Murdo Girl…The sky is not the limit

Each morning we’re reminded by what is seen with practiced eye.

We must look up for our daily blessing. The day’s story told by the sky.

Some days, we see storm clouds but we’re anxious about nothing.

The cloud heavy with rain releases droplets to warn us it’s not bluffing.

Some mornings bring clear skies. The sun kissing the birds and trees.

The story she conveys through God given talent can bring us to our knees.


I look up each morning, Sometimes needing a subtle nudge.

I see the morning photo. The capture no one could ever wrongly judge.

Then comes the evening. It’s still the sky I look to. The photo calms me.

Splendid color, heaven sent. A moment in time soon made as still as it can be.

Sometimes the sky is restless. Unable to be calm as darkness settles in.


I am grateful for my friend’s gift. Scenes can last forever instead of seconds.

You’ll find no pridefulness. Just joy in the sharing of the story of the heavens.


Photographs by Dianna Kenobbie Diehm…

Murdo Girl…Happy Trails

We spent the night at a rural little KOA campground in Benson, Arizona, which is not too far south of Tucson. We woke up this morning to two dogs who heard the call of nature at 3:00 a.m. Kip asked me when young dogs start to sleep through the night. We did manage a couple of hours more sleep after the wake-up call.

It was 27 degrees, so while we waited for things to warm up a bit, I made waffles and bacon for breakfast. Nellie made fast friends with a donkey, and Rylie rated the dog park four out of five stars.

My birthday breakfast

We’re on the road again and hope to make it to Valentine, Texas. That’s where people go to mail Valentines so they’ll be postmarked from Valentine. Expect one from Kip.

Hope you’re all enjoying the new year!

The video below was recorded while we were still in California.

Stick with your friends