Murdo Girl…Did you hear what I heard?

I’m on my way to walk Pearl the dog. I really had an off day. I lost two rounds of tether ball and another girl, you don’t know, beat me in Jacks. I guess my head just wasn’t in the game. I had one of those days when I can’t concentrate. At least that’s what I’m going to tryout on Mom when she sees my science paper. She doesn’t think she expects too much from me, but she doesn’t account for off days at all. I heard that most of our Presidents were B students. Hardly any got straight A’s and they used words  like, cipher. I’m not going to try that sensible approach. Mom will just say, “They didn’t have running water or electricity. They had to do their homework by lantern or candlelight. I’d like to know what taking a bath more than once a week has to do with my grades.

1-1-Loretta Gustafson's Life in Photos 008

I’m not at Pearl and Grace’s yet, but I almost am. I wonder if Pearl is still at the library. She’s already been there a whole four days.

“Hi, Pearl…I’m here, are you?”

I didn’t get an answer and Pearl the dog didn’t come when I called, so I figured they must be over at Grace’s rooms.

I was right. When I walked in, Grace and Pearl the dog were right there waiting for me.

“Hi, Grace…Is Pearl still at the library?”

“Yes, I suppose she is. Although, just between you and me, I don’t think she’ll be there for long.”

I could tell that Grace wanted to take back what she said…but it was too late.

“Why do you think she won’t make it at the library, Grace?”

“Well, I went to my women’s circle meeting today, and some of the ladies took me aside and said Pearl was trying to take over the place.”


“Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that those ladies had no use for her when she was trying to join their circle?”

I could tell Grace was getting flustered because she won’t look at you when she’s nervous. Stuff gets written all over her face.

“Well,” Grace said. “I guess that could be part of it, but there’s another thing that people are bothered about.”

“Like what, Grace?” I knew Grace was ready to spill everything. It was eating her up.

“She threw all the rules out the window and folks think a library should have rules. She doesn’t keep it quiet at all, and people don’t have to bring their books back on time. According to the circle ladies, the thing that has the whole town up in arms is she lets everyone bring food and drink in. Why that’s worse than food and drink at the show. That’s what they said, not me.” Grace had more…


“She did start a book club which tickles me. I don’t think Pearl has ever read a whole book in her life.”

“Uh, Oh, here she comes. You better run Pearl the dog outside, Ellie. I’ll try to calm Pearl down before you get back, dear.”

Pearl and I took our time. We walked all the way to Super Value south of sixteen. I had enough change on me to get a Bing, so I waited for another kid to come along and hold Pearl for me or go inside and buy my candy bar. While I was sitting there, the lady who gets paid to work at the library stopped when she saw me and headed my way. This day was really stacking up against me.

“Hello Ellie,” she said. “Is this Pearl’s dog? My goodness she’s very well-mannered. What is her name?”

“Pearl,” I said.

“No, I mean what is the dog’s name?”

“It’s Pearl too. Pearl the human forgets names, so she figured if she named her dog the same as her name, she wouldn’t forget it, and if she did, people should find another home for Pearl the dog.”

“Oh, my goodness,” She said. “That sounds just like Pearl. I sure am enjoying her at the library. She has brought a new energy to the place.”

“Wait,” I said. “Do you mean you like Pearl?”

“Oh, my yes…We hardly have anybody come into that stuffy place. One or two a day, at most, wander in there. I know a lot of kids say they’re at the library, but believe me, they are elsewhere. Besides…we plan to get everybody used to using the library, and then gradually incorporate some of the rules.”


I just hoped I could get back to Grace’s house before she told Pearl what those circle women said about her. “Or should I let the chips fall where they may?”


Murdo Girl…Ready for anything

I’m on my way over to Grace and Pearl’s to take care of Pearl the dog. I love that dog. She loves it when I come and take her for walks. Mom says she thinks it’s a good arrangement. I’m always begging for a dog, and Pearl the dog needs someone like me to take her outside and stuff.

