Murdo Girl…Hard Labor

It was a day to remember. We have been dealing with a couple of digging dogs and it became our mission to STOP the destruction of our back yard. We purchased several rolls of wire fencing, called daughter, Heidi to enlist her help, and spent the day filling holes. We rolled out and pinned down wire hoping to foil the diggers. Kip was the Boss Man as he has not fully recovered from his back surgery and is unable to lift, bend, or twist his core. Heidi and I did all of that…many, many, times.

Heidi had a date and had to leave early, so we knocked off around 3:00, but I will continue tomorrow. I want this done so badly and I really think it is a brilliant idea. The grass will grow right through the wire and we can even mow over the top of it.

During the day, I was reminded of this song. It was on one of the 260 albums we collected over the years…I think you can Iisten to it while watching the short video.

I didn’t do any of this in my 60’s…