Murdo Girl…Don’t write her off

I planned to write some cards tonight and send them to friends who are having health issues. I also planned to send a few thank you notes. There are others whose birthdays are coming up. Wouldn’t it be something if I got their birthday cards out on time? I wrote a list of all of these people and it added up to an even fourteen. I then counted the cards I had available and guess what? I had an even fourteen.

I went down to my cottage and got all set up at my desk. That’s when my good luck ended. I had too many birthday cards and not enough get well cards. I had two sympathy cards which I didn’t need at all. While contemplating my next move, I started to look around the cottage and I realized I had too much of everything, everywhere. I no longer thought it looked inviting so I rearranged it all and by the time I was finished, I had a big pile of things I didn’t want by the door. I kept everything other people have given me. Now all I have to do is vacuum and feather dust.

It was nine o’clock by the time I finished and I still hadn’t written one card, so I began to write. In the first card I wrote, “I hope you’re recovery is going well.” I couldn’t believe I used the wrong your and ruined a card. Things went on like that for a while until I gave up. I’ll call them tomorrow.

To you from me…

If you’re feeling under the weather, or a test brought you bad news, we’ll send up prayers together and bring you casseroles and stews.

Is this a special birthday? We’ll help you celebrate. We’ll strive to make it your day and your birth year we’ll backdate.

We owe you a huge thank you. Our visit was the best. We were sad to say adieu. You know how to treat a guest.

You’ve achieved a milestone be it graduation, anniversary or retirement. The time it took to get here was definitely well spent.

So I’ve written all my cards. Now I just need your address. I’ll have to call you, anyway, unless I try to guess.