.

The story goes that Easter Bunnies, who we all know have lots of babies, became the symbol of new life. The Easter Bunny decorates and gives gifts of eggs…also a symbol of new life.

On Easter Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. 

The story of Easter week, which begins tomorrow on Palm Sunday, is a beautiful affirmation of the power of good.

The Beasterhop is a made-up character, who represents the importance of trying to lead a life where kindness, love, and concern for the well-being of others is the only way to find true and lasting happiness?

I will write the book. And it will be all about Beastertown and the rabbits and bunnies who live in the city with the shining crown, but I won’t leave out Jesus and the Angels watching over all.

**So many friends have contributed to my Easter Bunny collection. I can’t tell you what it has meant to me. I’m including the giver of the crown that I use for the shining town, and the pictures of bunnies from others who live far away. What I’m trying to say is,  “Thanks to all of you friends and readers who have come to know and love the beasterhop.”

Murdo Girl…Over Beaster Hill we will go

The tiny tipsters will be moving Beastertown to it’s new location on the other side of Beaster Hill sometime within the next couple of weeks. Things are moving quickly now, but this last phase can’t move fast enough as far as I’m concerned.

The concrete pad for the RV and carport was poured today and boy does it look big. Kip commented that it looks a lot different in real life than it does on paper. I think he is doing an excellent job as a subcontractor, of sorts. I went to the site mid-morning just in time to watch the cement dry for a bit. It wasn’t much more exciting than watching paint dry, but tomorrow, MG will be there with bells on to watch the tiny home arrive. We don’t have an ETA yet, but it should get there early as under optical conditions, it’s only a thirty minute drive from the factory.

The hard part is going to be waiting for the sewer, water, and electricity to be hooked up. You know how hard it is to get utility companies to hurry. After the house gets set tomorrow, the concrete guys will come back, (early next week), to pour the driveway. The skirting/siding can’t be completed until the utilities are hooked up. The coordination at the end of the project might very well be a pleasant surprise or it could be frustrating. Believe me, we are very grateful that everything so far has happened like it was meant to be…

Here are some pictures I took of the Tiny Tipster house, yesterday. The refrigerator and stove-top are in, and the tile is completed. I keep rearranging furniture in my head and trying to decide what will fit. One thing is certain. There is a lot more storage than you would ever think possible. I have some ideas that I can’t wait to try and implement. It will be small, but it will be fun.


The bar/counter will seat three and the island, shown further down, will also seat three. Go casual, or go home. Don’t forget the recliners and Cindie’s recliner couch….and the deck.
What looks like wood on the wall, is a reflection in the bathroom medicine cabinet mirror.
My kitchen island is laying on the floor waiting for a second coat of stain. They build all of the cabinets right there onsite.


Mayor Beasterhop went to bed with a cold wet cloth resting on his head.

Tomorrow is just a day away. Just like in that Broadway play.

And I haven’t seen hide nor hare of a Beastertown bunny anywhere.

Will they try to call my bluff? Haven’t I suffered quite enough?

I will follow Murdo Girl wherever she may go. There isn’t an ocean too deep or a mountain so high it will keep me away….even Beaster Hill…unless there’s another way.

“Hmm…can we talk?” His dear Bunny requested. “Don’t tackle this until you’ve rested.

Or you won’t be worth one nickel. Remember, you are the rabbit that rides a bicycle.


Beastertown, is wherever you may go, and there is something else you should know. 


To leave Murdo Girl would be absurd. For you couldn’t utter another word.”

“You have a point,” said the Beasterhop. “She even gave me a Beasterhop hop.”


To be continued. Pictures of the tiny abode at the destination location, tomorrow….

We will have more of Faith-Hope and Essie-Ellie next week…



Murdo Girl…Essie-Ellie meets Faith-Hope

I’m on my way to Pearl’s rooms above the store. Something is up. I know this because Pearl said she would still be at home when I arrived and it was very important that I be on time…As if I was ever late. If I’m going to be late for something, I don’t go. That’s just the way I am. I’m usually so early, I’m tired of where I am before all the rest of the people even get there. If you can read me, I’m mad! I’m pretty sure I’m going to get blamed for what happened, yesterday. It might have been a little bit my fault, but I still shouldn’t get blamed because I’m not quite emotionally old enough to fully understand what I did. I’m a little bit emotionally stunted…yes, that’s it…I’m emotionally stunted. It happens to some kids and it can take time to bring emotionally stunted kids emotions up to speed. I’m more than willing to do the work, but I just need everybody to back off a little.

Well, I’m not there yet, but I almost am.


“Hi Pearl, Hi Pearl the dog, I’m here are you?”

“I said, hi Pearl, hi Pearl the dog, I’m here, are you?” They must be over at Grace’s. I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to go over there this morning.