When I was younger, I tried all kinds of ways to get a pet. I even ordered one of those teacup monkeys that are on the back of the Archie comic books. It was free. I didn’t get it anyway because the two gold framed pictures I had to buy first weren’t free and I didn’t know that COD meant cash on delivery. I went to the post office with Mom when she said she had a package to pick up. I just knew when she saw that cute little monkey she couldn’t say no, and I would be the only kid in town to have a teacup monkey.


When they brought out the pictures with the gold-plated frames, Mom sent them right, straight back. She told me I didn’t want a monkey anyway because they usually have fleas.

Oh, I had the usual goldfish that die in a week or two, but not a real pet. Even though she’s not mine, Pearl the dog is a good friend.


“I’m here Pearl…are you?”

“Yes, yes…come into the living room, Essie, I’m afraid I’m not my usual perky self today.”

I didn’t think Pearl sounded too good. She was sitting in her favorite chair. Her nose was all red and she was dabbing her eyes with her favorite handkerchief. It’s the only one she irons, so I guessed this must be pretty serious.

“What’s wrong Pearl? You look…different.”

“Do I? I’m not surprised. I’ve been dealt a big blow today, Essie.”


“I think I know what you’re crying about. J.C. Penney’s wouldn’t take back your before, stretching, during, and after exercise outfits did they?”


“Oh, Essie…I forgot to send them back. Maybe you can take them to the Post Office tomorrow, dear. I’m far too devastated and I doubt I’ll be functional for several days.”

“I don’t know what to say, Pearl. Do you want me to go across the hall and get Grace?”


I forgot what I was getting ready for….Circle, Saturday night, or church.

“If you do she will only tell you she isn’t going to speak to me again for all eternity. I don’t know why those old women invited me to join  their ‘circle’ anyway. I don’t knit or bake, and I surely don’t  sew. We don’t have any shared experiences. I don’t belong in a circle. Ever since I quit doing hair I haven’t found a place to use my many and varied abilities.”


I sure didn’t know either, so I got Pearl the dog and headed out for our walk. We went on a very long one. It was getting dark by the time we made it back to the rooms above the store.

I was sure hoping Pearl had found her life’s purpose while we were gone.

“Essie…is that you?”

“Yes Pearl, we’re back. Do you want me to feed Pearl before I go home and do my mountains and mountains of homework?” (I said that before she said anything, so it would be believable if I needed to get out of there fast.)

Pearl came out to the kitchen and she looked like might have found her purpose.


I’m going to volunteer at the library. Murdo has a library, doesn’t it?

Murdo Girl…working it out

I’m on my way to Pearl the human’s house. It’s Saturday and it’s nice outside, so I’m going to take Pearl the dog on a longer walk. We might even go south of Highway 16 and see what the cousins are doing today.

“Hi, Pearl…I’m here are you?”

“Yes, I’m in the bedroom, but I’ll be right out. I’m trying on some of the things I ordered from Penney’s. I’m turning over a new leaf, Essie. You are going to see a new Pearl emerge and you, young lady, are going to help me do it.”

Pretty soon, Pearl came sashaying out of her room. Well… I could have looked at the J.C. Penney’s Catalog for a month and never picked that outfit as something Pearl would wear. She did have a pretty good explanation, though.


“Since I failed miserably at quitting the air cigarettes I’ve decided in order to stave off their harmful effects, I’m going to get buffed up. I plan to undertake a strenuous exercise regimen. See, I even have tennis shoes on. And these are the first pair of denim trousers I have ever owned. Give me a minute to change into my stretching outfit. It’s really important to do a series of stretches before working out.


“I’ll do this one today and another one tomorrow,” she said. “There…now give me a moment to change into my outside workout clothes and I’ll be ready to go. Do you think we’ll power walk or jog? I need to know what kind of jacket I should wear? Do you think it will rain, Essie?”


“I took some of my bracelets off. I don’t want to carry too much weight on my first day. The key is to increase weight lifting gradually, over time. I’ve decided I had better wear a heavier coat. I’ll be just a minute.”

By this time, Pearl the dog and I were both crossing our legs.


We almost got to the bottom the stairs and Pearl said, “Well, I’d say we did pretty well for the first day, wouldn’t you? I feel so good, too, don’t you, Essie? Just as in all things, it makes a huge difference when you have the right clothes. How many times a week do you think I should do this, Essie? I can already tell I’m going to need more outfits.”

