Murdo Girl…Was it something I said?

Yram: If you expect every day to be a good one, you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment. MG and Kip got off to a bad start yesterday and it went downhill from there. I laid low. Sort of. I’m not alldumb. (Mom’s word.)

I will enumerate what happened…

1) MG raised her voice while trying to convince Kip that it wasn’t a good idea to hook the Jeep up to the RV in the drive where Lagoon RV people might be trying to get out of their driveways. He said he had already asked the people it would affect. I didn’t…I mean MG didn’t know that.

We were lulled into thinking the day had turned the corner. I, (Yram), began to relax and file my nails.) Below are a few pics taken early in the day.

2) They went to 3 places to fuel up. The first 2 were out of diesel. At the 3rd place, when we were about to leave, a large pelican, who appeared to be injured, landed in front of the RV and we couldn’t move without running over him. Some lady called the game warden and while we waited, MG had to guard the poor bird so people pulling into the station wouldn’t hit him from the other side. That’s why she didn’t get pictures. Before the warden got there, the big pelican suddenly just flew away and landed in this field.

Next to that field, was a field on fire.

3) shortly after leaving the gas station, we heard something flapping. Apparently the wind from the night before had messed up the gear that turns the awning over the slide-out and it was loose. Kip pulled off of a very busy highway to take a look which didn’t make MG too happy, but this time she kept her mouth shut.

4) Shortly after finally making it back onto the highway, a rock hit the windshield and put a little crack in it. This didn’t make Kip too happy.

5) Then, MG discovered the refrigerator hadn’t switched over from electricity to propane when they disconnected that morning. This didn’t make Kip or MG too happy. Thankfully, things stayed pretty cold until they got it hooked back up to electriciry last night.

At the end of the day, we had only covered 160 brutal miles. Since I haven’t had very many riveting interviews on my roving reporter assignment, I tried to ask a couple of open-ended questions last night, which apparently was the wrong thing to do…geez. I sure wish the dogs and cat could tell their stories. I bet that would sell a lot of newspapers.

Make her go away. She doesn’t make me happy.

That’s all for now. Your roving reporter, Yram Sicnarf.

Molly…your neighbor wanted you to see this. She bought it at a store in Fredericksburg called, Remember Me.

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