“Hi, Grace, hi Pearl the dog, I’m here, are you.”

“Come on down the hall. Grace and I are in her room.”

I did not know that voice, but I went down the hall and was about to open the door to Grace’s room when someone opened it from the other side. It was a girl. She was really pretty and she looked pretty old…maybe twenty-three.

“Hi,” she said. “You must be Essie-Ellie. I’m Faith-Hope and I’m glad to finally meet you. Aunt Grace finally fell asleep. Let’s go wait for Grams in her kitchen. I could really use a good cup of coffee.”


“You are Pearl the human’s granddaughter! You came here to straighten everything out didn’t you, Faith-Hope? Wow that was fast!” I started to explain my side of the situation, but she interrupted me.

“Heavens no, Essie-Ellie. I’m not crazy enough to try to make sense of anything Grams and Aunt Grace do. Why do you think I live so far away? I’m crazy about both of them, but I’m not crazy like them. Would you like a cup of coffee?”

I couldn’t believe this cool older girl was offering me coffee. She seemed so…polished… like a gem. And I was pretty sure her emotions weren’t stunted.

“Yes, please,” I said. “I like mine so thick you can stand a spoon up in it. Here’s the sugar and I’ll get the milk from Pearl’s ice box. Would you like me to get some saucers of leftovers out, too?”

“Only if there’s cherry pie in there. I’m sorry Grams made you come over here so early. She ran to the Busy Nest for a minute, but she’ll be right back. Pearl the dog shot out of here like a bullet and jumped right in the pink Cadillac. When did she start riding in the car? She used to hate it.”


“When Grace broke her tailbone, I guess. Did Pearl and Grace tell you what happened yesterday?” I had to get it out. The memory of it was stunting my emotions so much, I was afraid I was going to become downright emotionless.

“Do you mean the little incident with the Methodist Church basement cooks?”

This Faith-Hope was growing on me, but I didn’t want to appear gulpable, so I kept my answer short.


“Sit down and drink your milk and sugar with a little coffee in it. Grams is not going to lose the business of this whole town because you told the church basement cooks her Sunrise Service Tea was made with Tang. Although, it would have been easier for them to swallow if you hadn’t told them the Tang Tea had been specially blessed by John Glenn on his Mercury flight last year. Church ladies aren’t quite ready to think about men in space. It doesn’t sound heavenly to them. I, myself, think with the sun, and the stars and the oceans and the heavens…It all makes perfect sense.

Don’t worry about it, Essie-Ellie. Just like everything else in this town, it will all blow over and Grams will be onto something new anyway. Have you seen her Pearl’s Girls?”

“Thanks, Faith-Hope. I just can’t lose my job at Pearl’s Busy Nest. It’s all I have in this world to keep me interested in the lives of others. You dress cute. Pearl says you attended college long enough to be a brain surgeon. Are you a doctor?”

“No, I live in California now. I own Pilgrim’s Bakery. (Just kidding.)

wp-1521674024314.jpg I’m a fashion designer. I guess you could say I get my fashion style from Grams…But please don’t.


Murdo Girl…Ellie, Grace, and Pearl the dog

Correction: Ellie/Essie

Well, I’m on my way over to Pearl the human’s to take Pearl the dog for a walk. But guess what? I don’t have to spend the day worrying about Grace and her donut pillow. Remember, she fell off her new shoes and broke her tailbone. Pearl doesn’t make a whole lot of mistakes, but when she talked Grace into giving up her little black flats held on with  rubber bands, she caused us trouble like you’ve never seen, before.

On the face of her, Grace is a pretty tolerable elderly lady, but if she’s in pain, her sweet demeaness goes right out the window. The lady downstairs at Sanderson’s Store was convinced Pearl and I were torturing Grace. What did she think we would do? Burn her with one of Pearl’s air cigarettes?

Pearl and I were in discomfort, too. Grace was simpering and in need day and night for days and nights. I sure hope she’s doing better, today.

Pearl told me I was to make sure Grace was propped up on her side and had everything she would need to get her through the day, and then I could go on over to Pearl’s Busy Nest and help her fill the little blue bottles with Elixerfixer. The busy season is upon us, and we need to be ready.


Grace is able to get up and use the bathroom, but it’s just really hard on us to watch her make that trip down the hall.

Well, I’m not there yet, but I almost am.


“Hi Grace, Hi Pearl the dog…I’m here. Are you?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! We are here!” I heard Grace loud and clear, but I didn’t hear a whimper out of Pearl the dog. She had to be dying to get outside. I was sure I would have to yank her collar and beg to get her to come back in to spend the day with Grace. I felt bad, but not bad enough to stick around any longer than I had to. I mean, do I look stupid?


“Hi, Grace. Where is Pearl the dog? Is she hiding under your bed?”