I was just happy that Pearl the dog and I still had time to go south of Highway 16. Pearl said she was going to drink hot tea with lemon to replenish her body of necessary nutrients, and look at her exercise book.


Pearl said she’s going to do this one several times a day. It probably won’t help her wrinkles. I think it looks like someone smoking air cigarettes.


Murdo Girl…A happy ending

It’s now nearing the middle of November and the residents of Thanksgivington have not been able to solve their dilemma. What does a small town with no children, no business, and no money do?

They all got together several weeks ago and decided to have a Christmas Extravaganza. Each business was to team up with another business or organization and come up with an idea to enter in the parade competition. The entrant who best represents a perfect Christmas will win the first ever Thanksgivington Christmas Extravaganza Trophy.

With no money, and no customers, the townspeople can’t get excited about a Christmas Extraveganza. Maybe that’s why the little burg has never celebrated Christmas before.

The streets of Thanksgivington look very lonely. The Police Station, The Church, and the Train Station remain empty each night.


Tom’s Books, Sweet Sally’s Bakery, Betsy’s Hare-dos, and Happy’s Flower Shop are getting close to having to close their doors.


Meanwhile, in a neighboring town by the name of Christmas Village, they have a different kind of dilemma. They’re overcome with kids…all kinds of offspring call this burg home. The schools are overcrowded and the super market can’t keep food on the shelves. As the little darlings grow, everything in Christmas Village seems to get smaller. It’s November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but the village people don’t talk about it. They don’t even have a recent head count. You see, it’s not that each family has so many children. The village people have done a very generous thing. They have taken in homeless  bunnies  from all around. They shouldn’t take more to raise, but who can say no to a homeless child.

Here comes the train with cars loaded with food and supplies. The merchants will be busy stocking the shelves and as with all the the local businesses, they will have record breaking sales. Because one business flourishes, it flows over to the others, but now there are too many village residents to keep up with all of their needs.

Charlie the engineer pulls into Christmas Village Station. He’s been thinking ever since the train pulled out of  Thanksgivington an hour ago. Charlie plans to talk to Mr. Fritz, the city manager. Charlie has an idea.

Mr. Fritz: Hi Charlie, What a nice surprise. You usually don’t take the time to come and say hello.

Charlie: Well, today Mr. Fritz, I have something to talk with you about. I just left Thanksgivington and they are in a real bad way over there. Did you know not one child lives there? It’s pretty sad. They get together for Thanksgiving because they are thankful for friends, family, health and the taxes are low (no school tax.) The average temperature is 70 degrees. Plus the church ladies put together a mean Thanksgiving dinner.

Well, the precious child you’re reading this to is about to nod off. (Unless you live in Thanksgivington.) I’ll give you the short ending. All of the Christmas village residents went to Thanksgivington for Thanksgiving and they divided up the  bunnies. Then all the Thanksgivington residents went to Christmas village for Christmas. They had a wonderful time with all the kids and lived happily ever after except Sally’s cat, but then, he’s never happy.

 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You are all right near the top of my list of people I’m grateful to have in my life. I’m even giving you a couple if days off. 

P.S. I don’t know who won the Christmas Extravaganza trophy…I didn’t go.

Murdo Girl…Poor girl

It’s Thursday and I’m on my way over to Pearl’s to walk Pearl the dog. I’m feeling a little depressed. There’s going to be a music contest in Martin on Saturday and I have to play in a quartet and play a solo. That isn’t why I’m upset though. First of all, Mom got mad because I didn’t tell her I volunteered her to drive some kids to Martin until this morning. She said she didn’t even know I was playing a saxophone solo and when did I practice because she never did hear me play my horn that much. At least she didn’t say no to driving us. It would be kind of late notice to get someone else’s mom to drive. I was going to ask her to buy me a poorboy dress like all the other girls are wearing to the contest. They are so neat. I just love them, but I don’t have enough time now to get Mom back into a giving mood.

Is her name Ellie or Essie? I like her.

“Hi Pearl, I’m here…are you?

