Murdo Girl…Goodbye Rock Fort

As you know, Yram Sicnarf has been on a trip with MG and Kip. They have been visiting friends who are wintering in Rockport. She has absolutely worn everyone out. The residents of the Lagoon RV Park no longer try to hide their dismay when they see her yellow hair coming. Today is the last day in Rockport, but Kip, MG and Yram will be on the road until Monday.

Yram: I sure had fun at the dance last night, MG. That guy from Sioux Falls, South Dakota really knows how to cut a rug. I’m surprised he didn’t know us since you’re from Murdo and I spend a lot of time 500 feet from there. Restraining orders are the pits. I can’t believe I offended a whole town.

MG: You don’t give yourself enough credit Yram. You’ve done a pretty good job of irritating Cary and Molly’s friends, too. You have given new meaning to the words, social distancing.

Yram: I’m supposed to ask people open ended questions so they can’t answer yes or no. I need details. The Gun Barrel paper only hires top notch roving reporters and that’s what I’m shooting for. I’m going to interview Molly right now.

Knock knock…

Who’s there?

Yram…I’m here to interview you. I have some thought provoking questions to ask.

I heard that MG said she needed placemats that are smaller than normal size and you whipped some up for her. Aren’t you concerned that because she thinks she’s a queen that she will, you know, take advantage?

Molly: No

Yram: You can’t say no. An open ended question requires you to respond with a lot of words.

Molly: You can’t make me say a lot of words. Nobody can. And that was not an open ended question.

Yram: Please…I can’t go back to Gun Barrel without an exclusive. I’ll be a roving reporter with nowhere to rove. I’ll be the only crack up reporter who can’t get interviewees to say a lot of words. My career will be over.

Molly: Have you tried following up your open ended questions with a little closed end silence? Now if you’ll excuse me, we’re taking Kip and MG to a really nice place for dinner. It’s called Paradise Keys.

MG’s delicious dinner

Molly: Speaking of the St. Patrick’s Dance, which we weren’t, where did you learn to dance like that?

Yram: You must have noticed how I was easily able to catch on to Mr. South Dakota’s ancient dance moves.

Molly: That’s not what I meant. We thought it was kind of strange that you decided to dance with him while he was dancing with Mrs. South Dakota.

Yram: Do you think I’ll get a restraining order?

Molly: No…he forgot all about it when he won the door prize.

Yram: So Molly…will you bring me back some food? I’m going to catch the crown series on Netflix. I like crowns, too. Just like MG and her cousin, Lav.

Molly: No I won’t bring you food…put your crown on and come to dinner with us. Is that enough words?

Yram: Will there be dancing?

Molly: No!