Those 70ish girls…Road Trip CA to OR by Lav

Left central California this morning and got to Grants Pass by dinner time, although we don’t have any dinner, yet. And President U. S. Grant was not born here nor is his tomb here but it’s a great town. We did drive over the Siskiyou Pass at about 4000 foot level through wind, snow and sleet. I was driving and my knuckles were white as we went through white fog, too. I finally pulled over and my husband drove. Phew.

Ninny was a trooper driving here.We brought all her stuff. Not sure if we brought more of her things or ours. I have pictures of the drive with snow covered mountains and green fields. We had sunshine, rain, snow, sleet and wind. Variety is the spice of life, but do they mean that with regard to the weather?

Driving north on I-5

Our stuff and Ninny’s-

We left sunny California for this. Drove halfway today and we shall see what tomorrow brings as we head north to Portland. Road trips are fun. Ninny seems to have settled in at our motel. Oops. Ninny needs to eat dinner so gotta go. I wonder what they have to offer in the lobby’s vending machine?

They grow rice in California here and store it in those large containers. Night night.