Murdo Girl…Another beautiful day in paradise.


I had French toast, bacon, 2 eggs, and crispy hash browns for breakfast, followed by chicken salad on a croissant and a huge lemon bar for dessert. We snacked for dinner.

Fun breakfast cafe

This is Yram Sicnarf, your rolling roving, reporter. I had a great time following the gang around yesterday. After breakfast we went to a Lagoon RV and Resort beach party at Rock Fort Beach. It was a hoot. We played a game of throw a roll of toilet paper through the toilet seat. Others played corn hole, or participated in a variation of the wet T shirt contest and some walked the beach. The water was surprisingly warm.

Kip and Cary took part in the beer drinking contest. The guys had to drink one beer through a straw. College buddies that they are, their serious beer guzzling days are 50 years in the past. They didn’t place in the contest, but they were good sports. Kip, however, took a 2 hour nap after all the festivities.

I know I’m leaving out some highlights, but so be it. I’m a busy rolling, riveting, roving reporter.

Saturday…The Ferry

The dogs love Rock Fort
I don’t really like Wyram…or is it eeram? She eats my chicken.