Murdo Girl…Waiting for the train

There was once a beautiful smile on my little boy’s face.

A forlorn expression has taken it’s place.

His daddy had to part with us. Or should I say we with him.

He feared our country would be destroyed on an evil man’s whim.

What began as a worry turned to fear and then disbelief.

Peace of mind was taken from us by a murderous thief.

Forever has changed

There is no looking back. There is nothing there to see.

The good life we had was in a place we’re forced to flee.

Before today, there had never been anything that could compare

to this gut-wrenching vision of despair.

Forever has changed

You might think you can feel our pain, but you can not. You might feel it for a moment, but then your mind goes to a less menacing thought.

I understand. We were the same way, once. We didn’t stand in line for a loaf of bread as we listened for bombs overhead.

We left Johnny’s new puppy. He couldn’t go on the train. It was heartbreaking to watch the violent tears that came.

Forever has changed

“Here it comes, Johnny. The whistle is so loud. We must hurry and get on the train. There will be a large crowd.”

“Where are we going, Momma?”

Where indeed.

How do you tell a little boy you don’t know where he will sleep or who will provide the things he’ll need?

Can we take solice in the knowledge that the world is not controlled by evil? That good men can take things from the hands of the devil?

They argue. Is it a big war or a small war? What is it all for? Our future has changed, but our faith will last forever.

Those still living will fight for our freedom. Will we give up?



Pray for our families and the little boys and girls who have lost their lives.

It only takes a few good men to stand by and do nothing for evil to win.

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