Those 70ish Girls…Weather related

Whether You Want it or not, You Got it: Weather

by Valerie Halla

You probably listen to or read your local weather predictions regularly. Especially important in the winter, is how is it looking for snow or extreme cold or rain? And what should I wear today? The weather has been extreme lately with severe blizzards, freezing temperatures and flooding in many areas of the country. We’re all interested in the weather.

I’m a duck and we like the rain.

My sons were joking around about how meteorologists are coming up with some interesting new terms in weather forecasts. The meteorologists want our attention. There are actually scary parts of what used to be just a simple clear cut weather prediction. It’s been jazzed up and seems more like a horror movie. Now you hear that your area should prepare for a possible “Bomb Cyclone”. Do I need to get out my gas mask and helmet? Should I stay in the cellar with provisions for a few weeks? Aren’t Bomb Cyclones kinda like, well, BOMBS!?!

In California where I live, we’re getting lots of wind and rain. Not just normal, regular old wet rain but “Atmospheric Rivers” that actually live up in the atmosphere like streams or rivers ready to dump record breaking amounts of that wet stuff on our communities. Rivers up in the sky! Who thinks of these way out terms? People who want to spook us? Can’t they just call them dark clouds or rain clouds? And there’s not just one river. Nope. It’s a bunch of rivers up there waiting to shock you with lots of WATER! Are you scared yet?

Rain coat ready!

Also, the weather man or woman or monster wants you to know what the “Hydrologic Outlook” might be. Really? That sounds even scarier than Bomb Cyclone because I have no idea what it means. So I Google it, of course. Basically it means it’s going to rain and the weather people (some of them being vampires) will guess how much.

My two sons are fighting back. When they saw a neighbor’s garbage cans set out in the street and blown over in a storm, the garbage blowing all around became “Flaming Garbage Tornadoes.” They also couldn’t drive one morning because of low thick fog. It became a “Nuclear Fog Blast”.

So stay vigilant and ready. You might not want weather interfering in your life but you got it. Be prepared. These weather fronts could hit your home. A low pressure system could hit bringing with it many clouds of dirty laundry. Or you could be slammed with a gradual clearing of clutter leading to a high pressure front of messy counters and greasy dishes. It’s all too frightening.

Hang in there. Bye for now. Gotta go watch the news and hear the weather forecast.