Murdo Girl…Easter is a joyful time

Some only believe what they can see which isn’t always right.

Below is another excerpt from the book, We Shall See what We Shall See. It’s a message to children about the importance of faith in our lives.

Faith is knowing all is well in darkness and in light.

Walk in faith dear child and let your goodness show.

You know you can believe, and I know your faith will grow…

    For we shall see, what we shall see.

Close your eyes and it will be.

We never have to be without, the love of God within.

My love for you fills up my heart much more than ten times ten.

We can’t physically see what is in someone’s heart, but we can know that every one of us has a cross to bear. I remember my mother saying those words when I expressed my uninformed opinion about someone else’s seemingly charmed life.

I am far from a shining example of a person who lives the kind of life my creator wants for me. Some days I do better than others. The happiest people I know have a strong faith that if they are in the throes of a bleak “Good Friday,” they can have faith that a beautiful “Easter Sunday” is coming. We need a crucified and risen Lord so that we can believe His message to us.

I hope you have a blessed Easter and if you are carrying a heavy cross, may you feel the load lightened as you experience the joy and the spirit of Easter we celebrate today.

Photo borrowed from a friend.