Murdo Girl…Yram snags a big one

After arriving back in Gun Barrel City, Yram Sicnarf realizes she needs to plan her next move. What to do? What to do? It isn’t long before she gets wind of the All School Reunion that’s likely to be held next July (2022) in MG’s hometown. Yram is now a roving crack-up reporter which means she must rove. Thankfully, she is also nearsighted and picks up on what’s going on more quickly than farsighted roving crack-up reporters. This project involves interviewing people from faraway places like California and Arizona. She has to wait three more weeks for all of the restraining orders to expire before she returns to Murdo, so it should all work out perfectly.

First stop is San Juan Something in California… where Lav lives.

Knock Knock…

Lav: We’re not home right now. Here’s a pencil and some paper. Please leave a message at the sound of the door slamming and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Yram: Lav! don’t you recognize me? I’m Yram… I’m the best friend you never had. I just want to come in and interview you for a very important publication. I even brought my camera.

Lav: Really? Will I get paid?

Yram: Sure…you get everything after certain expenses are taken out of my cut. Do you have any apple pie? I haven’t eaten in days. MG says your apple pie is the best! I can stay overnight if I need to.

Lav: What is this the subject of this interview? The only thing I’ve done for a year is walk my dog.

Yram: I’m here to ask you some hypothetical questions about your plans to attend the Murdo, SD All School Reunion tentatively scheduled for July of 2022.

Lav: Ask away, Rover…sorry all my friends are dogs.

From our porch…by Amy Masteller

Yram: really? Go fetch! Say…do you think you can hold it together until July of 2022? It’s more than a year away.

Lav: Do you know that MG and I wore gowns and crowns and rode on the back of a red convertible in the parade? I was Queen E. and MG was an eight year old. I have a little arthritis, but my teeth are still good. 

Yram: A lot can happen in a year. Is there anyone in Murdo who will remember you? What year did you graduate?

Lav: I didn’t graduate from Murdo High School. I just go to all of the reunions.

Yram: Gotta go! I just remembered something. I have a bigger interview to snag.

Yram: So Queen E… something tells me you’re still dreaming of becoming a cheerleader. Love the pompoms and the band hat.

“Is this the burning of the MG?”

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  1. sanjuan831 March 26, 2021 / 9:03 pm

    I LOVE this! Please leave a message at the sound of the door slamming… hilarious!
    All Lav has been doing for a year is walking the dog. So true! And eating.


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