“Oh, Ellie. You can see her from here. She’s at the kitchen door. She’s just sitting there staring at that door. She’s been like that all morning. She won’t even look at me.”


“Well, I’ll get her to go outside. It’s probably been a while since she went out with Pearl.”

“It hasn’t been that long, Ellie. Pearl had to drop pieces of the leftover meatloaf I was going to have for noon dinner to get her to move. She even had the leash on her, but she wouldn’t budge. The boy who rides the ladder back and forth along the wall to stock the shelves at the store, pushed Pearl the dog’s back-end while Pearl dropped meatloaf. Do you know what I heard him say when they finally got the poor dog inside?

He said, “I’m sorry girl, You’re in for another harrowing day with Miss Graceless. Howl down the vent if she gets too intolerable.”


Doesn’t he have any sympathy for a poor old woman with a slow-healing buttocks?


“Grace, do you remember when Pearl was giving me all those life lessons…like how to convince people to be manipulated without them knowing they were going to do what they never would have done…in the past?”

“I do remember, Ellie. What would Pearl say to do in a case like this?”


“I don’t know for sure, Grace. She got tired of teaching me before we got to understanding the inner-workings of the mind of a boy who rides the ladder up and down the wall stocking shelves at a grocery store. I’ll be back with Pearl the dog in a minute. Is there any meatloaf left?”

I have to admit, I felt slightly bad when I escaped that morning. I was not cut out to be a caretaker. Pearl said Grace really drew the short straw when she got us to nurse her back to health. We even tried Pearl’s Elixerfixer, but that just made for more painful trips down the hall. Pearl said if she’d had a little more adjusting time, it could have been a powerful cure, but Pearl’s just got too many irons in the fire.

She’s concocting a special tea for the Methodist Church basement cooks to serve before the Sunrise Easter Service. It’s guaranteed to make the congregation stick around for the sermon. I’m pretty sure the secret ingredient is Tang. Pearl says vitamin C is a much overlooked pick-me-up.

The Basement Cooks

Right after Easter, Pearl is going to reveal her latest contribution to high society fashion. She will be debutaunting her younger as well as her more mature self in the form of Pearl’s Girls. Every child from here to Sioux Falls and back to Rapid City is sure to beg for one of Pearl’s Girls.


Pearl got really whistful one day when she was talking about being one of Murdo’s first interpinaters.

She said, “Essie, did you know we didn’t have Tang or plastic when I was growing up? Now, those two ingredients are going to keep Pearl’s Busy Nest flying high.”

“Yup,” I said. “Just like those two astronauts who invented them!”

Murdo Girl…Over Beasterhop Hill

With Beastertown all in a fluster, the shining crown was losing it’s luster.

Easter Sunday would soon be here. When would the Easter eggs appear?

The streets of Beastertown were bare. There was no bustling here nor there.

(For goodness sakes…Didn’t they read the book?)

Mayor Beasterhop strolled outside. He knew he must forgo his pride.

There was no use getting all emotional. The tiny house transfer was non-negotiable.

Mrs. Beasterhop said, “You might find this surprising, but I’m cool with downsizing!”


“I’m tired of hoeing carrots and lettuce. We need not let this move upset us.”

Mayor Beasterhop looked at his dear, Bunny. Was she serious or being funny?

wp-1521513233827.jpgHe said, “What about Beastertown? The city with the shining crown?

I’ve tried to talk to every rabbit. But move?…They just won’t have it!”

Mrs. Beasterhop smiled.

“Do you fear you’ll take a spill, if you ride your bike up Beasterhop Hill?”

To be continued…

Kip watching the progress on the RV Port.

I’m still just visiting at the factory. They will be moving me onto the lot, Thursday or Friday


Backslash up in the kitchen…ceiling light and fan in living room

Paper towel holder on sale for $3…I didn’t get it!

Murdo Girl…A belated top of the morning to you

PG: Ring, ring…hey KK, how much does it cost to put an ad in the paper?

KK: Five bucks an inch. Why? What are you selling?

PG: A ten foot ladder…(click)

KK: Hey PG…did you hear about the call old Mr. O’Leary got from the Doc? He had good news and bad news.

PG: What was the good news, KK?

KK: The doc told old Mr O’Leary he only had 24 hours to live.

PG: Begosh and begoshan, KK! What was the bad news?

KK: Behuh? That’s just what old Mr. O’ Leary asked him.

PG: Boil me a potato and tell me what the doc said, already!!

KK: He said, “The bad news is, I’ve been trying to contact you since yesterday.

PG: Hey, KK…What do you call an Irish man on a couch?

KK: Oh, I don’t know…Paddy O’Furniture?

Sad, huh? Wanna play Irish frisbee? I learned it from me da…