Murdo Girl…A Jellystone stop

When life gets overwhelming, you should take time to reflect, and decide what you must do and what you can neglect.

If a friend needs your support then you really must assist. Do everything you can for them. They should top your list.

If the house needs cleaning and the laundry is piled high, make them two and three in case someone should stop by.

We have many kids and grandkids and some other family members. I forgot a birthday once and everyone remembers.

I love taking part in the activities I’ve selected. I will admit there are a few I have seriously neglected.

We fire up the motor home and load up all the pets. We travel everywhere we can, so we’ll have no regrets.

I’m getting so confused. What number am I on? I’m pretty sure that I have almost all the numbers wrong.

I’ll switch number one and two and leave out number four. I’ve already forgotten what I’m doing all this for.

I have more tasks to add but some I’ll have to skip. I have three number ones so I’ll just shoot from the hip.

How many friends have I lost touch with? Do I owe some thank you notes? A get well card or five with sympathetic quotes?

I had such good intentions when I began this blog. I thought I had the answers but instead I’m in a fog.

We’ll be home today. It’s the end of our vacation. I wonder if I should 86 this jumbled up creation.

We’re staying at Jellystone RV Park. They have a petting zoo, Yogi the Bear riding on a fire truck, a place called Kountry Kreamery with homemade ice cream, and all kinds of other things. We happen on to some pretty fun places.

The petting zoo
The walking trail
Yogi Bear
Yogi on the fire truck
Waiting for Heidi to meet us for lunch

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  1. sanjuan831 March 22, 2021 / 2:10 pm

    My folks used to take pictures of one another while waiting like you.

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