“Yes…I’m in the living room. Come on in here, I want to show you something.”

Pearl had three boxes in front of her that she had already opened. She told me last week she ordered some new things from Penney’s.

“I see you got some new nightgowns, Pearl. Are you worried you’re going to get comatose before Christmas?”

“Oh, heavens to Betsy, no. They were on sale. Essie, You have really been working hard over here, what with the recent bad weather and those days Grace and I were out of sorts. I heard you say the other day that you were hoping your mom would buy you a new dress for the music contest.”

“Yeah, but she’s pretty poor. I didn’t even ask her.”

“Well, here then. Open this box. Better yet…take in Faith’s old room, try it on and come out and show me how it looks.”

I was pretty excited. This is the dress I’d been looking at. I could just imagine how it would look on me.

I tore open that box in a hurry. This is what Pearl got me.


“Come on dear, I can’t wait to see it on you. I remembered you said it had a different fabric on the top and a belt.”


Oh, my…you will be the best dressed girl there. It fits perfectly and it’s got pizzazz! Go across the hall and get Grace. I want her to take a picture of us.


I did my best to pretend I liked the dress. I wouldn’t hurt Pearl’s feelings for anything. She didn’t get to be a mom. My mom says Pearl worked hard in her beauty shop all those years and she was on her feet so much she got very close veins.

Murdo Girl…The vice squad

I’m on my way home, well not exactly home. I have to go check on Pearl and Grace and walk Pearl the dog first. I’m not there yet, but I almost am.

Grace got better.  Her son, Tim, said he knew she would if he threatened to take her to the hospital in Pierre. Doc Brown said she has to go on a diet now and lose at least ten pounds. The preacher’s wife told her about a weird kind of diet that makes the fat fall right off. I think I know why, too. The stuff she eats smells up the whole upstairs. If it seeps into the store below, they won’t like it. It takes your appetite right away.


“I’m here Pearl…are you?”


“Yes I’m here. Pearl the dog has been very anxious to get out. She probably want’s to get away from all that cabbage Grace is cooking for her diet. We only have to smell it. Grace has to eat it. You know…she has inspired me. Her commitment to her health has me thinking of getting rid of my worst vice.”

“What’s that Pearl..gossiping?”

“I do not gossip, Essie. I only tell things to those who can keep a secret. I’ve decided to quit smoking. That is a huge step for me!”

“But Pearl, you only smoke air cigarettes. How is it going to help you to quit sucking and blowing plain old air?”

I thought that was a good question and I guess Pearl did too, because she had to think awhile before she answered me.’

“It’s all about self-discipline, Essie. I use my air cigarette smoking as a coping mechanism…a crutch, so to speak.”

Pearl barely got the words out of her mouth before she started blowing air. I didn’t say anything, but she could probably see my eyebrows go up.


“I’m going to start tomorrow. It’s unheard of to start breaking a bad habit in the middle of the day.”

1-22490062_1853071138340161_4377390349748730084_n (1)

Peal the dog and I went for a long walk. When we got back, she did not want to go back up the stairs to Pearl’s rooms. When I finally got her inside, I felt sorry for her. I wonder how long it will take Grace to lose ten pounds.


Three days later:

“Hi Pearl, I’m here…are you?”

“Of course I’m here where else would I be? Pearl the dog is lying by the back door. She’s been there all day. Are you late? It feels like you’re late!”

when I went into the living room and saw Pearl, I didn’t know what to think. She was still in her bathrobe and she was chewing a big wad of gum. She must have had two packs of empty gum wrappers in the ashtray next to her.


Before Pearl the dog and I could get out of there, Grace knocked on the door to Pearl’s kitchen. When Pearl yelled at her to come in, she did. I didn’t even have to ask what was in the pot she was carrying. By this time, I was very familiar with the odor of cabbage soup.


Grace looked at me, and said, “Will you please tell Pearl that I brought her some cabbage soup? I can’t eat another bite of it. Do you hear me? Not one more BITE!”

Pearl looked at me and said, “Would you please tell Grace that I’ll starve to death before I’ll take a bite of it. Do you hear me? Not one BITE!”

