Those 70ish girls…Breaking News and Views

This is not Yram would like to add a missclaimer to this for oblivious reasons…read on

Breaking News and Views: By Baba Wawa
I have uncovered a serious question regarding Yram, the sharpshooter from Texas, and sometime reporter.
It seems that MG and her husband Klip have taken Yram on a long trip without her permission. A Quick Klip Trip.
The question is, “Why?”

Mind you, or mindless, whichever you are, this reporter from Happy Down in the Valley cannot be sure but I think Yram is touring in the aforementioned character’s RV. They took off in such a hurry, trying to cover their tracks that they didn’t even have time to paint over the key clue to this crime:  It says OUTLAW on the front of their RV.  HA! Huge clue  there! Plus they couldn’t find a legal campsite the other night and had to sleep at a coyote rescue facility. Personally I think they were hiding behind the building.  I saw a picture of their non- campsite. The picture showed one crummy little bush covering up the sign about their site. They put up curtains in all the windows so you can’t see inside their huge Recreation Vehicle. It all looks pretty suspicious. But this reporter and others from our news source called “Who Done It TV” are on it.

What W.W.W. Bush? Oh. I see it, now. This is not a publicity stint…(I am not Yram) PS. If I was Yram I would be surprised that there weren’t any Murdo Coyotes at the Coyote View RV Park Where You Are RVPark******Baba continues

We have investigative reporters tracking the perps whereabouts and will keep you informed.  Nobody worries about Yram, unfortunately, and the poor gal will be hard to spot since she wears wigs, big scarves, glasses and hats to cover her true identity. She’s the victim this time. We do know MG, masquerading as a navigator, hides under massive crowns and her husband wears pink shirts, so that gives us something to go on.

Baba provided photos of said investigative reporters

Pure Nepotism…(subject is accurate depicture)
Hint…Baba is a nepotismist
Hint…his last name is Halla. Another picture of a victim of Baba’s nepotism. (These might actually be his awards.)
Baba will use her own children to get attention. (Photo might be an accurate depiction.)
This is Baba’s grandson. The poor thing looks like he could crawl under a rock, although I believe he can walk now.
Must be a relative I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting. I’m sure she has a great personality…this is still not Yram. Remember, she was kidnapped against her own wit.
I feel your pain, honey***Baba continues

Please call our hotline if you know of any other clues. Phone: 999- who- cares (BONUS: Eddie J. has volunteered to man the phone. That is,  whenever he’s in between trips to the grocery store or autograph signing sports events.)
That’s all we have for now. Tata from  Baba. 
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This is NOT Yram summing it up below:

Sent from my iPhone? Give me a break! Tata is a thinly veiled attempt to hide the fact that Baba calls me, I mean Yram trailer trash.

4 thoughts on “Those 70ish girls…Breaking News and Views

  1. sanjuan831 October 10, 2022 / 8:00 pm

    We citizens who follow Yram certainly hope she is soon found and returned home to Texas. (Btw, this is not Baba.)


    • Mary Francis McNinch October 10, 2022 / 8:40 pm

      Baba from Happy Down in the Valley might not know it’s illegal to be a nepotisimist.


      • sanjuan831 October 10, 2022 / 9:07 pm

        So Baba is an Outlaw!?!


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