Murdo Girl…Kitty Reynolds changed my life

I was telling everyone at lunch, yesterday about the time I gave Mom’s Kitty Reynolds original to a little friend’s mother. One day, Mom saw the lady walking down the street with all of her kids in tow. She was wearing Mom’s skirt. Since it was a Kitty original, there was no passing it off as anything but what is was. A “Robin Hood” gesture.

The story below features another Kitty original. My treasured red tulle and taffeta formal.

Independence Day

I went outside to get some air. My day had done me in.

No matter how much or hard I tried, I just couldn’t win.

I had a cold, my car broke down, and I was truly busted.

I was too sick to go to work. My thoughts could not be trusted.

The air conditioner didn’t cool and it was hot as Hades.

My husband left me high and dry and went off chasing ladies.

As I sat there on the stoop, something shiny caught my eye.

There was a festive kid’s parade about to pass me by.

My cousin, Mark on my horse, Governor

I saw a small red wagon.. pulled by a horse no less

And in a chair there sat a Queen. She wore a long red dress.

She waved with one hand, and held on tightly with the other.

The little chair slid back and forth, first one way then another.

The other kids were close enough to help the regal Queen.

As they marched along each child’s smile was as bright as I have seen.

A tiny marching majorette proudly led the way

And we were all reminded it was Independence Day.

I watched the little Queen travel up the gravel road.

She turned her head to look at me and understanding flowed.

It was then I realized the shine that caught my eye

Was from a homemade tinfoil crown atop a head held high.

I never have forgotten though it happened long ago.

She looked at me as if to say, ” You’re stronger than you know.”

Taken at my 65th birthday in Galveston…