Murdo Girl…Hafty Birthday Cuz!!

I’m posting something extra today because a very special person is having a birthday tomorrow and I thought we should start the celebration early!

Cousin Val means more to me than my sister, if I had one. She means more to me than my best friend who lives next door, if I had one. She is the kind of person I would want by my side if I ever got to ride down Murdo, South Dakota’s Main Street in a red convertible. And I did. AND SHE WAS THERE!! I owe you so much cuz; for your unwavering support and encouagement. You’re the absolute best!


How many of you have this photograph forever stamped on your brain? If you read Murdo Girl on a regular basis, it probably shows up in your dreams, or your worst nightmares.

For us, it was a day to be remembered. It was our Camelot. It was our shining moment, and our fifteen minutes of fame. We were both Queens. Val, aka Lav, represented the ninety year old Queen of England, and I harkened back to the little eight year old girl in the red Kitty Reynolds formal and the tinfoil crown.

Yes folks, lesser Queens would  have worn that memory out, but Lav and MG have more class than that. Of course… there was that one time after Dean Lindquist’s big birthday bash, when we fell into a melancholy mood.

The day after the parade:

Dean: Well girls, that was one heck of a birthday party you threw for me the other night. Everybody was so nice and they had such a good time visiting with each other. It really meant a lot to have all those guys who worked for me at my party. Say…who were those two gals that were walking around here like they were the guests of honor? Never mind. I’m just glad they finally left. Did they leave me any birthday cake?


Tammy: They didn’t leave.

Dean: What?

Kim: They’re outside sitting in the back seat of that red convertible Dave Geisler let us use… so they could ride in the reunion parade. They won’t get out of it.

Karen: I was just out there. You remember Mary Francis…she used to babysit us. She calls herself Murdo Girl now and the other one is her cousin, Lav. Her dad used to work at Sanderson’s store. They’re both Queens now.

Dean: Well aren’t they a little long in the tooth to be parade queens?

Tammy: It’s okay…they said they would leave as soon as they finished watching the burning of the M. We told them they could lead the snake dance.

Alas…that day is but a memory… but the birthday celebration is today! Let us all join together and wish this one of a kind, beautiful, caring, sweet, funny, and fun gal the best birthday ever!!!

Valerie with her family… Caitlin, husband Ken, Matthew and Morgan (Halla)


Valerie and the Murdo High School class of 67 graduated from different schools together.



1) Valerie (in the cowboy boots and hat), with some of the cousins  2) Valerie’s mom, Ella Sanderson and my mom, Loretta Sanderson, in 1938  3) Valerie with Billy Francis

HAFTY BIRTHDAY CUZ (no I didn’t spell it wrong) LOVE YOU!

2 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Hafty Birthday Cuz!!

  1. sanjuan831 September 24, 2017 / 10:26 pm

    Ohhh, MG!!!!! And Yram! You make me feel like crying and then laughing out loud! You sweet heart. Thanks for making my bday(tomorrow) super happy and hafty!
    I will enjoy my 39th birthday so much more after reading your blog. It’s just too much, too much. But not really. You honor me. Luv, Lav


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