I think they must have waited all day for me to get there so they could yell at each other. I could feel a lot of pent-up feelings floating around in the air right along with the smell of cabbage soup.

“On second thought,” Pearl said. “Put that poison in the ice box. I’ve gained six pounds in three days.”

Grace put the soup in the refrigerator and then, fell into a chair.

“I’m so weak, I could hardly brush my dentures this morning,” Grace said as she reached for a stick of gum.


I could feel my ‘Power of Splendiferous’ come over me. “You are both mean and you look bad,” I said. “Pearl and I are going for a walk and when we get back, I want to see some serious air smoking going on, and Grace, go fix yourself a minced ham sandwich.”

“She’s right,” Pearl said. “Who wants to live forever anyway?”






Murdo Girl…She has the power

Something awful has happened! Pearl called my mom this morning and said Grace got really sick in the night. They have a nurse with her until her son Tim gets there from Montana. They think she might have to go to Pierre to the hospital. Mom said Pearl was a wreck and sent me to stay with her until things settle down. I’m not quite there yet, but I almost am.


I don’t do well with sick people. I’m always worried that whatever they have might rub off on me. I sure hope Pearl doesn’t get sick like Grace, because I’m not sure I could stay with her. That would make my mom really mad, because she thinks I’m being ridiculous. I don’t agree because not everybody is cut out to help sick people. The first thing I’m going to do when I get there is take Pearl the dog for a really long walk.

“Hi Pearl!” I’m here…are you?”


“Yes Essie…I’m so happy you’re here. I don’t do well with sick people and I feel just terrible that I can’t go and comfort Grace, but I just get too upset and I fear that will upset her.”

“Are you afraid she might rub off on you?” I asked.

“Not exactly, but I know what you mean. Whenever I’m near someone who is sick, I feel like I’m having all of their symptoms, and that can’t be good for me or poor Grace.”

“Are you a hydrocrondiac, Pearl?”

Pearl looked at me funny, but I think she is one and just doesn’t want to face it.

“Well, I’m going to take Pearl the dog for a long walk so she stays well.” I wasn’t asking a question, but Pearl answered me anyway. She told me to be back in ten minutes, because she felt a sinking spell coming on. I’ve never heard of a hydrocrondiac having a sinking spell, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

“Come on Pearl. Do your duty because you only have ten minutes.”

Pearl looked at me like she does when I have to be stern. She doesn’t like to see my stern face.

“Why do you have to take so long to pick out your spot, Pearl? Don’t they all smell just the same? I’m telling you, if Pearl has a full blown sinking spell, it will be your fault.”

When we got back upstairs, Pearl the human was sitting in her living room and she looked fine. Her hair was all nice and she even had her bright red lipstick on. She was sitting in her favorite chair and she had a notepad and a pen.

“We came back in ten minutes just like you said, Pearl.”


“Good…Because we have work to do, Essie. I’m making you my ‘Power of Splendiferous.’ Do you know what that is?”

I had no idea what splendiferous even meant, so I told her no.

As my ‘Power of Splendiferous,’ you will have certain responsibilities should I become too ill to do them myself…which in my case would be comatose. I can see the stricken look on your face, Essie, so I will explain. Here is a pen and pad so you can write things down. Are you ready?”

I took the pen and pad from her, but if she was going to get comatose, I was not going near her.

“There is good news and bad news. The good news is I don’t color my hair because it is a beautiful shade of nearly white. You won’t have to worry about dying my roots. Did you write that down, Essie?”

“The bad news is, I have a hair on my chin that needs to be plucked once a week or so. That one is critical. I would hate to think that visitors would be focused on that hair and not on my otherwise blemish free face.”

“Next…are you ready? Write this so years from now, you will be able to understand what you wrote. I look ghastly without lipstick, but I would look even ghastlier lying in bed with this bright red color on my lips. Go get my make-up case and I’ll show you which color to put on me. You can skip the lip liner. Unless you are practiced it can look garish.”

By the time I was done, Pearl had listed nine things for me to do when she gets comatose. She even showed me the nightgowns she wants to wear. She hopes she gets some for Christmas, because she only has three good ones right now. Pearl let me write down that she doesn’t expect me to put her gowns on unless I’m at least fifteen when she succumbs to whatever. I just have to make sure it gets done by an able person.

