Murdo Girl…Pearl’s pep rally

I’m on my way to Pearl the human’s. I probably won’t have to walk Pearl the dog ’cause Faith-Hope has been walking her ever since she got here last week. I’m sort of contorted about how I feel about her. She’s a real California girl. She has long, straight-ish hair, and she’s really pretty. Pearl and Grace fawn all over her and brag about her to everyone who will listen to them. I don’t mind so much except I miss Pearl the dog. We haven’t spent much time together since Grace broke her tailbone and Pearl the dog has been kinda my best friend for a long time now.


Thank the Lord, Grace is doing better. She still walks funny, but she went back to her flats with the rubber bands holding them on. She’s worn them for so many years, I guess her feet are trained to walk straight in them. Pearl said that a orthodontist could fit her in better shoes, which seems kinda weird to me, but Grace doesn’t want to listen to Pearl.

Well, I’m not there yet, but I almost am.


“I’m not sure who to tell this too, but I’m here! Is anybody home?”

I heard Pearl yell from her front room. When I got in there, I noticed she was by herself, and she was doing something I hadn’t seen her do for a while. She was smoking air cigarettes.


“Are you still upset over the Methodist Church basement cooks and their sunrise service tea, Pearl?”

“Heavens no, Essie. I handled that days ago. They settled right down when they found out the tea didn’t have anything sinful in it. When I told them it was made from brewed tea and Tang with a couple of cinnamon sticks thrown in, they decided to serve it at all of their functions. I’ll still make a profit because they don’t know how long to brew the tea and the exact amount of Tang it takes to make it taste as delightful as I’ve convinced them only I can make it. Plus, I have given them the power of exclusivity. Sounds rather heavenly, doesn’t it?  I already talked to the Lutherans, anyway, but they weren’t interested in playing second fiddle to the Methodists.”

“Then why are you taking all the long draws on the air cigarette, Pearl?”

“Well, I’m nervous about Faith. She went south of sixteen to see her grandfather, Mr. Crandall. He bought the house Faith’s mother, Constance grew up in. I don’t think you know this, but Mr. Crandall has been seeing a woman I don’t get along with and I’m sure he’s going to convince Faith that I’ve been, well, meddling in his affairs, and I know she won’t approve.”

“Shh…here she comes. Faith…is that you, dear? Essie and I are in the front room!”

Hope came through the door, threw her purse on the floor and plopped down in a chair.

“Well, that was interesting, Grams,” she said. “Hi Ellie…get ready, you’re about to witness a showdown. “Grams over there has stirred it up again. You are too much, Grams. You are just too much!”

“Well, now, Faith…I’m ever so sorry, but I must run to Pearl’s Busy Nest. I have a busy meeting there in just a few minutes. In the meantime, I have a surprise for you! I know how much you enjoyed being a Murdo High School cheerleader. Well, being the community supporter that I am, I have planned a phenomenal event to help the PTA raise funds for new band uniforms. Anyway, change to the outfit in your room and come to the Nest as soon as you can so we can continue with this phenomenal plan of mine. Essie…there will be an outfit for you at the Nest…chop, chop, girls…I’m off!”

Hope went into her room and changed. She was laughing when she came back out.

“I can see right through those fake glasses of Gram’s and tell what she’s up to. Grandpa Crandall’s new girlfriend is the head of the PTA. They refer to her as Queenie. Grams is in a pickle, Ellie, and she is burning rubber trying to smooth it over. I just love watching her in action. I’m so glad I got back here in time for this!”


“How do I look as a twenty-three year old cheerleader, Ellie?”



To be continued…..Pearl gives new meaning to the cheer, “Orange and Black, Fight, Fight!!”


4 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Pearl’s pep rally

  1. scoper07 March 27, 2018 / 10:20 am

    What a wonderful cast of characters you have going here MG. So much fun to read. Seems like I am always behind in your blog. Anyway great story!!


  2. sanjuan831 March 26, 2018 / 7:16 pm

    Queenie looks familiar. That cheerleader isn’t right for the part. She’s a fake or maybe I mean a flake. Then again, anyone who walks dogs and likes them is all right in my book, or Maybe I mean nook. Californians, hmmm.


    • Mary Francis McNinch March 26, 2018 / 10:16 pm

      Just a couple of more episodes and then you can go back to California if you want to. I was missing you a little. Billy sent me a fab pic of Grandma and Grandpa taken at the cabin on the day they had the accident. Margarete Bowers wrote in detail on it. I will post it soon.


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