Murdo Girl…A different kind of pep rally

We’ll, I’m not on my way to Pearl the human’s because I haven’t left there, yet. Pearl is over at the Busy Nest planning a Pep Rally fundraiser to help the PTA raise money for new band uniforms. Faith-Hope said Pearl is only doing this because she did something to irritate the President of the PTA, who everybody refers to as Queenie. Queenie is dating Faith-Hope’s Grandpa, so basically, Pearl is trying to get out of hot water with Mr. Crandall and Queenie. The way I look at it, if the school gets new band uniforms out of this crazy idea, it’s a wind, wind situation.

Faith-Hope has on her outfit for the pep rally. I don’t get mine until we get over to the nest. I’m supposed to bring Pearl the dog with me.

I haven’t figured out yet what Pearl did to offend Queenie, but it must have been pretty degredating.

Back to the action…….


“Essie-Ellie, you grab Pearl, and I’ll go check on Aunt Grace. And then we better get on over to the busier than usual Nest before things get too out of hand.”

We went on over there and Pearl let us in, but not before she looked up and down Main Street to make sure nobody was spying on us. She took us to the meditation slash Elixerfixer room and handed me two costumes. One was for me, and the other one was for Pearl the dog. Pearl was dressed in her second orange and black outfit of the day. I wondered if Queenie had any idea what was about to hit her.

Pearl began giving us our band marching orders….get it? (The band is getting new uniforms.)

” Girls…before we head on over to the auditorium, I need to let you know how this is all going to go down. Our mission is to get Murdo excited about the new uniforms. The object is to raise money, and Pearl here knows how to bring in the cash. I’ve already dropped off rolls of tickets at all of the businesses in town. All of the merchants are going to sell raffle tickets. We’re raffling off the red convertible that’s housed in the Auto Museum.

“Wow, Grams,” Faith-Hope exclaimed! “I can’t believe Mr. G is going to donate the red convertible! How did you talk him into that one?”


“Well, I haven’t exactly talked to him about it yet, but by the time he gets wind of it, I’ll have thought of a way. Now…get on over to the auditorium. Queenie the weenie will probably already be there and I don’t want her to get a leg-up on the competition. Here, grab some of my handbags that are specially designed for pep rallies, and let’s go!”


“Wait, Gram. What do you mean by competition? This whole thing is starting to make my eye twitch and there’s nothing more ridiculous looking than a twenty-three year old cheerleader with a twitching eye.”


‘You fuss too much, Faith. It’ll be fine. Queenie and I are each submitting a design for the new band uniforms. It’s winner take all.”

“Winner take all of what Grams?…Sheesh!”


Pearl and Queenie’s Pep Rally warm-up

wp-1522101496842.png“Good afternoon Coyote fans. I’m PG, which stands for Presho Girl. I was recently hired by the MCN (Murdo Coyote News) to report everybody’s business…clear back to 50 years ago, business. I’ll just be reporting the Murdo folk’s gossip and mudslinging. I got hired because I don’t have a relationship to unsavory things that have been swept under the rug within 8.5 square miles of Murdo. It would be 9 miles, but there was that unfortunate incident near Draper last year and I was found to be a little lopsided with my drawings of the scandal. I’m banned from drawing photographs, but I have a photographic memory and I just got a brownie camera at a garage sale. I don’t even have to take notes if I don’t want to, though I usually wear a pencil in my ear, well not in my ear, above my ear. I think it helps me look more professional…blah, blah, blah…”

“PG…pay attention! Here comes Queenie!”


And here comes Pearl… and Look! Pearl has Pearl the coyote-dog!! Yay… Pearl the Coyote-dog!!! (everybody loves Pearl the Coyote-dog.)


Tomorrow…..The competition for the best uniform design


Oh yeah…I almost forgot the pep rally…and the drawing for the red convertible!

And…A tiny house update

4 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…A different kind of pep rally

  1. scoper07 March 28, 2018 / 10:56 am

    I’m really torn on which band uniform to select. I guess I prefer the one that comes with a carbine rifle. And that 27 year old cheerleader looks familiar. I might have seen her someplace.

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    • Mary Francis McNinch March 29, 2018 / 5:39 am

      They decided to keeo the old ones 07. I hated those scratchy wool uniforms.😝


  2. sanjuan831 March 26, 2018 / 10:57 pm

    Where do we drop off our forms for the red convertible drawing?
    How much pep do you need to be in a Pep Rally? Where do I apply for best uniform design?

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    • Mary Francis McNinch March 26, 2018 / 11:07 pm

      You have to buy raffle tickets at Sanderson’s Store for the convertible, you can drink Pearl’s sunrise service tea for pep, and I’m confused by the 3rd one. Do you want to design a uniform or vote?


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