I got to take Pearl the dog for a long walk… all the way to my house to get my night clothes. I’m staying the night with Pearl. Mom said it would ease her mind. I didn’t tell her I wasn’t that crazy about spending the night with a hydrocrondiac that might have a sinking spell and get comatose. I was getting kind of used to being a ‘Power of Splendiferous.’




Murdo Girl…trouble in Thanksgivington

Betsy is at the beauty shop fixing Mrs. Jenkins hair. (Mrs. Jenkins is Wat’s wife. He’s the mailman.) Betsy loves her because she knows all the scoop in town.wp-image-667587367jpg.jpgBetsy: What do you know today, Mrs. Jenkins? Anything interesting happening in town?

Mrs. Jenkins looks a little uncomfortable.

Mrs. Jenkins: Well, there is sadness in the air Betsy, nothing but sadness. Wat says all the mail he is delivering around town is bills. He says the envelopes from the same bill collectors get fatter every week. It’s a bad sign of things to come. Your business will be falling off too if people don’t start getting some paying customers. After all, Betsy, your business is considered…after market.

Betsy: What, pray tell, is, “after market?”

Mrs. Jenkins: Well, you know when a person goes and buys himself a new car? He decides he doesn’t want to pay for all the bells and whistles which are considered after market items. Wat can cut out my weekly trips to the Beauty Shop, and the masseuse. I don’t have a masseuse, but if I did, he could cut it out, because those are both after market items. They might make me look better, but he can live without them.

Betsy: It can’t get much slower than it is already, Mrs. Jenkins. I’ll have to give up my shop if it doesn’t get better soon. As it is, I fix a lot of hair for a lot of nothing.



Sylvia is looking out the window of the bookstore. She’s hoping a customer will come and buy a book. Business is really down and she’s concerned Tom might not be able to keep her on if business doesn’t pick up soon. They don’t even have an increase in sales at Christmastime because Thanksgivington doesn’t celebrate Christmas, therefore, people don’t buy each other Christmas gifts. Well, at least Tom decided to partner with Happy over at Happy’s Flower Shop for the parade competition. He’s over there right now swapping ideas with Happy.


Tom: I don’t even know where to begin, Happy. I’ve never been a part of entering in a parade competition before, and I sure don’t know what a perfect Christmas would look like.

Happy: You know, Tom…I didn’t realize you were quite this jumpy. You’re kind of getting on my nerves. I think I have some lavender over here. If you hold it under your nose, maybe it’ll calm you down some.

Tom: Thanks, Happy…I’ve never tried lavender. It has a good odor to it.

Happy: You mean scent, Tom. A rotten egg has an odor, flowers have a scent.

Tom: Whatever it is, it smells real nice. You don’t seem to have many flowers  in your flower shop, Happy. You must have sold a bunch today.

Happy: Not exactly, Tom. It’s been a long time between good days here, and I just can’t afford keep fresh flowers on hand if I can’t sell them. As it is, on the rare occasion someone does call, I have to tell them I’m sold out.

Tom: Why do you think I read all my books? It’s because I can’t sell any. I have Sylvia’s wages to pay, too. I’m not going to be able to keep her on much longer.

Over at Sweet Sally’s Bakery, Sally is sitting at one of her empty tables. She is staring at the fresh carrot cake and cinnamon rolls in the food case. She has used the last of her flour, sugar and spices and there is no money to buy more. Sally refuses to freeze them, even if they are the last she will ever make. wp-image-370362575jpg.jpg

And so it goes in the pretty little burg of Thanksgivington. They have no children, they have no business, and they have no money.

As Sally walks the fifteen blocks home, she thinks about her own situation. She doesn’t want to move away from Thanksgivington, but it appears she is going to have to close the bakery, and when that happens, there won’t be a reason to stay here. She has another problem as well. Kitty hates Thanksgivington.


As with most stories, there is one who has the answer to Thanksgivington’s dilemma. Can he do what must be done in time? Will Thanksgivington have a perfect Christmas?



