Murdo Girl…Taco Tuesday

I laughed at myself today. I went with my friends, Pat and Jerry to a doctor’s appointment and on the way back we stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch. I knew Jerry would insist on buying, and I didn’t want to run up the bill, but I love the Mocha Frappuccino they have at Dairy Queen and it’s over $3.00. As we were walking in, I noticed a big sign advertising taco Tuesday. On Tuesdays, tacos only cost $1.00. I ordered a Frappuccino and a taco.

I was enjoying my lunch when Jerry made the comment that these days, lunches were pretty expensive even at fast food places. I grabbed the bill to add up how much each of our lunches cost. I knew mine would be the least expensive… I gasped when I saw they had charged $1.99 for my taco. “It should have only been $1.00,” I said.

Jerry said, “Why? It’s not Tuesday.”

“I wish I had known that before I ordered,” I said. “I think having that sign sitting right where it practically hits you in the face makes you think it’s Tuesday and the tacos are $1.00. I didn’t even want a taco. I wouldn’t have ordered it if I had known it wasn’t taco Tuesday and the taco would be $2.00…therefore it didn’t offset my expensive Frappuccino.”

I looked at Pat and Jerry who were enjoying the steak finger basket (Jerry) and the banana split blizzard and French fries, (Pat).

I looked at the receipt again. After adding it up according to what each individual ordered, mine was still the least expensive. The $2.00 taco wasn’t too bad, but Pat and Jerry both had French fries and they sure looked good.

We all laughed… Maybe you had to be there.

Give me a break. I only had four hours sleep last night.