Murdo Girl…Catching up

I got behind…


This is Yram Sicnarf, roving reporter. I just completed my third day on the road with MG and Kip and a good time is being had by all.

First on the agenda was an aerobics class with MG and Molly. I did such a great job of stretching, twisting, and balancing, that within seconds people were looking at me with so much admiration that I felt really… humbled. I gradually moved to the head of the class, so others could follow my moves.

And then about ten minutes into it, I became winded while trying to master some tricky dance steps. How was I to know I was in fact facing a real “move it or lose it” challenge. I was close to falling out when MG came and led me off the floor.

I was brought back to my normal energetic self by a great lunch at  a fun place called, Pops. We all had chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with lots of gravy, green beans and toast.

I (Yram) took the picture. From left, Cary, Kip, MG, and Molly

After lunch, we went to see the big tree. It is the biggest, gnarliest, tree I have ever seen and its over 1000 years old.

MG made dinner. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll have another chance to eat tomorrow.


Your roving reporter forgot to tell you about happy hour. Every afternoon around 4:00, a group or RVers circle up their chairs in a free spot and enjoy their refreshments. The men have their own circle and a few feet away, the women have theirs. I have met some really cool people and do they ever have the fun stories to tell.

This morning Molly took a friend of hers and me to a ladies house to shop for unique tops and shirts. I bought two. I’ll probably give one to MG because she begged off. She said she was getting weary of being joined at the hip with me. She needs to chill a little.

Today, we all went for another fun lunch. This time we went to Moondogs. We got to watch boats with bags of fresh oysters float by and dock while the bags of oysters were loaded onto refrigerated trucks.

Lilie Dale got to come. You can see her under the table in the second picture.

We went to Rockport Beach and watched all sorts of kids swimming and having fun. I think it’s sort of a prelude to spring break.

Tonight, after happy hour, Molly and Cary made a luscious dinner. We had grilled pork chops, baked potatoes, asparagus, rolls and turtle pie. I was so full, I waddled back to our place by myself. I sure hope MG helps Molly clean up. That’s the least she could do.

Tomorrow…we’re going to a beach party…after we go out for a fun breakfast.