Murdo Girl…Thanksgivington..part 2

We left Thanksgivington  before you had been introduced to all  the townspeople. They are very anxious to meet you! I’m the Beasterhop and I will be the narrator of this tell tail tale… of sorts.


The Beasterhop


Sally…owner of Sweet Sally’s Bakery

You will meet Kitty later.


Tom…owner of Tom’s Books


Sylvia…works for Tom


Betsy…owner of Betsy’s Hare-dos


Thanksgivington Train Station

The townspeople have decided they will be celebrating Christmas for the very first time. They haven’t had so much as a peppermint candy cane in the past. You see, there are no children in Thanksgivington. How could they celebrate Christmas without children?

The people of Thanksgivington are tired of missing out on the joys of Christmas, so they decided to plan their own perfect Christmas.

This year, they are going to have a Christmas Extravaganza with all the trimmings. It will culminate with a huge parade. The theme for the extravaganza will be, A Perfect Christmas. The business or organization with the best representation of  A Perfect Christmas will receive the first annual Christmas Extravaganza trophy

There is one other thing. Each business and/or organization must pair up with another business and/or organization and work together on their entry. 

Let’s head back over to Sweet Sally’s Bakery and have some hot chocolate and a danish. Looks like Sally is  visiting with  Watson the mailman. Watson is rather hard of hearing, so this could be interesting.

Sweet Sally’s Bakery

Sally: Good morning Wat…Do I have mail today?

Wat: What, what? Oh, you mean Wat. Sorry Sally, I’m still delivering mail. Can I have a rain-check? Oh no, can’t do that either. I have to deliver the mail even if it rains, or snows and a bunch of other weather related stuff. Here’s your mail, Sally. You got a nice card there from your sister, yup…I always did like your sister.

Sally was going to ask him if he would be her partner for the parade, but she knew it wouldn’t do any good to yell after him…he wouldn’t hear her anyway. Oh well, it’s only November 1st. There is a lot of time between now and December 25th.

I highly recommend Sally’s danish. It’s the best I’ve ever eaten. Let’s go on over and see Tom and Sylvia at the bookstore.

 Sylvia is walking to the door of Tom’s Books

That Tom really is Jumpy. If he doesn’t want to be startled all the time, he should take those bells down. Here comes Sylvia.

Sylvia: I hate making you jump every time I open that door, Tom. Why don’t you take those bells down?


Tom: That’s not why I’m so jumpy today, Sylvia. I’m nervous about our entry for the Christmas extravaganza parade. I can’t think of anyone who would want to be my partner. I get so jumpy when I’m nervous.

Sylvia: Now you’re talking foolishness, Tom. I for one, will help, but you’re right. We have to find another business or organization to partner with.

Here comes Happy the Happy Flower Shop owner. Tom is looking right at Happy and he still jumps. I fear he will fall off his stool.

Happy: You really should take those bells down Tom. It can’t be good for you to jump every time someone comes through the door.

Happy at Happy’s Flower Shop

Tom: I know Happy, but I like to hear the bells. It might be someone coming in to buy a book. I don’t sell many books anymore. It seems I spend all day reading them myself. I guess when I’m done with all of the books, I’ll start reading the dictionary.

Sylvia arriving at Tom’s Books bookstore

Happy: Sorry, Tom, I don’t need a book today, but What do you think about partnering with me for the Christmas Parade?

Tom: I don’t know Happy. Do you have any ideas?

Happy: You surprise me, Tom… I figured a jumpy guy like you would jump right on the bandwagon…Hey, Let’s put a bandwagon in the parade. That’s a great idea! We’ll fill in the blanks later…see ya Tom!


Meanwhile, Betsy is talking to all her customers at Betsy’s Beauty Shop.


Betsy: Hey girls…How about we all get together and enter that Christmas extravaganza parade? I have an idea that is sure to be a winner. We’ll take the trophy for sure. Why, in a few years, we’ll have the walls in my beauty shop lined with trophies.wp-image-1870371443jpg.jpg

They don’t know they’re about to have a little visit from Sally’s sister….


Don’t read this part to the kiddies…I’m just making sure you’re paying attention.

Word of the day: bandwagon