Those 70ish girls…Blogging for dummies – or a lesson before the Gathering Pt.3 by Lav

We had said previous to our trip to Mesa for the Gathering, that MG would help Lav with the technical parts of writing a blog. So Lav brought her iPad and during some free time at the hotel in Mesa, MG offered her help, her expertise and a lesson in using the site she used to write the blog. It started out simply.

When Lav had written some blog drafts then tried to post them in the past, things didn’t always go smoothly especially when Lav tried to add pictures or video. MG helped and made the drafts look more polished and slick in their final format. Even small videos done separately flowed smoothly into one connected video when viewed on the blog. Lav meant well, trying to assist Cuz MG who was an accomplished blogger with some 5 plus years of experience and millions of followers. Actually Lav was having a lot of fun writing about silly things and their South Dakota trip to the All School Reunion, and other subjects. So on the morning that MG helped Lav during their down time prior to the Gathering, everything was starting out with helpful attitudes. They were ready to improve Lav’s skills and knowledge, they thought. Lav needed help. Lav told MG, “I know I come off as a dummy, but I’m really smart. Techie stuff makes me transform in a bad way. It’s not easy for me.”

It couldn’t have been coffee nerves. Lav drinks tea.

“You go here to WP and see this plus symbol on the top left? Go there then you can add photos from Media Library but first here at Images. Then Add New and Insert. Pick a photo size, see this little icon?” MG started.

Beads of perspiration broke out on Lav’s forehead almost immediately underneath her bangs. MG remained calm, cool, cucumber-like and super relaxed as she sat on the edge of her bed as she spoke. She showed Lav on the screen the tabs, the tools, the drop down whatever they were, tiny icons. MG proceeded slowly, patiently. She was the ideal tech teacher. She was a queen of bloggers. Lav was so happy. However, this sentence kept running across her vision: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But Lav liked dogs. She was ready to learn.

Lav’s armpits were getting sweaty but she listened and took notes, fast and furiously. MG continued pointing and explaining, “Go here to images and your pictures will appear…hmm, why are we seeing those? Oh, yeah, here they are, see?” MG showed Lav the screen.

“Now let me see your phone.” Lav’s hand wobbled a bit as she handed MG her phone. “Where’s your WP App?” Lav thought, “what app.”

Lav replied, “I don’t know. I always just go to my favorites and click on WP then click on that draft writing deal and start typing a blog idea.”

“Well, don’t you have the App? I think you need the app.”

Lav paused, “I’m gonna do an Aunt Elna. I gotta lie down.” She started to twitch but stretched out on her bed.

“Okay, just pick your photo size and the Add, Insert. There’s another plus symbol on this side. Next you can go to Publish and next to that video upload or dot, dot, dot to remove it. Post settings, set feature image which has to be in Draft- WP library. Then you can share your post on Facebook POST. Got it?”

Lav let out a short moaning sound. “I get kinda confused and mixed up even when Ken helps me with technology and he is good at it, like you”

“You seem a bit anxious and agitated. Now let’s get the App put on your phone. Oops, I can’t get in; you have Face ID.” She handed Lav her cellphone. Lav got it opened up and MG added info and asked Lav how she adds Apps. Lav couldn’t think straight but googled the WP app and MG got it added, like magic. “Now see if you can get into the app. There it is! See that symbol? You have it. Using the App will be easier and we can coordinate our two devices better.”

It all looked good. Lav saw the app with the bright green squiggle sign on her screen, She had the app now. This would be great. The lesson was about over. She had her cryptic notes and she wasn’t feeling as nervous. Things were looking brighter. There was light at the end of the lesson.

“Hey, let’s go get a drink and snacks before we get ready for the Gathering,” MG said. “Next I’ll show you how I want to enter the Gathering and you take a video of me.”

Lav knew how to take videos. She could handle that. This day was really tech filled. How had we ever lived without cell phones, computers, iPads, laptops, and all this technology? Answer: simply, much more simply.

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      Blogging isn’t easy and it was hilarious having Mary instruct me!


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